[Halloween] Day Trip Nummer Drei - Mainz, Germany

Guys, I met up with someone that I met on the internet in real life. And then... we took a day trip to Mainz! First of all, if you hadn't already figured out, I live in Germany, which makes taking day trips to really cool cities a pretty easy thing to do. So imagine my excitement when I found another young/married/American/blogger living in Frankfurt (about 45 minutes away by train). Can't imagine? I'm gonna tell you - I was freaking excited. Hubby and I like having friends, and it's even better when a)Hubby can speak their language and b)They're about our age!

So. Daryl and I met up at church on Sunday (turns out we're both Mormon, too. Crazy, right?!), and immediately started making wacky plans (she's a planner). Long story short, we ended up deciding at about 10 pm last night that she, Hubby, and I should spend today in Mainz (her husband had to work - darn!). It was a blast! This girl is too fun, and absolutely adorable - I'm loving her outfit!

 Yes, I always have to have a jumping picture. It's my "thing."
 Super adorable, right?! I know. 
 Hubby, always with the "smolder."
Kissy kiss! 

So, that's how we spent our Halloween. It's just not a big deal here in Germany. 

Happy Halloweener, people! 


Jennifer said...

Looks like a very pretty place!

Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

his little lady said...

she does have amazing style. i pretty much love everything that she is wearing. and your jumping picture is perfect girl! that church is unbelievable!!
xo TJ

Vivian said...

Seriously how exciting!! I've had coincidences in my life like that and I have came to believe it was ALL meant to be! I want to be there in Mainz... you know...

Sarah Grecco said...

How exciting! I actually have a friend in Germany! You should meet her. She has a 2 year old and is the nicest person ever. We lived together in college.

Love the Kissy Kiss pic! Total storybook photo....

Get Up & Go

Stesha said...

you are too cute!!!

Classic & Bubbly

gapoole said...

Re: Halloween not a big deal in Germany, I did see some random kids going door to door. Too bad my part of town is mostly Mehrfamilienhäuser, so you'd have to get in the building before you could actually knock on any doors...

Anonymous said...

i just saw this from your new travels page :) i lived in mainz for 6 years as a kid!!! how cool :)

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