Day Trip Nummer Zwei - Büdingen, Germany

Yeah, yeah. I know this is my second blog post of the day, but who cares? Not me. Anyway, today we went on our second day trip. This one was another cheap-o one! The ticket to Büdingen was only 14,80 EUR round trip, so it was a winner! We did some shopping for stuff that we needed while here, so I'm not counting that in the total trip cost. With the lunch that we bought (note to readers: Chinese buffets are not as good in Germany as they are in the US), the total came out to about 32 EUR. Not bad, not bad at all!
Anyway, about the city. Büdingen is about a 45 minute train ride from Echzell, and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. According to Wikipedia (great source, right?), the town's first church was built around 700 AD. We could not find that church (which has obviously been remodeled since then), but we did find one built in the 15th century. What's so great about this little town is that it has remained almost perfectly intact for hundreds and hundreds of years! That's a pretty great feat, especially in the middle of a country that was virtually demolished by two world wars. It is such a cool town, filled with so much awesome history. I love going to these towns, knowing that they were here long before our country was even discovered by the Europeans. I love seeing the old architecture and the town squares - it's like nothing I have ever seen in the United States, and I just can't get enough!
On to some pictures from our day...
This is an awesome old car. 

Part of the "moat" surrounding this old town

Hubby, looking extra smexy for the camera. 

Me, looking like a five-year-old. 

Hubby again, with those smoldering eyes. 

The wall surrounding the Altstadt. 

Yours truly. 

I think this gate is called the Jerusalem Gate. 

This is the church that Hubby and I later took over, and this is one of the songs he sang:

This is a creepy wax knight outside the castle. Those eyes give me the heebie jeebies. 

This was the best shot of the castle we could get. Unfortunately, it was closed so we couldn't go inside. 

My wonderfully warm and efficient outfit. Good for jumping over walls and fighting the cold rain that presented itself later in the day. (Note: I totally got that down vest that was originally $90 for like, $19. Score!)

We hopped a wall to get here... 

Hubby next to a hobbit door. 

See how totally useful this vest is?! I love the darn thing. 

So, yes. That was our latest little adventure. Yay for adventures together!! 

In other news, it's definitely fall here in Germany. It's getting down to freezing (a lot of times even colder) at night, and most days are in the low 50's. Perfect weather for all the best clothes, and even better weather for curling up with Hubby and a cup (or 5) of tea. 


Beckster said...

Problem is I tend to thinks vests are generally useless because it's my arms that are always cold.

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