Tuesday? More like a case of the Mondays...

So, the amazing-ness that is my everyday life. 

Yes, I was just so excited to get back to teaching today, I had to jump for joy.
Note: a rant follows, so if you don't want to read it... skip to the end. 
Let me just tell you this - I HATE unorganized teachers. Unorganized teachers at the wonderful Gymnasium that shall remain nameless, this is for you. It is my job to come to your class, at the time you wrote down on my schedule, on the day you picked. It's sitting there in your handwriting. That being said, I do not appreciate waking up at 5:45 a.m., walking 10 minutes in the freezing cold to get to the train, sitting on said train surrounded by obnoxious high schoolers for 15 minutes, then walking 15 more minutes to get to school 30 minutes early when I don't even have to be there. I especially do not like it when I get to your class on time and prepared to teach, and you (and your entire class) stare at me, speechless, for one whole minute (making it seem much longer), then say, "What are you doing here?" ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Well, I'm here to teach. I'm here because YOU asked me to be. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't like it when you then basically kick me out of your classroom because (and I quote) you aren't prepared. You know what?! Tough luck, buddy. Your lack of preparation is not my problem. Excuses are lame for a 15 year-old, let alone a 50 year-old teacher. You made an idiot out of me today, and I don't like it. From now on, I'm not coming to your class (even though it's on my teaching schedule) unless you chase me down and ask me to. I'm so sick of people not taking their jobs (and mine) seriously. My time is valuable. I did not put in years of work to drag my happy butt all the way to Germany to be made a fool.
Wanna know what? This same scenario happened to me twice today. Two times in one day. 
I always admired the Germans for their punctuality, organization, etc. etc. Not freaking today. Today they wasted 5 hours of my time.

I taught a 5th grade class all about Thanksgiving today, and they loved it. Probably because they loved making fun of my drawings. Thanksgiving dinner - eat it up, people [pun intended].

Explaining the 7up and Cranberry Juice was interesting... Do most people drink wine on Thanksgiving? Since we're Mormon, we always just mixed pop with cranberry juice. Sometimes we drink sparkling cider with dinner, but it's usually the mixture, so when the teacher asked what people normally drink, I was clueless! Haha, me and my little bubble. 
The "map" of the US was trying to explain how far away things are. The kids asked why my entire family doesn't get together if it's a family holiday. Well, children, because most of my family lives in UT, ID, and CA, and driving to those places takes more than a day.

It's pretty obvious that I'm an awesome artist.

PS In case anyone is wondering, the headband curls worked wonderfully!!! Here is a picture of my results:
I think that's definitely something I will be doing again, especially since it took me a total of like, 5 minutes. 
A few tipsFirst, put some anti-frizz stuff in your hair while it's still damp. I did not do that because I'm an idiot. I live in a pretty humid climate, so the frizziness was kind of guaranteed. Anyway, if I were you... I'd put the anti-frizz product in. Make sure you don't get it on your roots, though. That makes for one greasy head of hair, and it looks ICK. Second, I highly recommend spraying your hair with hair spray once you have it all tucked up into the headband. I did this and my curls held all day, and folks, my hair does not hold curl when I use a curling iron unless it's coated in the stuff. Today I used barely any hair spray, and I'm going on 12 hours with perfect curls. Finally, I would recommend putting the headband kind of high up on your head. The lower you put it, the lower the curls start, and I personally like all of my hair to be curly, not just half of it. 


S.R. Piccoli said...

As a former High school teacher I know what you are talking about... As far as I can see today's German students are like the Italian ones. Yet, teaching is a fulfilling job. Keep up the great work!

My Life as Whitney said...

#1 I love the purple with the RED!!! AND I love doing curls without heat I totally just did it to my hair and I am a total fun! Super cute!

his little lady said...

you are gorgeous girl! loving the outfit!!!
xo TJ

Alyx said...

Rob, I've definitely had a couple bad days of teaching, but there's no question as to how fulfilling it is! I still love it!

Sherry - Figures, it totally stinks that not everyone is as awesome as we apparently are! lol guess we just have to be the superwomen of the world when it comes to getting things done!

Whitney, thanks! And I'm glad it worked for you, too! I'm always afraid that I'll encourage people to do something that worked for me, and then it'll be like a total disaster for someone else!

TJ- Thanks!!

Unknown said...

You are so gorgeous! Love the outfit! :)