It's a great day to....

1. Be a Husker. I mean, come on. Did you guys see that domination against Michigan State today? No? Well, go read about it here. It was great. Rex Burkhead wins MVP for today's game.
2. Lounge around. What else do people do on Saturdays? Be productive? Psh. Not us. We lounge, because that's just how awesome we are. Yes, we woke up at 1:30. No, we don't care that Germans are crazy and wake up at 6 a.m. even on Saturdays. We aren't German, we are lazy Americans. Ha!
3. Learn something new. Okay, so every day is a great day to learn something new, but today is an especially great day. What did I learn? I learned how to tell if my eggs are done being boiled (don't make fun of me, I've never boiled eggs before). It's the spinny trick! Here, I'll show you!
4. Be somewhere where it feels like fall. Okay, so I realize this just may not be possible for all of you, but it definitely feels like fall here in good ole Deutschland, and I'm lovin' it! The leaves are beautiful, the air is crisp, and every day is gorgeous!
[This photo is actually a park in Frankfurt, but... that's not far away, so it still counts. Credit]
5. Spend some quality time with family. Hubby and I spent the whole day together, with a no computer rule (except for watching the game - that's definitely allowed, and was considered part of our quality "together" time). It was great, and I'm gonna be mushy for a second and say this - I freaking love that guy. He's awesome, and I'm glad I married him and get to be with him forever. [Yes, Hubby is trying to do homework, so when I barged over there to get him to take this picture with me, he was a little annoyed at first, but then willingly complied.]

Saturdays Rock. 

Happy weekend, everyone! 


brooke field said...

thanks for visiting my blog :) love yours!

Leanne said...


That photo--of the trees-- is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I want to be there riiiight now! Beautiful!

Haha. Okay, your Saturdays are my Sundays {It's 2:30pm and I haven't even showered yet, lol}. I wish I could sleep in until 1PM on some days though but the fiance never lets me :( He's always up early. Boo. Party pooper!

Anywho, enjoy your Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

My cousin grew up in Germany!! That is so fun that you get to live there, too!!

And I'm super jealous of how you get to spend your Saturdays. I would KILL (well, maybe that's exaggerating...a little) to lounge around all day and do nothing on a Saturday. Just one!!! :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You have a gorgeous one as well! (And I was going to recommend you to Daryl's blog and then I realized you've already MET her! How cool is that?!?)

Alyx said...

Haha, yes, I am definitely a fan of being able to sleep in on Saturdays and just lounge around. I'm hoping that when we have kids, they'll be just like us and love to sleep in, but with my luck we'll get a kid who's up at 5 a.m. every day.
And that's crazy! haha, I've had like, 3 people tell me I have to meet her, so I did! She's awesome!
Where did your cousin grow up?!