I'm a Proud Wifey

Seriously. I am so proud of Hubby! We had quite a few errands to run today, and since I'm sick, I couldn't do any of it. Unfortunately, this was stuff that couldn't really wait (seriously... we had to set up rent payments and buy food), so Hubby had to venture out into the big, bad, German world all by his lonesome. I seriously felt awful sending him to a bank and grocery store where no one speaks English, but I couldn't even stand up without feeling light-headed, and I couldn't move my eyeballs from side to side without wanting to rip them out of my head because of the pressure. Anyway, he was fine. Sure, he stumbled a little bit, and may have spoken broken German, but you know what? It's all part of the learning process. He got the forms we needed, set up rent, found coconut milk, and got home to tell the tale.
Can I just brag about him for a minute? Thanks. He is learning so fast. He picks up on things really quickly and remembers them (usually). His accent is pretty good, too.
Watch out, world. Hubby is coming at you, and he's speaking German.
That's right, the language of Heidi Klum. And the Nazis. And the second language of our future babies. Mmmhmmm. I'm a lucky lady.

This is me gazing up at my incredibly talented husband, in awe of the intelligence he possesses. And that was before I heard him tackle German... 

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