Day Trip

So in light of being responsible adults, Mike and I decided to postpone our week-long trip to Croatia. We will probably go a) when the weather isn't forecasted to be in the 50s and 60s and b) after I've gotten some tutoring jobs and can buy lots of cool things (read: clothes, shoes, etc.) when we do go (and not feel guilty about it). This does not mean, however, that we are planning on sitting around Echzell and doing nothing. Quite the contrary, actually. We started our series of mini-trips today with a trip to Friedberg (a town about 20 minutes from here). Best thing about this trip: Including food, the entire cost of the trip was 22 EUR. Score? I think so. Anyway, we took tons of pictures, and I'm excited to share a few of them with you guys!

 An archway on the castle grounds. 
Hubby being super cool. 
 So after Hubby took the picture above this one, I felt like I needed to one-up him with this. 
I got to climb into a window thing. 
Yes, I jumped a barrier to get this picture, and risked death by putting my legs on the outside of the railing.
Trying to get creative. 
Hubby being smexy. 
Yes, we climbed all the way up that tower. Terrifying? Yes. 
Hubby and I at a lookout point on the castle grounds.
The monster tower again. It was awesome. 
The gate leaving the castle grounds. 
A view from the top of the castle tower.

So. 20 EUR for a fun-filled day complete with beautiful weather - that will get my vote every time! I can't wait for the other mini-trips that we'll take next week! I love Europe and all that it has to offer, and even more, I love the fact that even though we ate a HUGE meal at a Chinese restaurant, I get the chance to walk it off. Awesome, right? I love this place, and we're blessed that we're able to be here for 9 more months! 

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