So... I am definitely no barber/haircutter/hair stylist/whatever you want to call a person who cuts hair. In fact, the only time I've ever cut hair was with an electric clipper, and it was a buzz cut on my little brother. Needless to say, that's something that's pretty hard to mess up.
In light of the fact that a) we are living on a [tiny] budget until we can get some on-the-side jobs going here, b) Mike needed a haircut REALLY bad, c) Haircuts are ridiculously expensive, especially in Germany, and d) We have no car and the salon is kind of far away, I ordered a cheap-o hair clipping set (something like 9EUR from and determined that I would cut Mike's hair. Did I think about the fact that I'd never done it before? Sure, but that didn't stop me from being determined to save hundreds of dollars over the next 10 months.
Well, I got the set in the mail today, and the longest clipper setting included was 9 mm (3/8"). Uh oh, that meant I would have to use scissors. Crap. I sent Mike off to the shower to wash his hair, assuring him that he had no reason to be scared, and that I knew what I was doing (I didn't). I sat down to watch as many YouTube videos as possible before he got out of the shower and I had to actually DO this thing.
It took me about an hour to do, but I did it!! I cut his hair! And it actually turned out OK. Are there parts that could be better? Probably. Is there room for improvement? Definitely - a haircut should not take an hour... especially a men's cut.
Anyway, here's what Mike's hair looked like before: 
In case you couldn't tell... that's ridiculously long. 

Here's what it looks like now:

His hair isn't red... The pic just makes it look that way. But hey - not bad, right??


It's A Love Story said...

Look Great and saves money!

Mckenzie Jean said...

hahaha, this is too funny. My husband always asks me to cut my hair, but I can't remember a single time when it worked in his favor. He asked me to trim his sideburns, and I ended up shaving the side of his head an inch over the top of his hears. Or I shave the front completely off, or mess up the back, it never seems to on the other hand. psh. you need to stop by so you can do David's hair instead of me.

just found your blog, I love it! Definitely following.

Alyx said...

Aww, Mckenzie, thanks!
Yeah, I was so worried about something like that happening to me, I'm glad it didn't! And I'm sure your hair cutting skills can't possibly be THAT bad!