Sunday Confessions

It's time for my weekly confessions, and I have to be honest here - I just don't think I've got any really great ones for you, but I'll do my best.
1. I hate showering. There, I admitted it to the world. Seriously, though. I feel like it takes too much time. Don't worry, I still shower every day, I just grumble about it. I wish I could be squeaky clean without having to waste time in the shower. Besides, getting out of a steamy shower and stepping into a freezing bathroom is the. worst. 
2. I hate asking for help. I don't like asking for help when I don't understand something, because it's really frustrating to me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and feeling incapable makes me feel weak. I also don't like asking for help when it comes to things like rides. I don't like having to depend on others, and I feel guilty that they have to take time out of their schedule to help me. I do, however, like helping other people. I love the feeling it gives me. I guess I just need to learn how to humble myself and accept help from others. 
3. I love Germany, and don't know if I can handle going back home to America for what may end up being forever. Yes, I get homesick. Yes, I miss my family. But there is something about this country that keeps bringing me back. It captured my heart at the tender age of 5, and has had a tight grip on it ever since. I love the language, the culture, the food, the people, the history, the architecture - just everything. I'm constantly thinking about the fact that someday I'll have to leave, and that breaks my heart. I know there's got to be a reason for my ridiculous love of this place, but I have yet to find it, and time is constantly leaving me. 

So... that's it. Sorry there weren't more. These were kind of long, though, so I think it makes up for it. And to leave you.... A picture of my adorable nephew. I know, I'm biased... but isn't he cute? 
I think he was a dog? Idk. I think he looks sort of like a gremlin. Either way he's adorable. 

Happy Halloweener, friends!! 


Jennifer said...

I confess, I feel the exact same way about showers! And my house is ALWAYS super cold cause my husband gets hot easy. And your nephew is super cute.

Beckster said...

Yeah, gremlin might be more appropriate. Good call.

gapoole said...

Pro Shower Tip: start to dry off before you step out of the tub/immediate steamy shower area, it reduces the temperature shock. I also find it helps to make a mental game out of it. Pretend the cold is that annoying little kid: "you won't get out of the shower, I DARE you. I DOUBLE dare you. I DOULBE DOG DARE you." Then you show that little snot who's boss.

That being said, the best way is to have clothes fresh from the drier to step into, but Germany =/

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Ah I'm a 3rd through my stay and I feel the same... time is passing too quickly and I'm trying to dream up ways to come back.

And I hate showering, too. Except I actually love showering and realize I just hate the whole post shower process: drying off, doing my hair, blah blah

Sarah said...

I actually love showering, right now. I definitely go through phases with it. I love that my hair pulls into messy buns so much easier when it's dirty. Haha.

Have a great week!

Lydia said...

I HATE showering too! You are not the only one.

Alyx said...

Whew!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only shower hater here! Haha, Glenn - I sooo wish I had a drier. In the winter I love putting clothes on that come right out of the drier, so warm and cozy!

Sarah Grecco said...

Showers are overrated! I only wash my hair once a week. SHHHH don't tell!

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