Sunday Confessions Link Up

Happy Sunday, people! 

Did anyone else feel like the weekend went way too fast? Well, it's Sunday, and as usual, time for confessions! Grab a button and link on up!! 

1. The schticky infomercial totally creeps me out. Look at that guy. Yeah, he's in my freakin' nightmares.

2. I can't stand it when other bloggers act like highschoolers. People. WE. ARE. ADULTS. Most of us, anyway. If you have a problem with another blogger, quit airing it all over social media and act like a freakin' adult. Fix your problems in private, quit trying to get other people involved, and act your age.

3. I watched Taken and am now terrified to go anywhere on my own. Thanks a lot, husband. Although if my dad was as hardcore as Liam Neeson, I think I'd be okay.
4. My in-laws' barn kitten had babies and now I'm obsessed with them. Like, I feel the need to check on them constantly, and it's pathetic. Their mom takes good enough care of them, I just love to go make sure they aren't crying.

5. I was Helen from Eat. Enjoy. Live.'s blog angel. That is a confession because I had to keep it secret for a whole month. What did I do? Tried to comment on her posts regularly, tweeted a couple of her posts, and did a couple of shout outs! Overall, I think the blog angel experience was a good one. Thanks again to Rosie for putting it all together!!

So what do you have to confess? Link up!! 


Unknown said...

Taken is one of our favorite movies! The first time I watched it, I was like "STUPID GIRLS!!" hahaha but see if you go somewhere alone you're not an idiot and telling everyone that you're alone to shady people ;)

Anonymous said...

I knew it! Thanks for being my blog angel =)

Rosie said...

Thanks so much for taking part Alyx...and you've felt like my Blog Angel this month - I really appreciate your comments. At least someone reads my blog!

Big hug all the way from the U.K.

Hope to see you involved in August.

Rosie xx

Laura said...

That movie "Taken" freaked me out too!! I watched it before we sent my daughter off to Greece to study abroad and I couldnt stop thinking about it!!! It was scary!! It was a very good movie though.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

hahahaha that schticky, wow that made me laugh.. he is creepy! Taken is an awesome movie, but I know what you mean!!

Katrin said...

Oh, I would check on the kittens every 5 minutes. :)
You are the number one blog angel, Alyx! Have a great Sunday!

Breenah said...

As creepy as that commercial was, I think I need a Schticky. I also hate the name.
Taken has a sequel coming out, btw. It looks awesome.

Unknown said...

Awww! I was wondering if she had any idea :)

ty said...

#2: AAAAAAA-MEN. I can only assume we're talking about the same turn of events :)

lissa said...

haven't seen 'taken' but now I'm sure I don't want to see it.

anyway, I'm participating for the first time and is very glad to have joined in.

hope you have a sweet day.

kim @ a positive peace said...

i love 'taken' !! and i love liam neeson. i never knew before that movie that he used to be an action star! i'd only seen him in 'love, actually' !! lol!

also i feel like you're everyone's blog angel !! you are always commenting and just in general being a really great blog friend!! :)

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

I so want to join the next Blog Angel! That sounds so fun! I'm sure you did a great job! I think that Taken is one of the creepiest movies, and makes me feel like I should never even walk my dog alone!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

My mom watched Taken 2 days before I went to Europe? Who does that? People that want to be paranoid like my already over protective mother. Awesome.

Jessica Who? said...

yes yes yesssssssssss to number 2!!

Alana Christine said...

2. I seriously almost unfollowed people because of that. I might yet! I don't want to waste my time reading that drama. If I want drama, I'll turn on the tv and watch the Kardashians or Jersey Shore! haha

3. I KNOW! That movie will definitely scare the crap out of you because of how easily it could happen. I don't think I've ever seen the end of the movie though. haha. Maybe it has a happy ending?

Liz Brown said...

I confess that I have a major crush on Liam Neeson's voice.

Nikki Mitchell said...

See I love kittens, but its cats that scare me a little. But im allergic so i cant be around either :(

TAKEN is such a good movie!! But yeah it really makes you a little paranoid about traveling alone. But thats why you gotta be smart and made good choices!

Sara Louise said...

What in heavens is going on with #2?! I haven't come across this yet but I'm in total shock. It's just ridiculous.
P.S. and yeah, I'd love to call Liam Neeson, Daddy.
(that was inappropriate, I apologize)

Anonymous said...

Though I've never seen Taken I did hear that they are making Taken 2. Are you going to go see it?


Anonymous said...

My confession: When I heard Liam Neeson say, "what i do have are a very particular set of skills. skills i have acquired over a very long career. skills that make me a nightmare for peope like you", I got a little hot. For an old guy. :o) But there anything hotter than a man willing to kill for someone he loves? I didn't think so.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVED Taken, Liam kicks so much but! And they're making a Taken 2!

RadiantKristen said...

Is the Schticky real? Because that was weird, and that dude looked deranged. Like he could come in through your window and kill you with the ultra mega schticky.

I wonder what people get out of airing their dirty laundry to strangers on the internet? THANK YOU for ranting about this.

Unknown said...

AMEN SISTER!!! (for #2!) Taken scares me too... and makes me want everyone I know to never travel alone! For reals.

Kelly said...

Liam Neeson is so hardcore in that movie. Also the Shticky guy is so weird. But anyone selling anything with the name shticky is probably a little weird...

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