Guess Who's Back, Back Again. Baby Fever. Hamsters.


It is so good to be back. I have been up in the Black Hills (that's in South Dakota for all you non-savvy geography folks out there) since the 4th, so if you've been missing my comments and email responses for the past 5 days, that's why!

I'm glad to be back, and I get the feeling that today is going to be full of catching up on blogging because I've missed a lot, so here's a couple of pics of me looking like a sweaty monkey and one pic of the most beautiful placed on earth to keep you company while I'm reading the million posts that I missed.

Sorry for the iPhone quality! Better pics to come!!
Oh, and guess what else I have for you today?! Something awesome (duh, only awesome things happen around here). You can find this something (or someone) on my right sidebar for the whole month - her name is Shane and her blog is Whispering Sweet Nothings. She wrote that one post about the ten blogging commandments and is an all-around cool chica. She's also pretty funny, but don't take my word for it - find out for yourself!
Hello loyal EIANA readers! Now we are all well aware that Alyx is beyond hilarious. Which is why am honored stunned she trusted me to take over the stage for ths day. Well, here goes nothing.

Now I have a confession to make.

I gots the baby fever.

Okay, so I'm only 20, but hey, biological clocks start ticking earlier and earlier these days, right?
{see pinterest board: kiddos}

All these mama bloggers out there with the cute baby bellies are givin’ me the fever.

Then the ones with 9 kids and counting showcasing darling pictures of their tykes with spaghetti sauce all over their noggins or crayon masterpieces gracing their family room walls (Cute, right?)
I mean, if you can disregard the late night screaming, getting slim to nil hours of shuteye, the poop, and the fact I would have to push it out myself (ouch), they are pretty adorable creatures.

I've even started brainstorming names. This list began as a freshman in high school, scary I know. I made the executive decision to name all of my girls by boy’s names. (To make them suffer through childhood like their mama) haha, kidding, my name is rad.

Girls: Dylan, Ryley, Ashton, Avery, Blake, Kylar, Brooklyn, Nevaeh, Jayden, Audra, Khia, Kamdyn, Addisyn, Aidan, Kyle, Cameron, Eden, Kai, Kayden, Payton, Collette

Boys: Braison, Taylor, Brody, Callaway, Clayton, Cole, Dalton, Kiel, Ayden, Brayden, Alton, Karson, Alden, Brady, Corbin, Keaten, Carmen

DisclaimerHipster baby names may or may not have influenced some of these.

After I saw Cheaper by the Dozen at the ripe old age of eleven, I was determined to one day have twelve kids of my own. Just for funsies.

What will your baby look like? Simply upload a picture of yourself and your hunny (Or Ryan Gosling, whichever you prefer) I chose the latter.
Can we say Yikes?

Okay, so I realize I might not be ready to carry a beach ball for 9 months and then raise it for 18 years to eternity. So, for motherhood prep, I figured maybe I could get a puppy or a hamster.

Well, puppies are expensive and hamsters smell.

I decided I’d just start with keeping a bamboo plant alive. water + sunshine = happy vegetation.... right?

Wrong. Say bye bye to Ralph.

Signs you are too young for a baby:
1. You spend 87% of your time on a college campus.
2. You don’t have $100 cash monay in the bank.
3. You can't even take care of a pet.
4. Or yourself.
5. Or a bamboo plant.

Perhaps I should hold off a while longer? Thoughts? Concerns? 
LOL, Shane, you are so not alone - I have killed every plant I've ever touched. Mine don't even get names because then I'd feel like a serial killer. At least my cat is still alive.

Don't forget to stop by Shane's corner of the blogosphere! Note: isn't it odd that I just said her "corner" of the "sphere?" Anyone else think so, or am I just cray-cray? It's the latter, because I can't believe I just typed "cray-cray." Shoot me now. 


Anonymous said...

Ooooh that looks beautiful! And you guys hike to the top of every one to get that sweaty? :o)

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a good time while you were away. Can't wait to see more of your adventure!

Shane, you are a trip! When I had my first I was 20 (now thirty-something) but I think it's great you realize that you have be prepared for one of this little people to be running around pooping everywhere for 18 years. Ha! When the time is right, you will know -- no matter what your age is. Now your latest fan (follower).



rooth said...

I can't take care of a pet, a plant or myself. I don't think I've had a legit real meal since Friday... no babies here!

Allison Taylor said...

hahah I've have the baby fever over here too. I'm 19. The "signs you're too young for a baby" is hilarious. definition of my life. Hey I say if you're ready, go for it! haha.

Can't wait to see more pictures from your vacation!

Vivian said...

I want your legs! :) Miss you girlfriend!

kim @ a positive peace said...

welcome back!!! new blog layout? or was i just totally not paying attention lately?? hehe;

also, the only baby fever i have is of the animal variety. the idea of being pregnant and/or DELIVERING said baby is terrifying!! no thank you! hahaha

riana. said...

WHAt happened here? I've been mia a bit and then i return and your blog looks all kinds of amazing! i love the new layout, looks great, and I will be here for a while catching up.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Such a funny post! I loved the baby names. I think it's great that you are figuring out now what you like. That way you will be prepared.


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Breenah said...

Love this post! I am more than willing to convince anybody they're not ready for a baby if you want me to, haha. I love Quinn and wouldn't change anything, but a few more years of just marriage might have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I love Shane. She is hilarious and one of my favorite reads. :)


Unknown said...

I love the Black Hills! I think I hiked up to that same lookout — I can't remember the name now, but if you can see 3 or 4 or 7 states from the top, it's the same one.

Great guest post, too. I can definitely relate... I just have to remind myself that everything has its own time and this is the time to enjoy being young, married and able to travel.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like you had fun lady! I think I need to get away for a few days.

Kelly said...

HAHA! Best guest-post ever. Shane is hilarious.
Those first few photos are so cool!

Unknown said...

I had baby fever for a bit too (and I'm not EVER MARRIED!?)
I told the Mister and he just smiled, evidently he's just thrilled I want to have his children after during our first date I independently exclaimed "I'm NOT getting married and NOT having children!"
You are going to have incredibly bright little kiddies (love the name Dylan too)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

OMG yes you're wayyyyyy too young! Wait another 10 years darling!!! :)

Unknown said...

Shane!! You crack me up! :) Love your list of baby names!

Sara Louise said...

I have a feeling my morning is going to be wasted by googling, 'hipster baby names'

Jennie said...

20 and baby hungry??! Ah! I'm 20 and babies terrify me! Assuming I get married fairly soon, I'm thinking 27 or 28 before the kiddos come along. Like, another person depends on me to be ALIVE???! I can't even FEED myself every day at the same time! But I got a bamboo plant for work and I haven't killed it yet! So I had to laugh out loud that she said that, because that was my first clue that I'm more ready for commitment. Next step-- tomato plant! I like this lady. Hahahah!!

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