Sunday Confessions

Goooooood Moooorning Blogland!! 

Happy Sunday, people! As per usual, it's time for Sunday Confessions, so grab a button and link on up!

1. I think I'm becoming a sewing addict. Am I good? Not really [yet]. Have I had to rip out stitches more than once twice fifteen times? Probably. But you don't get good at something without practicing. This weekend I made a maxi dress (which I am totally wearing to church today) and a maxi skirt. Don't worry, you'll see pictures of both soon.

2. I'm looking at Formica for our countertops. Uhhh when did they start making formica countertops that actually look good? 
3. I watched "The Vanilla Ice Project" and liked it. One hit wonder turned house flipper who has his own TV show. Yeah, that's destined to be good.

4. I got paint in my eye yesterday. I don't think this is a confession, but I felt like telling the world, so there ya go. Observe the totally rockin' pajama shirt.
5. I am sooo excited for the Christmas in July link-up on Wednesday. Yes, that was a shameless plug. Get your posts ready, people! And if you haven't sent your package yet, I'll send you a biting fly in the mail. That's a lie. But I'll be sad, so send it, please!


Jess said...

I haven't got my package yet :( Fingers crossed it arrives for 25th!

Tif said...

COOL! I can't wait to see what you made! Wish I'd have known about the Christmas in July...don't know how I missed that one...

Tif said... I do...didn't know your blog!

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

I've seen the Vanilla Ice Project advertised but haven't watched it yet...too funny...:) Hope you had a nice weekend!

Alana Christine said...

I've watched the Vanilla Ice Project several times--it's surprisingly good!
I need to get the pictures taken and post ready to go for Wednesday...

Breenah said...

Can't wait to see your dress and skirt!
I haven't gotten my package yet :( I got confirmation that the one I sent got there though :)

Katrin said...

Can't wait to see your dress and skirt. I need to learn it!
I haven't gotten my package either but I hope it will arrive before the 25th.

Niken said...

it's okay to tell about the paint on your eye. i enjoy your picture in that point ;)

Naptime Review said...

Thanks for the link up!

Stopping by from this huge blog hop! Newest follower. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can!

Joyce said...

Ouu i love the color of those countertops. Good luck with that :D

keep in touch :)

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Erinn said...

I'm a new follower and this is my first time linking-up!
I'm a big fan of the turquoise in that kitchen. I have a shabby chic side table that is turquiose and it's a great little pop of color.
Thanks for the fun link-up! I'll definitely be linking up again and exploring you blog more :)
It's the Journey

meet.make.laugh. said...

I really really really want to learn to sew.... but first I need a sewing machine. I'm hoping my husband will take one of the many hints i've dropped and surprise me with one.... ya right. I'm excited to see your maxi dress! ~Stephanie

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to check out the Vanilla Ice Project...I have a soft spot for one hit wonders.

lissa said...

I rather prefer a wood coutertop but then again, it's not my kitchen, so good luck.

& I did sent my xmas july package, although I was a little late. I hope I won't get punish for that. okay, probably not. thanks for organizing.

hope you have a great sunday.

rooth said...

Paint in your eye? Sounds like me when I'm trying to put makeup on

Courtney B said...

Those counter tops really do look SO good!

Anonymous said...

Wait, what is Christmas in July? What am I missing out on here? I need to know!

I super excited to see the maxi dress you made! I can't ever seem to finish my projects :( and Yeah...I rip out stiches several times per seam

No(dot dot)el said...

I think it's so great that you are learning how to sew. I always think that I want to learn how and then I remember how impatient I am. And I am getting my Christmas Post ready today. Woot Woot! So excited for it as well.

ms.composure said...

so gonna do the xmas in july link up! and i think i am starting to get addicted to crafting!!! darn that Pinterest!! it has gotten me hooked on doing so many projects

RadiantKristen said...

That is some pretty awesome formica! And look at you, turning into a domestic diva with a new house, and all those mad sewing skills you're cultivating =).

Sara Louise said...

The Vanilla Ice Project?! Hells to the yeah.
I want to thank you Alyx for always posting about random TV shows that I would never know about since I live in the middle of nowhere. Please don't stop. I always have something to watch while I do the ironing now thanks to you :)

Unknown said...

Ooh thanks for the reminder! Off to write my post!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

no shame in diggin the Vanilla Ice Project - all house flipping shows are pretty much awesome - especially if you just bought a new house to flip :)

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