Ridiculous Questions get Ridiculous Answers. A Must Read (that I didn't write).

Happy Tuesday!!! 

Before I get to anything, I just wanted to share something with you all that you must read. Shane wrote this list of The Ten Commandments of Blogging, and I think you should all read it - I found myself nodding the entire time, thinking, yes, YES! HOLY FREAKING CRAP YES!!! Just go read it and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, remember those ridiculous questions you guys asked? Well here I am in all my sweatpants/messy hair/no makeup glory to answer them via vlog. It's a little long, so if you want to skip parts, I've got the list of questions below it (linked to their amazing askers) with the time where the question is.

From Mariah
1. How long did it take you to master the duck lips? (0:44)
2. Why did you go across the big pond? (1:47)
3. What's the first thing you want to change about your new house? (2:20)
4. What time of day do you generally eat cereal? (3:13)

From Elisabeth
1. If you could go on one dream vacation, where would it be? Who would it be with? How long would you be there? What would you do? (3:35)
2. Oh, and if you had an unlimited gift card to one restaurant for the rest of your life, what would you choose? (4:15)

From Twiggy
1. Have you ever gotten caught, by anyone, doing any sort of physical goodness with your man man? (4:48)

From Kylie
1. What would you do for a Klondike bar? (5:50)
2. Do you even like Klondike bars? (6:18)

From Kassi
1. What's your favorite thing about being back in America? (6:35)
2. What's your least favorite thing about being back? (7:13)

From Ashleigh, Stephanie, and Cindy:
1. How do you bring sexy back? (7:47)

From Hailey:
1. What are the basics of couponing? (8:38) **Note: I do not claim to be an expert. If you really want more detailed information, I'm sure I could get you in contact with my SIL**


Dearest Lou said...

What a fun vlog post! You are so funny Alyx! You need to move to Utah so we can hang (: I'm about to head over to read the 10 blog commandments! CANT WAIT!

Sinead said...

Hilarious! I love the sexy back dancing, big points to your hubby for participating!!

Christie said...

Loved this :) I think your man is hilarious :) you guys are super cute.

Punky J said...

Hey funny lady, I made it all the way to the end. How ya like me now. Klondike bars are the bees knees, by the way. You gatta try that stuff.

Jess said...

Dude, Australia?! You have to come here, and tell me you're coming and I'll arrange the Kangaroo ride. People don't really ride them but... I can work the magic. And I don't even know what a Klondike bar is, so you can bring me one.

Nikki said...

Lol! Sooooooo fun! Come on, the outside of the house can't look THAT much like the inside of a baby's diaper, can it?

Have you seen our episode of House Hunters Intl yet?!! It's playing again on HGTV on Thursday!

Unknown said...


M. said...

Please add 5000 points to my account. This was hilarious. Great awkward goodbye. Here's the ebates link: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=QK5k0D5UJtS4e9EW5EOeyg%3D%3D (it's awesome). Good luck with the potty house!

Unknown said...

I wish I could watch this but I'm at work!
And sorry I didn't reply to your email right away things are getting away from me (sorryyyy!)

rooth said...

Yes please please please leave your email address when you comment, people! Those blog commandments are so true.

PS - you are so brave for doing a vlog. I can't imagine the number of times I'd have to record and re-record myself

RadiantKristen said...

5,000 points! Now I'm going to highlight my favorite parts... there are a lot:
~"They're Grrrrreat!"
~"I want to eat taco bell every day. And I would become morbidly obese, but I wouldn't care." It's a lie. You would care. That makes this funny.
~"A bear walked by and caught us."
~Mike bringing sexy back
~The difference in responses between what the two of you would do on a klondike bar.
~Your ramble about America becomeing socialist, and that isn't so great... awesome because it's true

I'm going to give this particular vlog a 9.9 out of 10... because even in the 1996 olympics, they didn't give Shannon Miller perfect scores. And Shannon Miller was magnificent in the 1996 olympics.

Amanda G. said...

I have also never had a Klondike bar, and appreciate Mike's no-nonsense answer, haha. And I would paint that house STAT.

Also, how do I cash in my 5000 points? ;)

Katrin said...

I could listen to you forever. :) And you and your husband are so amazing together.
I have never seen a Klondike bar before. But now I know what it is so thanks for teaching.

Anna said...

SERIOUSLY couldn't stop giggling through this vlog. :D Mike. DANG boy.
I wouldn't call that 'camera shy.' :) ALYX! my favorite vlog so far, I think.

Unknown said...

First off, this is awesome in every way, shape and form. Exactly why I've decided to gear my guest post for you in the humorous direction, only fitting for your style. (Sucks I'm not funny ;))

Second, So glad you enjoyed my commandments... I've recieved lots of great feedback but am starting to get some negative nancies (not posting anonymously, but posting with names & no link to their profile) Bummer, I can't go reciprocate the love.

Okay didn't mean to make this comment a novel. Bye for now!

Allison Taylor said...

Cool idea of answering questions via vlog! love it. hahah love the questions from Kylie.

Anonymous said...

This was hilarious!!! Especially Twiggy's question and your response about the bear! :o)

BTW - Love that blogging commandments post you linked to! So true!!!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I wish I could watch this at work! Now after reading what you wrote I'm kind of dying to see the video!!! At least I have something to do now to distract me from studying :)

Anonymous said...

Omg I LOVED this. If it's even more possible, I love your blog MORE Alyx! Love your sense of humor, keep em comin lady!


Emily said...

Thanks for the points. They might come in handy some day. Your husband has good dance skillz. It's impressive.

Please vlog more often. I like it.

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh. Hilarious.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

5000 pointsssssssssssssssss!! and also, Disneyland tshirt!!!!! wahooooo..... you know the best bit was bringing sexy back, So funny!!!

meet.make.laugh. said...

Love it! I'm glad our question lead to that incredible dancing. So impressed.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i have a crap ton to say here.

1st: i have done this couponing stuff. yep. it's a lot of work, but worth it. i have no idea why i stopped.

2nd: i like you even more. i do. i do. i do. i feel like i was sitting there eating breakfast with you while you were just chatting away.

3rd: i loved that a bear caught you 2. jealousssss.

4th: as if bringing sexy back was possible to be outshined by a distraction, i did notice a baby grand. spill. who plays?

5th: thank you for mentioning taco bell. that place rocks my world. and everyone i know, except hunter, finds it repulsive. my favs? crunchwrap supreme! nacho bell grande! the classsic hard taco! carmel apple empanda!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

p.s. i haven't told you this yet, loving the new blog design.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

OMG I am in love with this video. And I totally agree with Shane too!

Blond Duck said...

Saw you on Nicoles and wanted to pop in and say hi....going to read the commandments!

Tara said...

I am an official 5000 point member. Great vlog!!

Sara Louise said...

Your new blog design is fantastic!
I gotta go, I have a duck lip talent to cultivate.

Unknown said...

Haha!! You're so fun! I can't even blame you for being excited about Taco Bell. Or HGTV... HOW did you turn HGTV into a NEGATIVE!!!! Silly girl! haha.

Sarah said...

You are hilarious and so awesome. Such a great vlog!

Kym said...

Oh my god how have I not seen this until now? Your husband is sort of amazing. That booty shake?? I can't even hope to do one so well. :) Aw yeah, and I get another 5000 points just for watching?! Hells yes.

I hope you're having a sunny, cereal-eating day!

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