Lately. Awesome Points. Other Stuff.

Yo Homies!!

I'm in South Dakota right now, so if you're not getting lots of comments from me... that's why. I haven't started ignoring you guys, I promise!!

Anyway. Here's a bit of life lately:

1. KITTENS!!! 'Nuff said. Just look at the picture and say, "Awww!"
2. Blog Designs!!! I am working on a few right now, but am always open to customers!!

3. Awesome points!!! I decided to start this thing where I add up the awesome points that you guys have gotten from random things on my blog. Once you get to 75,000 awesome points, you will get a random (probably ridiculous but definitely awesome) surprise in the mail from yours truly. Just keep looking for ways to get awesome points. You'll know when you get them.

4. I don't really have a number four. Oh, look! A cool picture!
5. Uhhh... Tell me something funny that happened to you or a friend this past week. The person who makes me laugh the hardest gets 7,500 awesome points.


Unknown said...

Ok so my darling baby daughter is so stinkin cute most of the time, but when I was bathing her the other day she did the unspeakable!

I got her all clean and sparkly and was going to get her diaper, got back started getting her ready for the said diaper and she peed/pooped ALL OVER ME! AND all over my favorite towel.....good thing she's so cute and that she was crying so how could I be mad? Hahahaha but I definitely took a shower right afterwards and threw the towel into the wash 3 times hahahaha

Have fun in South Dakota!! ;)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

why on EARTH are you in south dakota? have you seen the coast to coast map that logs bloggers? no one even blogs there.

so why are you there?

Hannah said...

ich freu mich auf die Fotos aus South dakota. Hoffentlich ist das wetter da besser als in münchen! Her schüttets und hagels wie aus eimern!!!
have fun there!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I seriously just want to go AWWWWWWWWW at those kittens!

Amanda G. said...

Yay awesome points! And AWWW kittens. :)

Funny thing:
What we thought happened: being invited to play horseshoes ("float some horseshoes" was the odd phrase used) on the 4th with my bf's co-workers, and being told exit 306 (north of us 50 miles) to meet up.
What actually happened: co-worker actually meant floating on intertubes on the Horseshoe River, and take the exit for County Road 306 (exit #187 - 70 miles south).
When we found out: After driving north and realizing there was nothing but an abandoned gas station at exit 306).

Yes, some serious miscommunication. Sadly, floating down the river did not end up happening.

Alana Christine said...

I want awesome points!! lol.
Let's see...I killed a snake last week, found a skink this week, and got a guy pulled over for tailgating and speeding! hehe

Breenah said...

Totally digging the awesome points.
Quinn was crawling on Jarrod, stopped all of a sudden, farted, then giggled. I think she has his sense of humor already.

Vapid Vixen said...

AHHHHHH! Kittens! I've been trying to talk Erik into getting a kitten to keep his cat company when we go on trips. So far, he's not falling for it.

jamie brooke said...

The kittens are so cute ^.^
Funny Story (kinda):
At our annual Fourth of July party, I am always part of the "pyrotechnics team", which basically means I like playing with fire and exploding fireworks!
Anyway, I light this one firework that is supposed to shoot high up in the air. I light it and run back so that I am far away when it actually ignites. So, it goes off and all of the sudden I see this bright light blazing straight for my face! Instead of being a normal firework it decided to be a "Jamie seeking missile"! I immediately ducked, it barely skimmed past my head. I literally thought it was going to hit me in the face and it barely missed my face!
Thank God I ducked in time, or else I wouldn't be able to share this story right now!
It is somewhat funny, just because it was kind of dangerous, but my family won't let me live down the day I almost lost my face!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my somewhat funny, kinda scary story!

jamie brooke

English Anderson said...

I'm super competitive, and now I NEED to know how to get awesome points. I will win this shit.

Funny story: I, in all my wisdom and well meant intentions, decided to take not only my own two pups with me on my run, but also the two dogs I'm pet sitting. Four dogs. While running. My wisdom is obviously failing me.
We take the dirt path through the woods, and all four are behaving themselves very well, I'm mentally patting myself on the back for being so smart, and enjoying the beautiful German weather. Then. Tetris comes to a dead stop because she smells something. Rita decides to bolt around my legs to smell what Tetris smells. Ninja & Sass keep running. I fall flat on my face, completely tangled in leashes, and covered in mud. We didn't finish the run. I came home and cried while taking a shower...not because the fall hurt, but because sometimes it sucks to be so dumb.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

HAHA! I absolutely LOVE you are doing the awesome points, I'm on 5000 right?? haha ;) but seriously I love that! those kitties are most definitely 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwww'
I hope you're having a great time in South Dakota! :D

Unknown said...

Funny thing that happened. Sunday, me and a friend met another friend at a house she was housesitting, but she wasn't there yet, so we went in thru the backdoor. This house is the family of a great dane mastiff! A big dog!
Just before my friend walked in the door, the great dane mastiff barfs on the carpet in front of us on the couch. My friend freaked out! And we both screamed, "Ewwww!"
Then my friend walks in with her shirt held up, saying, "It's so hot out there!"
And I go, "Emma barfed!"
True story!

Unknown said...

Dang... I can't think of anything that happened that was really funny. Ah well, I'll watch for other awesome point chances. haha.

rooth said...

I really like the concept of Awesome points. My friends and I do the same thing except for ours are Weird points. Which is way more awkward...

Sara Louise said...

I don't have any funny stories for the week, oh wait, my BFF here in France, had a couple over for dinner who got really drunk. The wife was totally flirting with her husband and her husband (not my BFF's husband, the other husband) was in the kitchen with her totally trying it on! He even touched her butt! They were totally trying to swing with them!! And my BFF's husband didn't even notice! She fed them some dinner and LOTS of water and sent them on their way. Funny, weird, and inappropriate all rolled into one.

RadiantKristen said...

I don't know that I have any funny stories from the week, except that right now my co-worker is telling me about pictures she's looking at online of the random places kids sleep... apparently lots of kids sleep on top tvs, and Zamboni machines? Her favorite though is the kid napping with a live racoon... and her response is "HELLO RABIES. Not cute, unsafe."

My co-worker deserves points, not me.

Kym said...

Awesome points are a freaking awesome idea! And I have 2 funny stories that happened just this past week. Because I'm a clumsy doofus. (I'll break them up into separate comments)

#1: Whenever I fill my brita pitcher, I use the water spout from the fridge, and the brita fits on the ledge nicely enough to hold the bar down by itself. So, the other day I was filling it when we blew a fuse, which made the water from the fridge turn off. Johnny went to the storage room to reset the fuse, then ran back in to get me because he saw a family of adorable skunks in our yard. I went out to ooh and ahh (completely forgetting about the water that has now turned back on and is rapidly filling the brita pitcher) to look at the skunks, and then a neighbor strolled by and struck up a conversation. We must have talked for about 15 minutes while the brita overflowed and I inadvertently flooded our entire kitchen! Exciting stuff!


Kym said...

Story #2:
Johnny and I were working out together yesterday, doing some cardio indoors because it was too dang hot to do anything outside.
At this juncture, it's important to note that we have a lot of clutter.
Moving forward.
We were in the middle of doing this weird side run move, when I suddenly tripped over my own feet and went flying backwards right into a corner full of clutter which included but is not limited to: a guitar, our printer, a professionally framed certificate (in bubble wrap, thank goodness!), a pile of magazines, a cardboard box of random crap, a bunch of license plates(?!), and some heavy dumbells.
I've never seen my boyfriend move so fast to come pick me up. It kind of hurt, thanks mostly to that really sturdy, yet very sharp frame, and I walked away with only a few scratches and bruises on my back. Sadly, I can't say the same for the printer. It sustained some permanent (yet happily non-fatal) injuries.

And now you're probably imagining my living room to look like some trashy junk yard near a trailer park. I promise, though, there aren't any random tires or broken air conditioners in here. (We keep those in our storage space). :)


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