Favorite Things Friday

Heyyy guys!! 

First things first - I'm over at Shane's blog today with a nifty little post.

So it's finally Friday, and all I can think of is that stupid Rebecca Black song. What's that? You want it stuck in your head, too? Okay.

Now that you're singing along (and probably hate me), let's get to the business at hand - Favorite Things Friday. I'm not a huge jewelry wearer, but recently I have come across a few favorite jewelry places that I love. 

1. Anjolee Jewelry. I actually found Anjolee through Kym's blog, and fell in love! I was even more excited when they offered to send me some beautiful hoop earrings to review! I wore the earrings below to my job review, and I'm convinced that that's the reason I got a second interview. Okay, that's a total lie, but I know they looked good with my professional gear!! They weren't heavy, and they were nice enough to go fancy, but not too nice to go casual. 

If you're not an earring type of girl, they have beautiful bracelets (or if you're trying to send the hint to your man, they have some amazing bridal sets, too)! Here's a picture of the beauties Anjolee sent me: 
2. Amethyst Lime Tree. One of Mike's good friends from high school just opened an etsy shop last week! I saw photos of her jewelry on Facebook and loved it! Don't just take my word for it, though - go to her shop and look for yourself!
3. Forever 21's Jewelry. This is not a new thing for me - I just really love it!! There is not a thing there that is overpriced - it's all affordable and so cute! It's especially good if you want something trendy but don't want to spend too much moolah!!
4. LalaCrystal. I just found this etsy shop today while browsing, and am in love! I was instantly drawn to it because of the bird theme - so cute.
5. Art Inspired Gifts. This etsy shop is awesome! It's another one that I just recently found. Browse around - you won't regret it!!
Have a good Friday!!


Stesha said...

ewww I know that song, so annoying and its always stuck in my head, yuck! haha! Happy Friday!

Stesha said...

ewww I know that song, so annoying and its always stuck in my head, yuck! haha! Happy Friday!

Laura said...

haha I may have to unfollow you for posting the Rebecca Black video!! Kidding of course. Pretty baubles! Since you are talking jewels check out alex&ani. They have really cool stackable bracelets. I will be ordering some this weekend.

andrea said...

I found your blog through your guest post, which I loved :)
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who Rebecca Black is, but I did NOT click on the link. I had a feeling her song would get stuck in my head a little like the one from Lambchops...'This is the song that doesn't end...yes it goes on and on, my friend...' Are you too young to remember Lampchops? :o)

I LOVE that little birdie and tree necklace!!! The owls are cute, too! For some reason, owls were huge in India. Go figure.

Alana Christine said...

Hate you for getting that song stuck in my head! Love the hoop earrings!

Breenah said...

Jarrod enjoys the censored version of Friday. They bleep out random words and it's pretty funny.

Kylie said...

I heart F21 too. Their accessories are the best. I got a cute skinny belt there for $2.50 I think? It's my favorite.

Kelly said...

Cool post! I love to see where everyone gets their jewellery. I need to find some good etsy shops I think...

Sara Louise said...

I have never heard that Rebecca Black song although I have 'heard of it' but I refuse to click to listen to it because I'm scared of what might happen.
Like I clicked to listen to that Call Me Maybe song and now I can't stop.
Sometimes being an expat makes you totally clueless.

Camille said...

omg this song and video are absolutely horrid! hysterical that she incorporated a rapper in there. I'm...speechless.

cute blog btw!! found you through Georgina and def following ;)

hope you can check out my blog too.


Kym said...

Oh! I'm so glad you got hooked up with Anjolee! And through my little ol' blog of all places :) Thanks for the shout out!

You've got some great taste in jewelry, and I say this because I just ordered that same exact teardrop necklace from forever21 in mint last week AND I've had that bird necklace on my etsy wishlist forever!!! Are you stalking my online shopping habits or something?


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