Sunday Confessions Link Up

Hi friends! 

Hope you all have had a great weekend so far! Mine has been crazy busy. Anyway, somehow it's already Sunday, which means that it's time for confessions! Grab a button and link on up!

1. I almost threw my sewing machine out the window last night. I seriously thought it was broken, and I was so upset because I wasn't quite done with the curtains I was working on. Turns out a wheel thingy (love my technical jargon) had gotten loose, and as soon as I tightened it, it worked like a gem.

2. I'm moving to the dark side. Okay, so meal planning isn't exactly the dark side, but it is something I never thought I'd do. Turns out I was wrong. I'm a crazy lady who plans meals for the month now. If you want a great recipe, click the pic. Mmmm so good.

3. I'm honestly worried about how much crafty/DIY stuff I've been doing recently.
I am not  a crafty person. Who am I, and what have I done with Alyx? Someone save me from myself, please!

4. I spent approximately 10 hours yesterday watching the olympics. Ummm was anyone else shocked that Phelps didn't even place in the 400 IM? Really, dude? What have you been doing? Not training, obviously. Okay, that was harsh. I'm sorry, Michael - let's be besties.
5. I can't wait to watch women's gymnastics for hours on end. Oh, and volleyball. Those are my two favorites. Holy balls, I love the olympics.

What's your favorite Olympic event? 


Unknown said...

Hey Alyx! Was great to read your confessions :) I have not watched the swimming, but I am in love with tennis. Go, Federer!

Jess said...

i LOVE the swimming, diving and gymnastics. and sometimes just watching other random events... though the time difference does suck for us Aussies! All the finals (for the swimming) are on while i'm at work (boo!)

Samara said...

I LOVE EVERY EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling the olympic excitement over here?? ha ha

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

I knew you had a crafty gene in you :) Can't wait to see all the projects you've been doing. I love the summer olympics, swimming, diving, gymnastics...:D

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

MMMMM that recipe looks and sounds so yummy, think I'll be giving that one a go!! I want to see these curtains Missy!

Susanne said...

imho, the real olympics do not start until the athletics events start!

Unknown said...

I've never watched the Olympics and to be honest, probably won't watch again this year. It's not really my thing.

Laura said...

Buy a house...become domesticated. I think its great!
My favorite is gymnastics too!
Have a good day!

Brianna said...

I like the swimming, the gymnastics and the other water events like kayaking, etc. I also like the soccer!! But seriously... what the hell Michael Phelps!? I've got a crush on Ryan Lochte now, tho :)

Katrin said...

My husband was totally surprised that I am not as excited about the Olympics as he is. It seems like it's a huge thing for Americans.

Keri said...

Meal planning seems like a prison to me! HA :)

Tif said...

Women's Gymnastics!
Ramblings of a Southern Belle

meet.make.laugh. said...

The road bike and time trial bike races! And diving.... and gymnastics... just love it all. My TV is on non-stop.... nothing like being inside and watching other people be active. This whole summer has been bad for that! So many sporting events... ~Stephanie

Sarah said...

I watch gymnastics like crazy. I've been glued to my computer ever since the games started. Haha. Great confessions!

lissa said...

I don't watch the olympic unless it's for ice skating. I never got into the other sports.

hope you have a great day.

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh... you need to live by me! I really want to be a crafty/diy kind of girl but I have no motivation to make it happen by myself, ha ha!
And meal planning is totally the best thing that has happened to my wifey life. Makes life so much simpler!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Okay, how have I not been addicted to your blog for forever by now?! haha Seriously.

I have almost done the same thing with my computer that you did with your sewing machine.

I also could watch gymnastics for FOREVER! and I didn't watch the swimming but I have been seeing he has been doing horribly! How sad!

Anywho... loving your blog dearest :)

Oh and my GFC is being odd, but it let me follow you through it with my twitter account... who knew you could that?! Love it.

Becky said...

I had the TV on playing the Olympics the entire day, haha. So 10 hours isn't bad at all! I can't wait to watch women's gymnastics either...they're on TV tonight!

Breenah said...

Jarrod keeps making jokes about Phelps smoking too much weed (which he was caught with years ago) for why he failed. At least Lochte still got the gold :)

Michelle said...

I love meal planning! It makes everything so much easier when I need to go grocery shopping.

Nikkiana said...

Mmm... That honey sesame chicken looks SO good. I'm tempted to make that today.

Unknown said...

my fav is gymnastics, well because i was in gymnastics for 16 years and i know one of the girls competing for the canadian team, shes from my home town !

rooth said...

Nothing like watching women's gymnastics to make me feel like an overgrown, clumsy cow :)

RadiantKristen said...

I would be scared to put you and I in a room together with our sewing machines. One of them would blow up. I'm not kidding. Much as I pretend to be a great sewer, it just isn't true. My machine and I do battle each and every time.

Phelps is kind of overrated, and he's pretty cocky. Did you hear his interview with Seacrest? I didn't like it.

Sara Louise said...

The opening ceremony didn't start until 10pm here!!! It was nuts. You're lucky your back in the States. I managed to stay awake until Ireland walked into the stadium but that's it. I'm a bad expat, I just couldn't make it to the USA.

Anna said...

did you see the men's relay last night?? Holy smokes, I was dying. Mo had to come out of the bedroom and check on me. :) At least they got silver in that one!

Unknown said...

Right!?!?! The hubs made me feel better about it though... I guess Phelps didn't have anything left to prove, so he wasn't working as hard maybe. That was his explanation anyway. And don't get rid of crafty Alyx!!! I like it! haha

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to hear that someone else was shocked about Michael Phelps' race. It's all about Ryan Lochte now!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

my new key is DVRing the olympics and then starting them at 11 pm - but really i can get through them in 2 hrs - just ahve to avoid all things Twitter even longer

VictoriaAngela said...

10 hours !? I haven't even seen one hour of the olympics yet !

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