Hiking. Funny Stories. Picture Overload.

Good morning, everyone! 

Or afternoon... or evening... or middle of the night. Or, ya know, whenever you read this.

Today I'm going to be in Lincoln most of the day because Mike and I both have interviews. Second interviews, to be exact. It'd be awesome if you could pray or keep your fingers crossed (or both) for us. Please and thank you.

I'm going to be a Lame Lionel (just made that up - I think it's going to be bigger than "Debbie Downer") and just give you a post chock full of pictures from my favorite day of our vacation - Saturday. 

Summary: We hiked a little over 3 miles to the top of Harney Peak, and ran a little over 3 miles to the bottom. We did the entire hike in a little under 2.5 hours. I realize that's not that great, but keep in mind I went a little camera happy the entire way up and made us stop exactly one billion times. You'll see just a few of those pictures right... meow. 
Also, shout out to Kym and English - they won the 7,500 awesome points.

Here's Kym's story:
Johnny and I were working out together yesterday, doing some cardio indoors because it was too dang hot to do anything outside.
At this juncture, it's important to note that we have a lot of clutter.
Moving forward.
We were in the middle of doing this weird side run move, when I suddenly tripped over my own feet and went flying backwards right into a corner full of clutter which included but is not limited to: a guitar, our printer, a professionally framed certificate (in bubble wrap, thank goodness!), a pile of magazines, a cardboard box of random crap, a bunch of license plates(?!), and some heavy dumbells.
I've never seen my boyfriend move so fast to come pick me up. It kind of hurt, thanks mostly to that really sturdy, yet very sharp frame, and I walked away with only a few scratches and bruises on my back. Sadly, I can't say the same for the printer. It sustained some permanent (yet happily non-fatal) injuries.

And here's English's:
I, in all my wisdom and well meant intentions, decided to take not only my own two pups with me on my run, but also the two dogs I'm pet sitting. Four dogs. While running. My wisdom is obviously failing me.
We take the dirt path through the woods, and all four are behaving themselves very well, I'm mentally patting myself on the back for being so smart, and enjoying the beautiful German weather. Then. Tetris comes to a dead stop because she smells something. Rita decides to bolt around my legs to smell what Tetris smells. Ninja & Sass keep running. I fall flat on my face, completely tangled in leashes, and covered in mud. We didn't finish the run. I came home and cried while taking a shower...not because the fall hurt, but because sometimes it sucks to be so dumb.

Apparently I'm a horrible person and laugh when people fall on their faces. Or butts. 


Laura said...

Great pictures! Good luck on the interviews!

Alana Christine said...

Can I have your legs? Please and thanks!

rooth said...

Best of luck with the interviews. And your dog's name is Tetris? I think I love you even more now...

Anonymous said...

First off...cool new design!

Secondly...good luck on your interview.

Thirdly...LOVE the pictures! My favorite is the one of your husband alone where he's looking up at you. (Stop freaking out...I'm not obsessed with your husband! Sheesh. It's just a cool angle!)

Fourthly...is that a word? What is that cool turret-looking thing coming out of the mountains?

You like fives, right? Ummm...fifthly...have a nice day? ;o)

Unknown said...

WOW! Your pictures are AMAZING! So beautiful! Lots of Luck to you both! xo

Allison Taylor said...

Wow these pictures are awesome. If i lived near you I'd definitely be hiking that trail!

Good luck on your second interviews!

Bri Buzali said...

You and the hubs are the cutest, it always looks like you have some much fun together. AND 2.5 hrs does not sound bad to me, I think it would take me an ENTIRE day, and I might not make it back down! haha

Katrin said...

Wow, what a great place! Love the pictures! And the chipmunk! They are adorable and you don't really see them in Germany!
Good luck for you and Mike!

Bethany Grow said...

ah! this makes me want to hiking SOO bad right now! but maybe in alaska. cuz its wicked hot over here in utah.

kim @ a positive peace said...

lame lionel! lol.
good luck to you both on your interviews!! how can they not want to hire you?
loooveee all the pics!! i just uploaded all mine from my trip and there are over 1100. gahhhhh. let the chaos begin!
have a great day!

Unknown said...

that hike looks lovely! I think that 2.5 hrs is pretty good time for a hike / photo opportunity of that length

Kendra said...

beautiful photos! i can't believe you ran for 3 miles -- i just hiked my second mountain was pretty darn exhausted!

Unknown said...

Wow! That place is breathtaking!
I hope you do well on the interviews...I have my own interview tomorrow.

Amy @ My Life and Other Nonsense said...

Love the pictures! You are super skinny and gorgeous. :) LOL about the "Lame Lionel" thing.

Anonymous said...

God, I wish I liked to hike. The photos are too beautiful.


Kym said...

Oh, yay, you posted my story for all to see. It's totally ok that you find people falling on their faces or other various body parts funny. I do, too. In fact, after I fell in that story, I had uncontrollable laughter for a good 10 minutes, while I kept imagining what I must have looked like flying across the room. Good times.

Also, a Super Troopers reference in a post is pretty much the coolest thing you can do. Did I tell you I got to meet the Indian dude from that movie once? Best night ever.


his little lady said...

oh gosh, i would go camera happy too. this place looks absolutely incredible! and look at those legs. legs for days. so jealous ;)
xo TJ

M. said...

Love those pictures! So beautiful! You almost make me want to visit SD, which I never thought I would want :) Can't wait to hear about the interviews, you've got my prayers!

Valerie said...

stunnnnnnning scenery!
(hope the interviews went well!)
- Valerie

Kelly said...

Love these photos - and good for you! a 3 mile hike just sounds annoying to me :P I hope the interview went well!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Good luck on the interviews! GORGEOUS pics!

Madeline Grace said...

First off I wish you both luck on your interviews!

Second! Your adventure looks like so much fun! I wish we had mountains to hike in Florida!

Stesha said...

what an awesome hike! those views are absolutely amazing, glad you made!

RadiantKristen said...

You're so going to be in my mind when we're there in a week and a half! I'm still so angry at the way that turned out...

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

thanks. thanks for making me miss it so much.

and by the way, 2.5 hours for 6 miles of hiking is actually very good time...especially with breaks and camera fever. i know these things, ya'll are rockstars.

secondly, my favoirte part? when English cried in the shower. i don't know why, but that got me! hahaha.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!!!

HAHAHA! Oh man... I've got an interesting falling story I'll have to tell you sometime... :)

Chelsie Starley said...

How absolutely gorgeous! I have an obsession with fog, I would have LOVED this hike!

Unknown said...

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