Sunday Confessions

Happy Sunday!! By now... you should all know that Sundays do not only mean church, nap time with Hubby, and lazy days. They also mean confessions. No - I'm not talking about where you go and tell the priest all the bad stuff you did... I'm talking about my confessions. The things that make me the weird, crazy, slightly ridiculous human being that I am. 
1. Whenever I say the words "my confessions" I get this song stuck in my head, I'm posting it for your listening pleasure: 
Okay, so it's not the most appropriate song for a Sunday, but whatever. It gets stuck in my head, so now it's stuck in yours, too. You're welcome. 

2. I only make the bed when we have people come over. Want proof? We aren't having anyone over today. This is our bed right now, at 3:30 pm, in all its mis-matched, unmade glory:
3. This is me without makeup/photo editing. I'd say that's a pretty big confession. Luckily, this is a webcam shot and you can't see how awful my skin actually is. But, alas. This is what I look like in real life
4. I did something awful today. Don't laugh. I wore awesome tights with awesome shoes. They did not, however, look awesome together. And I didn't realize it until our ride rang our doorbell and I had no time to change. I went the whole day looking like a clown. Note to self: look in the mirror after getting dressed. And next time, pretend to be colorblind when someone asks you why you're wearing those tights with those shoes. What? My tights are grey... I don't know what you're talking about... 
 5. I just started watching How I Met Your Mother yesterday. I'm on episode 18. I don't want to talk about it. But I will say this: What rock have I been living under? This show is right up there with The Office and 30 Rock. It is legen... wait for it.... dary. 
Hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday... I'm gonna go watch some HIMYM now! 


Pickleope said...

I love this idea of confessing. That was fun.
Oh and psssst...Your skin isn't bad.
Here from Comment Love Day over at FTLOB.
How I Met Your Mother is pretty great. I love how they bounce around in time (but I could do without those teens Bob Saget is always talking to). I came to it late too.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ummm, #5? hello! only the best show everrrrrrrrrrr.

and i don't make my bed unless someone is coming over, either. seems just a little too unnecessary for me!

Unknown said...

How I Met Your Mother is AMAZING! Also, I only make my bed when people come over too!

jessica said...

I LOVE HIMYM! Hilarious!


Elizabeth McMullen said...

You're so cute! Ahh! I love HIMYM too, its pretty amazing.

Sarah said...

I'm so obsessed with HIMYM!! Enjoy!

Michelle said...

I love HIMYM!

Abi said...

hehe! love it.
Next time you wear mismatched shoes & tights..rock it girl! lol.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! Amazing show!!
Mismatched tights and shoes, your just a trend setter, obviously!! I mean check it, Sunday Confessions, you should do a tag thingymabob link up thing, whatever you know what I mean.. I'd do it! ;)

Unknown said...

i love your bed aha. i love that picture. its like.. lived in and comfy looking. and i actually LOVE the colors and they go together in some weird way aha. beds are for sleeping not making :)

happy comment love day. x

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Sweet blog! Thanks so much for joining in on our Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop, I am now following you blog. Em

Angie said...

I am a new follower through you link up on adelynSTONE. I knew I would like your stuff when I saw Usher and Channing on your page. Even better your outfit with the little boys shirt from Wal-mart! Love it.

Angie said...

...and I am crazily enough also from Nebraska. Currently living in Maryland.

Stela said...

Great confessions! Now I have that song stuck in my head!
I'm with you on the making the bed only when guest come over. and How I Met Your Mother? SAME HERE! I just discovered it a few months back. Another awesomely hilarious show- Happy Endings.

I found your blog through FTLOB!

Anonymous said...

I read that it's ok not to make your bed. It prevents you from getting bed bugs since they like moisture and by not making your bed it allows it to dry out during the day.

alicia said...

I love this idea of confessing - interesting!

Nicole said...

that's impressive you even make the bed. i usually wad the covers up, throw them onto the bed and shut the door. bam. problem fixed! :)


Monica said...

I love HIMYM! Love it! I also never make my bed unless someone is coming over, who has that kind of patience and time??

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