Favorite Things Friday [Prague Edition]

Guys... this city is amazing, and I never want to leave. Given that fact, I thought it would be fun to do the usual favorite things Friday post, just narrow it down to Prague, since that's probably all it would consist of, anyway. 
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1. The city. Is that allowed? I don't care. This place has earned the "Alyx's Favorite City in the Whole Wide World" award. Not kidding. 

2. The music scene. If you like classical music, Prague would be like Heaven. We got to go to two amazing concerts, and even though they weren't big events by any means, they were nothing short of amazing. There is so much musical talent in this city. 
This is obviously not the concert we went to, but it IS the theatre. Amazing. 
3. The architecture. Prague has a wonderful mix of modern and ancient architecture. On one corner you could have a church constructed in the 1400s, then a building from the 1700s across the street, and a brand new building on another corner. It's beautiful. 

4. The churches. They're super cool. 

5. The Christmas lights. This city is all lit up, and it's wonderful. 

6. The crystals. Hubby got me this necklace and earrings. Crystal is a big deal here. Apparently they started it or something. Who knows?! Sorry for the awful quality, by the way. Webcam and crappy light.