Awkward & Awesome + Home for the Holidays!

First of all, Happy December. Second of all, I have some amazing new sponsors, so hop on over to the sidebar and check them out. Not till you're done reading this post, of course. :)

See that awesome banner up there? 
That banner means lots of fun things for you guys! I'm teaming up with my bloggy (& real life) friend, Daryl, to bring you guys a holiday series. All I'm going to tell you right now is that we are going to have some amazing guest posters on both of our blogs, and you won't want to miss it, so stay tuned. It's going to be going on every Tuesday and Thursday from now until Christmas

In other news.... It's Thursday, and that means Awkward and Awesome.

-- Yesterday I woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave. I was able to get ready. Today, I woke up as my ride rang my doorbell. I was not dressed. When I say not dressed, I mean that I sleep in my underwear (that statement alone is awkward). Needless to say, he rang the doorbell a few times, and Hubby ran upstairs to tell him that I was sick and wasn't going to make it (my throat actually IS swollen to the size of a golf ball). Yeah, I called in to work today. It's a good thing, too... because I've got a killer migraine right now!
-- Some kid in my 5th grade class yesterday said, "Du willst mich doch verarschen," to me. That's basically German for, "You've gotta be f****** kidding me." Really, kid? Even more awkward: my "bad word" vocabulary isn't exactly up to par, and none of the kids could tell me what it meant, so he didn't get in trouble because I looked it up when I got home. Nice. 

-- I listened to older German ladies talk about Breaking Dawn and debate whether or not parts of it were almost soft-core porn. 

-- See above banner. I'm pretty excited. 
-- This video. I have watched it 102398273 times, and it never gets old (watch it to the end):
-- I got ready in 10 minutes yesterday. I'd say that's pretty skilled. 
-- My in-laws are coming out here to visit in two weeks! I'm so excited! 

Aren't they cute?! I love them. 
-- We have a trip to Straßbourg planned for next weekend!
-- Christmas Markets have started, and that means Kinderpunsch, lights, and Christmas decorations! 


Casey said...

Hubby and I are headed to Strasbourg this weekend for the Christmas market! Looking forward to seeing what you and Daryl have come up with for your series! :)

Jennifer said...

That video is just awesome. I had to share it on my facebook and twitter!

Unknown said...

hey check out my blog cuz i tagged you in a little quizzer thingy. ps i love that you live in germany!

Michelle Clark (AKA Miss Banana Pants) said...

I am a new follower via the Thursday Blog Hop! Love your blog!

Amber said...

Nice post! I've been hearing such mixed reviews about the new Twilight, but i can't wait to go see it!

Unknown said...

Already a follower but thanks so much for linking up to the blog hop :) Hope you have a wonderful day!!

gapoole said...

I totally called in to work today. Woke up feeling like garbage, haven't slept well the past few days and cold a cold. The worst part is I finished the last of the turkey soup today :(

But seriously, who doesn't sleep in their underwear?

his little lady said...

nothing beats Christmas lights!!!
xo TJ

Jennie said...

I LOVEEE your blog thus far!!! So, so adorable! Also can I say that the thing that solidified the fact that I wanted to follow your blog was that you are 6'1? I am 5'11 and other than my mom (whose 6'0 even) it's so strange to see or hear of girls that are taller than me. Ha!

I LOVE wearing heels too, but the boy I am sort of seeing right now is the same height as me and I don't like being taller than him. How tall is your husband?

Natalia Lynn said...

I want to go to Strasbourg! I heard their Christmas market is insane! Let me know how you like it, I might try to make it out!

Unknown said...

i looove that video. so dang funny! thanks for sharing, it gave me a good laugh on a long night shift. :)