Day 5: More Prague

Hellooooo. So since day 6 was technically just a travel day, we'll say that day five was the last day of our little Euro-adventure. It also happened to be... the most awesome. 

Day 5: Friday. Prague, Czech Republic. 
Woke up feeling pretty awesome, and ate some breakfast to help start the morning off right. We all decided that we wanted to spend the morning in the old city square. This square is home to tons of amazing architecture (stuff that would make Ted Mosby freak) an awesome Christmas market (only in December), some pretty cool churches, and the astronomical clock
We wandered around taking pics for about an hour until we realized we could go up to the top of the astronomical clock and take pictures of the city from there. 
After we left the tower, we decided to take a carriage ride around the city. 
Once the carriage ride was done, we headed to a cozy restaurant for a Czech favorite - Goulash. 
Finally it was time for the music. We had tickets to two separate shows in two separate theaters. Both were amazing. 
Show number one
theater number two

As soon as we left the theaters, we heard some music we weren't expecting - there was a bell organ concert in the city square. It was awesome. New life goal: learn to play the bell organ. 
Aside from some window and Christmas shopping and a very uneventful car ride home, that was the end of a wonderful trip! So thankful to these two wonderful people for not only coming and visiting us so we wouldn't be lonely on Christmas, but also for taking us to such an amazing place. 


Unknown said...

I LOVE the fact that you pulled a Ted Mosby! Ahhh! Love that show! And I'm still super jealous of all this travel you get to do ;) The opportunity of a lifetime ;)

Michelle said...

Great pictures! I'm so jealous.

Unknown said...

Prague! So gorgeous! i'm so jealous of your awesome-ness :) yes thank you for the gifts and husband looooved your chocolate bars too :) i did a fail though cuz i sent you things not on your list :( sorry, hope you like it anyways

K said...

I was just in Prague and I fell in love with it too! That Christmas tree in the Old Town Square was gorgeous - did you go at night when it was all lit up? It looked amazing. We never made it up the Astronomical Clock Tower but that view is totally worth it judging by your pictures. Did you go to the Strahov Monastery & Library (near the castle) - the second to last picture looks identical to one I took!
Also I walked by the Estates Theater a whole bunch of times but never went in - next time I guess!
ps. I left Prague the day that the news about Havel's death broke so we were there around the same time! I hope it warmed up a bit for you since I was pretty cold!

K said...

Wow! What a fun coincidence! I didn't go into the monastery but the library was pretty fantastic. One of the two rooms reminded me of the library from Beauty & the Beast! I hadn't even heard of Strahov until the guidebook I used (Rick Steves - highly recommend his stuff) mentioned it. I think my favorite tip from Rick was to a rooftop terrace overlooking the Old Town Square. It was ridiculously fun to sip of hot wine and people watch :)

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