Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Hey there! Hope everybody had an absolutely amazing Christmas! I know I did. Hubby's parents flew out to good ole Deutschland to pay us a visit, and it was so nice to have family around after not seeing them for over 4 months. 
During the week that they were here, we traveled. A lot. We spent most of the weekend in Frankfurt and Echzell, but once Monday came around, we hit the road. 
I'm going to review my last week... this week. Day by day. 

Day 1: Monday. Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 
Located in south-central Germany, this little small town nestled inside a modern city is probably my favorite place in all of Germany. Once a thriving medieval city, it has managed to retain most of its old-time charm. The city is surrounded by a 1.5 mile long wall with multiple towers and gates. 
During Christmas time, the town comes alive with lights. You can spend hours walking through the Christmas market in the main town square
You can also take a free tour of the town with the night watchman. 
And finally, my favorite thing about the town is the park on the side of a cliff. The view is incredible, both at night and during the day. 

The town also has some amazing museums. The medieval crime and torture one is my favorite. I know it sounds morbid and quite frankly really weird, but I promise it's really cool. 
So basically.... Rothenburg is awesome, our Monday was fabulous, and if you're ever round these parts... you should head on over to the best town in Germany. 
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