Day 4: Prague, Czech Republic

Happy Almost Friday! Do you guys all have big plans for New Year's Eve? This party animal does not. Yet. Anyone wanna hop a plane to Germany and come hang out?! Hahaha. Seriously, though. Hubby and I need to get out of this town. 

Speaking of which, we were 5 hours away from this town one week ago. Let me tell you all about it. 

Day 4: Thursday. Prague, Czech Republic. 

The day started off with a delicious breakfast at the hotel, then it was off to Prague Castle. Well, it should have been... we took some detours (yeah, we detour to kiss - what up?).  

Back to the castle. I actually don't have any pictures of that because... everything on the grounds was closed. The churches were off-limits, the castle museum was closed, and the castle itself wasn't open, either. The grounds were being prepared, because the next day was Vaclav Havel's funeral. 
At first we thought it was kind of lame that we wouldn't be able to do anything, but we did get to stand in a really long line to see his casket. Thousands and thousands of people were in that line, and this was a pretty crazy opportunity. 

After waiting in the line, we decided to grab some hot cocoa and talk about what to do next. Food won. Unfortunately, we never got to eat. We headed out toward the [very difficult to find] restaurant [Peklo's, if you've been to Prague... it's awesome, but nestled far away from anything easy to find], but fate had something else in mind [dun dun dun]. 

None of us could find the restaurant. My father-in-law did, however, find an awesome place to stop and take photos, so stop and take photos we did. 
Well, almost all of us stopped, anyway. Somehow, the FIL got separated from us, and we spent the next few hours looking for each other. No one knows what happened, but we all eventually ended up safe and sound [thank goodness] back at the hotel. 

We proceeded to eat sausages from a street vendor, and Hubby and I called it an early night because neither of us felt the greatest (not from the sausages, it was a sinus thing). We went to sleep with dreams of the beautiful city in our achy little heads. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the kissy picture!!! :o)

I really love seeing all of your travel pictures, too! It has been almost 5 years since I've done any traveling outside of the US. And I've NEVER been anywhere in Europe!!

henning love said...

i love prague!! best city in europe want to go back soon and show my husband the awesome city

Kndbbdjk said...

Gorgeous picture of you two kissing!!! :)

Petchie said...

Amazing pictures! I'm not really doing anything for new years eve either, just spending some time with my man and enjoying going out to a nice relaxing dinner together!


Sarah said...

I'm reading Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush, and she keeps mentioning the Havels. Crazy, but I love that kiss picture! So cute!

Chelsea Finn said...

Aw! That first picture is so so cute! This seems amazing!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i loooove prague. i can't wait to go back again one day.

also, i found that post... it offers only a tiny explanation of the statue, but oh well. it's the top post of this page:

Unknown said...

Since I'm a huge nerd...I'm super jealous that you had a chance to see Havel's casket. It's amazing that you witnessed history like that!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

The kissy picture is so adorable!! awwww!