WIWW. And Stuff.

shirt: Walmart sweater: Köln belt: f21 jeans: alloy shoes: TOMS
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And... sharing outfit pictures that were taken in... October? That would be me. 

1. I'm going insane. Every time I open my mouth, some bit of random nonsense comes out. I can't even handle it. 
2. I'm contemplating stealing my parents' dog. She's super adorable, and she loves me. She is also a chair thief who chews leather bags up. 
3. I am the proud new owner of this puppy (not a real puppy... a figurative one. But I will love it and care for it like I would a new puppy, because HELLO. Have you looked at this beauty? My parents are amazing and got it for us). 
4. From yesterday's post, #3 was the lie. I'm ashamed to admit that, yes. I had my punctuation on a random girl's tan seats. In her brand new car. And yes, I can play the piano, oboe, and flute. 
5. I dropped a shampoo bottle on my toe in the shower. Holy balls, there was so much blood. It somehow managed to slice my big toe open and take a big chunk of it off. Ouch. 

In other news... I watched The Vow on the plane ride yesterday. 
My Thoughts: 
- Holy crap, is it possible for Channing Tatum to not look sexy? 
- Ohmygosh, I'm crying my eyes out on a plane full of people. No one look, no one look, please don't look. Oh, you looked? Don't mind me, I just have... allergies? Yeah, allergies. 
- I'd punch Jeremy in the face, too. What a freakin douche. 
- I HATED the ending. So stupid. 

Overall, it was a "meh" movie. 

What's your favorite chick flick?? 


Amy and the City said...

Oh my god I totally felt the same, I was hanging out thinking it was gonna be such a great movie, and then, it just wasnt!! The end was the worst!!

So so in love with that mixer! I love mine so much ;)
Amy xo

Lisa said...

I agree about the Vow. I mean. . .I sat down expecting this great love story and ended up crying through half of it! At one point in the movie when things were a little iffy I told Dan "I'm either really going to like this movie, or I'm really going to hate it".
I'm always afraid punctuation situations like that are going to happen to me. It's not bad enough that it has to happen to us to begin with, but we have to worry about embarrassing moments too? Ugh.
Also, hope your toe is okay!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

I just got The Vow for my Birthday. My husband rolled his eyes when I opened it cuz he knows darn well that he will get stuck watching it with me :) And you will LOVE your mixer. I just have a "cheapy" knock-off version, and it's amazing!

Daryl said...

welcome back! enjoy the motherland, i'll be jealous till i join ya!

lori said...

i like the outfit, even if it is from november....

and i completely, whole heartedly agree about the vow.

kimberly rae said...

welcome back (again)!!

mmmm channing tatum! hey baby!!

i didnt see the movie but now that it seems like its a bad ending i probably won't watch.

i am, however, reading 'the lucky one' which is only the second nicholas sparks book i've ever read, but after spending too much time reading 50 shades, it's a welcome next book!!

also yaayyy on the ... food processor/mixer?? lol i know my old roomie is obsessed with those but i actually don't know what it's called! can you tell i dont cook!?

B said...

Welcome back to Amuuurica. We missed you. And I'm sure Taco Bell is now in debt because you came back and raided their stock.

Love the outfit. Classy and sophisticated just like you.

Channing Tatum is supposed to play a stripper in some new movie. How do I know this? Because the commercial for the movie came on while I was watching TV last night and I almost lust slid out of my seat. I was never that into him before, but now. POW. I think you get it.

I also find that most Nicholas sparks books/movies are extremely sad. I was on a break reading the end of Dear John, and I started crying right near a table of my co-workers. And I'm not a crier. Not even close. But his books are amazing if they can make me feel that way. Ever seen A Walk to Remember? Yeah. Sob city.

By the way, I'm doing great. So much has changed! #endteaser

Brianna said...

I completely dig that outfit. And welcome back to The States!!!! Ps. Just to ease your mind: I'm going to Crete!

Mel said...

*stopping by from livingwithfletch* Hello ! I read your guest post and came to say hi ! Your life really seems to be an adventure ! I wanted to see The Vow but my boyfriend didn't want to come with me so never mind. I think I'll stick to your blog, it looks cool ! See you !

Mel from http://melas-noches.blogspot.fr/

Katrin said...

Your outfit is fabulous!

And I really need to watch The Vow!!!

Raych said...

Jealous of your mixer! I've never owned a legit mixer probably because I don't really bake. But I can use it for other stuff right? I think I just want a cool mixer on my counter so people *think* I'm all domestic and shiz.

Alana Christine said...

1. Glad you're home!
2. I think I guessed the lie!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I felt the same exact way about The Vow. Then again, it is based on a true story and I guess in real life endings aren't always happy. At least they ended up together in the end. Could you imagine never getting your memory back? How awful!

Storytime Fun said...

I didn't know The Vow was based on a true story. Wasn't going to watch it after all the negative comments but I might have to now that I know that little tidbit. Ha ha!

Nice outfit and gift!

Kylie said...

I *loved* the Vow! Although the ending isn't completely satisfying, I thought it was nice and real...a good change of pace from the typical chick flick. Plus, since it's based on a true story you know the real ending.

Hope your toe feels better!

riana. said...

I haven't seen the movie yet cause I wanna read the book. (the book written by the actual couple)
Did you know they were real?
They are. I saw them on Dr. Phil. (gosh, I love that show)
I think the movie is different than the real story... But I'm not 100% sure...

Ali said...

That's an AWESOME mixer! And I saw the picture of the dog on InstaGram and SOO cute!

Breenah said...

Google him, believe me there are some unflattering photos, haha! The actual couple that The Vow is based on is adorable! The movie's slightly different than their real story. Hollywood, pssh.

Georgina said...

Girllll you so stylish! :)
I can't watch The Vow until my SO gets back into the country (he looks a bit like Channing Tatum only HOTTER).

I made the mistake of watching Dear John without him and uhh bawl.fest.


brielle said...

you are so stinkin pretty! love your outfit posts. & your toms. (:

Kym said...

I can't believe you're already back in the US! And better still, already back to blogging. (there wasn't even a pause, was there?) How is it?? Culture shock?

That mixer looks awesome; I bet some delicious creations will be coming out of that thing.

And furthermore, am I the only one who doesn't find Channing Tatum hot/sexy/handsome/etc? Btw Alyx, thanks for sort of, kind of, possibly almost ruining the end of the movie for me. lol Not that I was planning to watch it, but...you know...in case I find myself on a plane with nothing better to do...

Welcome home!!

Ashley said...

I can't believe they ended the Vow that way??????? Channing Tatum...LOVE

Tara said...

Noting Hill is one of my all time favorite chick flicks. Love the outfit. I must get one of those mixers.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I haven't seen the Vow yet... but did you know it's a true story! My mom met the real couple and they're still together and wrote the book together. :) My fave chick flick is The Holiday or Pretty Woman.

kaitlyn said...

I HATED the ending! Not what I was expecting and wishing it was more romantic. Haha

Leanna Vera said...

I'm pretty jealous of that mixer! It looks even better than a kitchenaid

Liz Brown said...

It's nuts. I have a love/hate relationship with these posts, because by the end there are so many things we're simliar on/I need to comment that I'm a bit stressed.

OK, 1. Your style up there rocks my face off. 2. Your #1 reminds me of Jim Carey in Liar Liar. Is that what its like? 3. I play piano, flute, and ... cello. But we're close! 4. It wouldn't take much convincing from Channing Tatum that he was my husband.

Igor Josifovic said...

Hi Alyx! Just found your blog via oaxacaborn - glad to meet yet another blogger from Germany! Off to discover your blog in more detail! Cheers from Munich!!

Kecia said...

Channing Tatum just gets better and better! I remember when I was all...who's that guy in the Mountain Dew commercial!?



Kelly said...

I was never a fan of Channing Tatum until I saw Dear John. And then I couldn't NOT be a fan. He's so wonderful to look at..

Kristen Seuberling said...

1)I agree 100% with your assessment of the vow.
2)I want to steal your stand mixer.
3)It is normal and reasonable to hold on to pictures and then post them later.

Punky J said...

I haven't seen The Vow and I probably won't. Like ever. Unless it's playing on an airplane or something. To tell you the truth, the whole recent clan of young actors that are taking over the chick flick scene are KILLING ME. Really. Like the cast of Twilight? They all make me wanna shank myself, namely Kristen Stewart and that werewolf one. And Channing Tatum.. yeah he's attractive, but he still kinda bugs me. I like older men. Like George. And Johnny. And Billy Crudup who most definitley owns my heart. Ok fine, and Peeta. He gets the pass, but that's only because Suzanne Collins did such a good job creating a character that was more than easy to fall in love with. And Josh Hutcherson is pretty dang cute #forashortguy

And my favorite chick flicks? The darker ones. Like The Last Kiss and Dedication. If you haven't seen those ones, check them out!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

LOL, I love that saying, Holy Balls! Not so much your poor toe getting hurt though. You are too funny and cute, and I still can't believe that #1 was true. And also, how can you talk about a cute pup and not post pics?

No(dot dot)el said...

Oh and I almost forgot, my favorite Chick FLick is You've Got Mail- Love it so much!

Sara Louise said...

It's impossible for Channing Tatum to look not sexy... even if his ears are a little low on his head a la Mr. Potato Head. And hello... Magic Mike!!! I CANNOT wait to see this movie. It will be magical indeed!

Jennie said...

No, it is not possible for Channing Tatum to ever look sexy EVER. Also whenever I see him, I always think about how he said on Chelsea Lately that he burned his penis. Yep.

Alex Butts said...

Oh gosh favorite chick flick… does Bridesmaids count?

Catching up on movies is the sole thing that makes long distance flights bearable

Courtney B said...

Definitely didn't love the movie :( And I totally cry during movies, it doesn't matter where I am!

Natasha Louise said...

I have to agree with a ton of peopple's comments, so jealous of that mixer gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Tracy said...

That movie made me CRAZY!! But the good news is that it's based on a true story, and the book about it is AWESOME. So go read the book. :)

sandi said...

haha I watched this movie on a plane too! I was secretly trying to hide it from the stranger sitting next to me so he didn't think I was a lame chick who watches chick movies. bahaha..

ya Jeremey's a douche-canoe!

Agreed. the ending blew.

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