On Wal-Mart. Again.


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Guys, we need to talk. You know what we need to talk about? Wal-Mart. That's right, I'm doing another post on that stupid store that we all love to hate, hate to love, or love to love (if you're slightly crazy). If you missed my first post on the evil corporate giant, you can find it here. I wrote it while we were still living in Germany.

Anyway. First things first - look at this picture:
Guess what time it was when I took that?! 1:45 a.m., people. As in, I went shopping after 8:00 p.m. As in, THERE IS A STORE THAT IS OPEN 24 FREAKING HOURS!! If you're new around these parts, you may not know that I've spent the last 10 months in Germany where everything closes at or before 8:00.

Moving on... I'm not usually a fan of Walmart (actually I hate the place with a fiery burning passion), but it is shocking how convenient that place is. I mean, really. Where else can you go dressed like this and not get judged?
Yes, I realize that I look like I have to pee. I didn't. I'm just an awkward stander.

I'm also incredibly awkward while I'm walking through the store in shock of its size and all it has to offer. I just forgot how huge that place is.
What is it with me standing around looking like I have to pee? At least I had toilet paper handy this time.

So... I really have nothing else to say about Wally World except that their produce is the worst I have ever seen, and making cart trains with your husband is really pretty fun. 
What do you guys think about Wal-mart? Do you love it? Hate it? Shop there regardless of your fiery burning hatred (that's me)?

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Unknown said...

I am really not a fan AT ALL but I go from time to time out of convenience. Thank you for my morning laugh(S) per usual.

Have a great day Alyx :)

Paige said...

We practically live there. Seriously, we go there at least 3 times a week. We live in the country though so ours is smaller and less crowded/annoying. I still wish we spent less time there. I never leave with just the things I had in mind when I went up there.

Keetha Broyles said...

I love it.

It hires lots of people who would otherwise be without jobs.

It offers quality products at great prices.

In the case of our last hometown, it brought a distribution center to our town that provided even MORE jobs at a time when we were losing nearly all our factories. In that way it filled a desperate void.

It is clean.

It is bright.

I've heard it gives good benefits to its employees, though having never worked there myself I'm totally going by what its employees have told me.

It is a great place for a little entertainment - - - sitting on a cozy bench and watching folks go by who are dressed ready for bed or as if they just crawled out of same.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, and there's that whole open all night thing - - - when I was teaching I used to run in there at 4:30 or 5 AM on a regular basis.

M. said...

I try to avoid it. The whole "you make a difference with your dollars" thing. I went a good few months without shopping there at all, but during that time I got most of my stuff from Amazon. I'm pretty sure those two are neck and neck for taking over the world.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Awww man, i wish I had the money to enter the christmas thing, but for obvious reasons I shouldn't it's such a great idea though!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gah! HATE Wal-Mart! I will NOT go into one if I can at all avoid it. I get pissed even being in a Wal-mart parking lot. So I'm looking forward to moving to Germany where there are NO Wal-Marts! But I will miss Target! :(



Alana Christine said...

I try to avoid Walmart at all costs--it seems as though I run into EVERYONE I know and spend way too much money on crap I don't need

RadiantKristen said...

While it isn't my favorite place in the world, it is pretty darn convenient, and I end up there more than I would care to admit to anyone.

I'm concerned about the vast amount of toilet paper in your cart. Holy cow.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Honestly, I don't have an opinion, haven't been there in years, but I'm totally loving those pics!

LizzieB said...

Don't have much of a like/hate opinion of Wal-Mart. Don't go there much--mainly because it's so big and kind of junky. It's hard to find what I need. I know what I want is in there somewhere, I just don't know where and I don't have time to wonder the aisles, or dig through piles, or scrounge shelves. I agree about the awful produce. It rots really fast. I guess I go to the lawn center more than anything. It's in the same place at every store, has it's own cash registers, and I can get in and out of that area pretty fast.

Ashley + Nathan from And A DIY Life said...

I'm addicted to the place. Seriously. We go there at least once a week. But mostly because they price match pretty much everything and I'm cheap.


Breenah said...

Same as you, shop there almost because I have to, not want to. We have one within walking distance which makes it worse.

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

We're avid Walmart Shoppers. We would go and buy a heaping cart full and only pay $150. It's a nice feeling.
Although we've learned there are some things you don't want to buy from Walmart - fruit and meat. If you buy fruit you need to eat it quick. The meat we find to be very flavourless, which means it's pumped full of water

Kylie said...

It's a misnomer that Wal-Mart is actually cheaper than Target or other similar stores. It's been proven that even if they are "cheaper," it's only by a couple cents. They also use rollbacks and "sales" to promote items that might not actually be the best deal.

Basically, I don't really like Wal-Mart and only shop there if it's honestly the most convenient. I do shop at Sam's Club....but that's only because there's no Costco in my city.

Brittany said...

I do shop at wal-mart from time to time. Bu I agree I will never buy produce from there! Ick

his little lady said...

i'm not a huge fan of walmart to be honest but it's true, it gets the job done when you need things. ha
xo TJ

Maria Larsen said...

Luckily, I'm still living at home with my dad so he does all the grocery shopping and I don't have to step foot in there unless I really really need something!

Ashley said...

I hate Walmart with everything in me...but like you said, when there's no where else open you HAVE to go there

BTW...WHY?? were you there so stinking late? (

Shaina Longstreet said...

I love walmart. Okay, you got me. ;)

San said...

I simply refuse to shop at Walmart - out of principle. IOU don't care how "convenient" or "cheap" it is.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I hate Walmart. I lot. I always feel like I need to shower after I leave.

However, this post kind of made me love you even more. You're awesome.

Unknown said...

I absolutely hate going there... But because it's the cheapest place in town/only real place to shop... Yeah, I go there. Do what you gotta do, right.

jessica said...

I hate wally world. And I try to avoid it as best I can, but they make it pretty hard to with their ad-matching. 1 store instead of 4 for grocery shopping? Deal. Although I've also found that their produce SUCKS. all. the. time. It's like the island of misfit produce. Don't even get me started on what I've seen people wearing there.

Bri Buzali said...

I'm more of a Target fan, but I can never leave without spending waaayyyy too much $ on things I don't need. Have you seen the website "people of walmart"? I seriously pee my pants from laughing when I see some of those people!

Anonymous said...

I'd do Target in a heartbeat and in college I did a LOT of Walmart since it's all we had but now I just can't do it. No amount of savings is worth the characters at our local walmart... lol


Allison Taylor said...

These pictures are awesome. haha yes why does it look like you have to pee? thanks for making me laugh. I LOVE walmart :) literally the only store here in my little town in Idaho sooo I've learned to like it.

rooth said...

Wal-Mart is the H&M of daily necessities. What a friggin' wreck. It is a fun place to people watch though

Katrin said...

It's a fun place to watch people but I found out that it's not the place to buy strawberries.

Kelly said...

Oh man, you got me laughing with your poses. You do look like you have to pee. I like Walmart for the silly little things. Like when my headphones stopped working my first stop was walmart - not an electronics store. Ya know? But I'm not a huge fan, the produce definitely IS gross.

Unknown said...

Hate Wal-mart but love your pictures!! New follower from GFC hop :)

Unknown said...

"Shop there regardless of your fiery burning hatred (that's me)?"


I love to hate Wal*Mart, but it really is ridiculously convenient. It makes me crazy!

Anonymous said...

You know I just wrote a post about walmart the other night. I used to hate it living in the city but I truly enjoy going now. It's just different now and we don't go near as often.


Unknown said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that does funny stuff in Wally World!

Kell said...

Oh my goodness, I HATE walmart. And I agree that their produce is the worst! I think I just hate how crowded and frantic it always is. I prefer a more mellow shopping experience.
Also on a slightly creepy note, I went late one night and found out that their stocking crew has to do a chant before they start work.
"W! A! L! SQUIGGLY! M! A! R! T!"
I'd quit as soon as someone told me I have to do that.

Sara Louise said...

When I get back to the States, Walmart is my third stop after tex-mex and Starbucks. I spend a lot of time there when I'm back home, it feels so good to be surrounded by so many choices. And when my body clock is all off and I wake up at 4am because it's really 11am in France, I get up and go to Walmart, because what else is there to do at 4am besides nail polish shopping at the Walmart?

Laura said...

Love to hate it!

Brittany T. said...

i do enjoy shopping at walmart because of alot of different products in one store, but agree that their produce is not the best!! and i always find it entertaining seeing other people shopping there lol..your pics of shopping their are fun!! :) and one more thing, i dislike the crowded aisles!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I'm your newest follower!

I really don't care for Walmart and all it's "Made in China" products, but it is convenient. Not necessarily because of how people dress (watch out or you'll end up on one of those people of Walmart websites!) but just everything that they have. Like... everything.

Anonymous said...

Great blog - it makes refreshing my English real fun.

When I was a child and teenager here in Germany all shops/stores closed at 6:30 pm (and 2:00 pm on most Saturdays, 6:00 pm on Saturdays in Advent). This was due to restrictions by law ("Ladenschlussgesetz").
So, today opening hours in Germany are really progressive ;-)

I never felt the need to go shopping between midnight and sunrise.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland!

Anonymous said...

As much as it pains me to shop there because it takes 2 hours to get in and out, I know I couldn't live without my Walmart. Well, I guess I could, but I'd have to spend a heck of a lot more money. :o)

So how are you enjoying being back in the States? I know it probably doesn't feel like "home" yet, but are you starting to get settled?

Anonymous said...

I admit that in college i was in a small town and going to wal-mart was the thing to do late at night and on weekends. Now that I'm back to living in a big city and have way to many stores to choose from I don't end up at wal-mart as much. I especially try to avoid certain ones in the late hours of the night or early in the morning (shady characters I tell you)


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