I'm a Softie/Crybaby/Wimp. No, Really - I Am.

Happy Weekend!! 

Hope you guys are all doing well and having a good weekend so far! I'm scrambling like a madwoman to get the apartment spotless before our landlord comes down to check it this afternoon. 
Anyway, yesterday was my last day at school. In the first break, one of the teachers that I have worked closely with presented me with some gifts from the school. I felt really grateful that they took the time to say goodbye to me in such a kind way. I shook some hands, said goodbye, and headed to class. 

I only had one class - my 8th graders. As I walked into the classroom, I noticed the balloons - they were everywhere. Then I turned and saw the chalkboard. You guys, I almost started bawling right there.
But, oh. It gets better. That's when the music started. As I sat down, all 24 of those sweet students stood up to sing to me. Seriously - I'm tearing up just remembering. They sang this song: 

I tried to hide the tears, but it didn't really work. I gave them all permission to make fun of me - I totally deserved it. After the song was over, one of my students handed me a beautiful bouquet, card, and framed class photo. 
These kids are the ones that make the bad days worth it. These kids are one of the reasons I'm going to miss it here. I had times where I wanted to slam my head against the wall in frustration, I had times when all I wanted was to jump on the next plane to the United States, but I didn't give up, and yesterday, I was so happy that I didn't.


Niken said...

i cannot blame you for crying. your students are so sweet...

Breenah said...

I would've cried too! That's so sweet :D

Katherina said...

this is so sweet alyx. you're leaving germany? or just the school? but wait, are you a teacher? sorry, I don't understand the full bright scholar thing in the about me section. pls enlighten me. lol

Brianna said...

I, too, work with students, and you're right.... there's nothing like it :)

kim @ a positive peace said...

SO sweeet!! Yeah I would like start bawling then die of shock of my kids did anything like this! Although yesterday I told my 10th graders I wasn't coming back next year ...I've taught these kids for 2 years, and i would NOT teach them next year ... and they started going crazy!! They were outraged! I was like, well you're making me feel good and sad and guilty all at once, but whyyy does it take a teacher leaving for you to tell her you appreciate her! ahhh! teenagers! lol!

good luck with the landlord!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That is so lovely - what great kids and what a great send-off. :)

And I'm going to echo Kimberly Rae - best of luck with the landlord (I never have fun with landlord walk-throughs, so nerve-wracking)! :)

Laura said...

How sweet! I would have cried too! If it makes you feel any better I am cleaning too! Pouring rain here so its a good day for it!

Shauna said...

How nice that they appreciate you so much! Makes it all worthwhile, and you must be a great teacher!

Happy Weekend.

Alana Christine said...

Aww! What a great last day!

Keri said...

That is so awesome!! You must be a wonderful teacher to have touched your students' hearts in such a big way.

lori said...

aww alyx, that is so sweet!! i would've cried, too!

Keetha Broyles said...

Moments like that are why we teach. I too was blessed with students who loved me - - - back in my teaching day - - - way back in 2010.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh that is so sweet! And I don't blame you, I'd cry too ;)

Kym said...

Awww!! That is so unbelievably sweet. I don't blame you for crying, not one bit.


Unknown said...

Ugh I teared up just reading this and looking at the photos. Honestly this doesn't surprise me one bit - you really seem like an amazing individual who deserves every lovely gesture she receives. They're lucky to have had you as a teacher!

Anna said...

I would've cried too. precious.
Alyx! It's going to be OK!

Katrin said...

That's so wonderful, Alyx! I would have cried too. A lot!

Ashley said...

Incredible moment!!!!!!!

Nikkiana said...

Awww! I bet I would have cried too! How sweet of them!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I have goosebumps!!!!!

Vapid Vixen said...

Yeah...there's no stopping the waterworks when they pull out the big guns like that.

Emily said...

I hope the rest of your goodbyes aren't as emotional. However I do hope you get a lot more flowers. Seriously those are gorgeous. Good luck with the rest of your transition. I say this like I am not going to be reading anymore posts. This is not true. I am a legit comment rambler. You should ban be from leaving comments.

Unknown said...

That's so nice of them!!! :) The flowers are so pretty!

Sara Louise said...

Aw man! I would have been blubbering too! What sweet kids :)

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

SO so sweet, aww bless them all!

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