I Have a HUGE Favor that could earn you German Candy...

Can you do me a favor pretty pretty please and go like this page and tell them that Alyx Garner referred you? I may or may not bribe you by saying that if you do this and leave a comment saying you did, I will pick a winner and send you some German candy! 


Unknown said...

I did ;) But it better be dang good candy!! (not the nasty stuff mmmmk?) ;)

Breenah said...

I did it even before I knew there was a candy bribe :)

erin e flynn said...

done and done. good luck!!! =]

lori said...

i did it for ya! hope you win!

Vapid Vixen said...


Bree said...

I did it :) Rootin for you!

Amy Harris said...

referral from me coming your wayyyyyy :) err..their way i guess.

Casey said...

Done. I <3 German Candies!

Alana Christine said...

Done! I prefer gummy bears : )

Jessica said...

I liked their page, and left a comment that you had sent me over. Hope you win, and hope I win the candy!!

Anna said...

done. :)
I'm intrigued by the idea of german candy.

Michelle said...

I did it! Good luck...and I really hope to win some candy! =)

Natalia Lynn said...


Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Done!! Good luck!

Niken said...

done and done!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

done and done.
(i deleted my fb so i logged in on a friend's).
i think we all know how i feel about german candy!

Katt said...

Done!!! :)


Emma Leigh said...

Done! Good luck! :)

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