Happy Thursday! 

Almost through the week, HALLELUJAH! Actually, since I'm not working anymore, I guess it doesn't really matter to me. All I know is that, as the weeks pass, my little girl is slowly getting bigger and bigger, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I love that she is growing up, but I hate it at the same time. AND I'm like, "Where the h-e-double hockey sticks have the last eight weeks gone?!" Life goes by a whole lot quicker these days.

Anyway, speaking of the little one, I found some pictures that do, in fact, prove that she looks like me! We are little twins. :)

Obviously she's cuter. :)


Breenah said...

You are both so cute! And it's crazy how much you look like adult-Alyx in the baby pictures. You could have shown them to me mixed in with other babies and I would have said "Hey! That's Alyx!".

Also, it's finally not weird to call you Alyx instead of Ally.

Amy Harris said...

she totally looks like you! also, you look the same in your baby pictures as now (i mean obviously grown up and mature and what not..haha) she is beautiful, just like her mama. my child looks nothing like me haha he is ALL matt.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Yeah - she's just adorable! Wow. And man oh man does she ever look like you! (I can see her daddy in her too, though. Absolutely the best of both worlds.)

Wow. :) Good grief, what a doll!

RadiantKristen said...

It's all in the ridiculously long arms and legs! Holy cow! I guess we know she really will end up being a giant =).

Your mom's scarf in that picture. It's amazing. Really, I just love it so much.

Katrin said...

You really are twins! And you are both absolutely adorable and cute!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Totally twins, both super cute babies. I can even see her in adult Alyx. Just like her momma!

Unknown said...

She's got some long little eyelashes! Lucky one!

Postcards from Rachel said...

Definitely twins. Love her sweet eyes!

Greta said...

I love her amazing eyelashes!!!!

smug princess said...

OMG! That first picture looks just like you--you haven't changed a bit! I swear I usually can't tell someone from their baby picture, but with you I totally can. And you're right, you are totally twins!

Deidre said...

You're both adorable :)

Jane said...

The resemblance is amazing! Your daughter is adorable!

Tasnim said...

awww this is so incredible cute!!! couldn't n'awww even more! <3

T&S said...

Oh my. You guys are cuties!

XO Lourdes

Eloise and things said...

In the 4th picture she looks like she has the funkiest hair style. Shes adorable, time will fly for sure.
x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

rooth said...

Alyx, I am totally digging her hair and it's been so fun watching her grown up via Instagram - how do babies grow so fast?!

Sarah Shumate said...

Look at her eyelashes!!! Lucky girl!! She IS beautiful, just like her momma!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

WOAH! You 2 are like little twins. I love all the videos of Elsie on Insta. It seems like she's getting such a little personality. She's always making the cutest baby noises!

Sara Louise said...

Oh my heavens! I can't believe how big she's getting! And yep, she's definitely your mini-me :)

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