Sunday Confessions Link Up

Happy Sunday!!! 

I'm sure you all know the drill by now. Grab a button and link up your confessions! Please link to a specific post, not just your blog. If there are any posts that just link to the main page of a blog, I will remove them. Thanks! :)
1. I almost had a heart attack yesterday. My Huskers are going to kill me, I swear. Yesterday's game was pretty intense - I'll just leave it at that. Good thing Creature/Baby/Alien can't hear me screaming at the TV yet.
2. Pregnancy gives you constipation and bloating, makes your boobs huge, and your emotional stability non-existent. What's that? I'm telling you stuff you already know? Well, good. I'm glad you are all just super-women who know everything about pregnancy already. In that case I won't tell you that it also makes you have crazy dreams about buying babies at Home Depot (more on that later).

3. I'm trying to think of a creative but non-sterotypical way to do weekly belly pictures. I thought about doing headstands and taking them all upside-down, but decided I'd probably die the first time I tried it. Other than that... I've got nothin. Person with the coolest idea that is physically possible (and free) gets 7,500 awesome points. 
Weekly Maternity Photo
4. This girl made me cry yesterday. When I heard my doorbell ring at 8:45 a.m., I was about to go punch that person in the face. Until I realized that it was our mail lady delivering a package... to ME! I opened it and started crying like a baby (see above concerning emotional stability). Kristen had written me a super nice note and sent me lots of goodies so that I could pamper myself a bit. Kristen, if you're reading this, you are amazing, and I am so thankful to have you as a friend! 

5. I am super picky when it comes to photographers. I've been searching high and low for a photographer in our area to take maternity/newborn photos so that we can save up to afford them when the time comes. Only problem? There's not a single one whose photography and editing style I like. I doubt a photographer would look kindly upon me asking for the images so I can edit them myself.
Does anyone in Nebraska know of a good photographer? I love the shots below, and I think the top one is one of the most beautiful and perfect maternity shots I have ever seen.

So now that I've written what is quite possibly the longest confessions post ever, what do you have to confess? Link on up!


The Denham Family said...

I love your life. And how tall you are! Also, my confession about your confession is that sometimes I think babies look like aliens. . . yours won't, thank GOODNESS. PS. I just spent the last 20 hours stalking your blog and so I really meant it when I said I love your life! Creepsters, unite!

cynthia said...

I have seen some cute belly pics on Pinterest, my fave was (similar to what you show above) a pic in the same t-shirt every time.

I linked up. :) thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

As far as photographers, look for one that will really give you what you want. One that's willing to talk with you. Chances are they won't let you edit them yourself, but have a little faith in your photographer. Google photographers in your area and look up their portfolio!

Dree said...

Those are some gorgeous photoshoots indeed. I agree with the above commenter - if you printed off your favorite pictures from other photoshoots, a good photographer should be willing to incorporate that same style into your shoot. As far as belly pictures, Rebecca Woolf of did an amazing series with her twins where she wore the same bodysuit for each week and stood in front of her door. The background was the same, as was the bodysuit, so the belly was on show. But I know what you mean about wanting to be original, etc. You'll find the one!

Kaity B. said...

LOVE that maternity shot!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That maternity shot is gorgeous! I know a great photographer, but she lives in Chile boo!!! Good luck finding someone, I think maternity shots are so important.

Meg said...

I have a very small photography business and can only imagine how hard it is to pick a photographer to take your photographs, especially of the newest member of your family. My suggestion would be to meet the photog for a cup of coffee (if you find one whose work you like) to discuss what you are looking for. With all my clients, I do a pre-shoot meeting to make sure I know what they are looking for. Good luck with your search!

M. said...

I wasn't going to share my idea, because I wanted to save it for myself, but hoarding isn't pretty, not even with ideas so here you go: Do the food. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the food. Like, white t-shirt and jeans, and hold up a picture of the type of food that is the size of your baby that week. I think week 8 was a blueberry, week 8 was a raspberry, week 16 is an avacado or something. I know I just passed butternut squash... DO THE FOOD. Of course, if you would have spilled the beans earlier, you could have been getting all of the weeks... :)

Unknown said...

I saw a really cool gif that someone did of their weekly bump pictures. They put an X on the floor where to stand, put an X where the camera needed to go so she was in the same place every time and then changed the background up to match the change in seasons. It was really neat when it was all complete. Photographers are tough, there are so many and they each have a particular style, good luck with your search. I still haven't found one, so we have gone to Sears every single time. I kinda hate it, but it works good enough. I hope to get "good enough" to eventually just do it myself.

Katrin said...

I can't wait to hear the story about buying babies at Home Depot. :)

RadiantKristen said...

I'm sorry I made you cry :(. I was hoping you would jump up and down or something like that.

Someone else mentioned it, too, but the food thing is a good idea. Or, you could figure out how many weeks it would take to talk to a different place on the globe, and then each week as the baby grows, you could have walked to "XYZ" place.

...Don't do that. That was a terrible idea. I don't even know what prompted me to suggest that.

Rosie said...

I had a succession of very inappropriate bump photo suggestions which are not rude or saucy but do involve body paint and or fruit. Needless to say...i'm not elaborating!

lori said...

id be the same way about photographers... i hope you can find one you really like their style and editing!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

My confession is that I am OBSESSED with the fruit snack Gushers lately. They're so good!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That first maternity photo is beautiful! Almost makes me want to be pregnant again. Okay...not really.

My friend Jen had the same problem finding a photographer. She ended up asking her sister-in-law who is a pro photographer (but in another state) to network and get some good suggestions. Maybe you know a photographer you love, but she's not close enough to do your shoot? You could ask her if she knows anyone good in your area!

rooth said...

Re baby bump pictures - could you potentially wear a different solid coloured shirt every week and take a side picture? Then at the very end, you could create almost a graphic with how much the bump has grown by overlaying all of the pictures with all the different colours

Unknown said...

I wish I knew cool photographers in Lincoln, but since we just moved here...I know of no one. =/ Sorry. But, I wanted to tell you, that you are totally the reason why my husband and I love Raising Cane's. You mentioned it in a post, and I had seen the place when we wouldgo to Target- but then I HAD to go. Now, every time I drive by there the smells is sooo good and ya, it is amazing. Thanks. =]

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Yep, should probably just fly Daryl in from Germany for your photo shoot. Totally practical, I know.

Ashley said...

Your boobs have not seen huge...just wait a few months!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to crack up a little bit about that dream... I had some wacky dreams, too! I'm slap out of ideas for the belly photos though. Good luck finding a photographer!

riana. said...

I like that you are writing all this stuff down, it's showing me your process which should help me later on...

i like your thinking. :)

riana. said...

P.s.- you know what would be something super cooooool!!!

to have a baby shower online!! how? I don't know, that's what you gotta figure out, but it shouldn't be too hard cause you're good at organizing and ironing out all the details.

consider it...cause we're all on this journey with you...kind of.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few ideas:


Sara Louise said...

I confess that I really want to be constipated and bloated too - but only if it's for a baby :)

Unknown said...

Try Meghan Leonard, she is local in Lincoln. She is an indepdenent photographer I went to UNL with and does some great work. The best part is...she's relatively cheap and super creative so you definitely won't have cookie cutter pictures! :)

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