What It's Like to be a Giant. Oops.


So I hope you all are fabulous. And yes, I did wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to cycling yesterday. And yes, the husband and I did play sand volleyball by ourselves for half an hour then go on a bike ride (hey, 5 miles is better than nothing). I'm back in the game (because, you know, getting back in shape is a game - it makes it more fun).
And yes, that is me all sweaty and disgusting with a duck face. I needed to document the first day back to working out.

Because I've been so busy working and stuff, I may or may not have decided to use one of my posts that ran on Kim's blog yesterday. Sorry. I promise you will laugh at my misfortune, though, so read on.

You guys, I'm a giant. 6'1", to be exact.

 I feel like it should be in my blood to slam dunk, spike, and high jump like no other mother.

I feel like I was born to be a star volleyball or basketball player. I feel like I should be collecting medals at the Olympics right now.

The only problem? I'm less coordinated than a friggin' chimpanzee. Okay, that's actually an insult to chimpanzees, because have you seen those guys? They're talented.
How about... a hedgehog. Yeah, I'm more clumsy than a hedgehog (note: I googled "clumsy animals," and those poor hedgehogs were at the top of the list).
Anyway, I feel like I should give you proof, so... STORY TIME!

I was the tallest girl in my high school at one point, and the volleyball coach tried to recruit me. We did some one-on-one coaching over the summer, and things went well.

I showed up to the first day of tryouts feeling pretty confident.
Then my graceful side decided to crash the party. Within an hour of tryouts starting, I had sprained my ankle. It was bigger than my face.

That, my friends, was the beginning and end of my olympic dreams.

Okay, let's be real - I never had olympic dreams. I just had dreams of being able to walk down the hallway without falling on my face.

Someday, someday. 

In other news, how bout them ladies on the USA gymnastics team?? They're the exact opposite of me. Short, strong, and very graceful.

Have you been watching the Olympics? I sure as heck hope so, because they are the bomb dot com.


Unknown said...

well it is a good thing hedgehogs are so darn cute!

Anna said...

ha you goggled clumsy animals??!
I'm surprised I wasn't on the list.

DearKrissy said...

Hah! Girl, I am clumsy as ever. But, I feel like I am supposed to be because I am only five feet tall. Are short people more prone to clumsiness? Or do I just think that for some odd reason? Doesn't really matter...I'm clumsy regardless! And short too!


Samara said...

I am SOOOO impressed at how much exercise you have done! We had a warm day here of 22 degrees (which is warm for winter) and I can already feel myself coming out of hibernation and actually getting some energy to exercise- yay! Keep it up :-)

Hannah said...

and yes, you are a giant! Love this post, laughed so much!

Adriana Morales said...

I laughed a lot w this post : ) lol keep up the good work w your exercising!


Laura said...

haha! I love you Alyx! Not in a creepy way.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Alyx you are nearly a whole foot taller than me. haha! However, any sport and I'm seriously a fail, other than dance, but that's not a sport is it haha, so I don't know if that's a height thing.
You know what impresses me though, you are that tall and still wear heels, I love that. haha!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Oh yeah, we've been watching the olympics. Usually late at night with a bowl of ice cream too. Last night I said to Zac, wake me up at 5:00 AM when you leave cuz I wanna work out (you know, after seeing those Olympic bodies -- it temporarily inspired me.) BUT this morning... 5 o clock came and went. :( Sad, I know. I guess there's always tomorrow ;)

RadiantKristen said...

Woot woot for working out! So proud of you for taking that step to get back into shape! And 6'1" isn't that tall... when I was in high school I used to hang out with the CU women's basketball team. Those girls... they were tall. 6'5" tall. And I dated a guy who was 6'7" for 6 months. So really, you could be far, far taller.

Oh, and clumsy? Yeah, me too. It's terrible.

rooth said...

All the women in the Olympics are friggin impressive. Don't worry Alyx, you're not a giant. Just model stature :)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! I think the funniest part was that you actually googled clumsy animals! ;o)

Alana Christine said...

Grace doesn't come with shortness either cause I definitely missed that gene! haha. I need to get my butt back to the gym...

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh Alyx, you would TOWER over me!

I'm not graceful either, it's kind of sad and, as my boyfriend would say, very funny.

Katrin said...

Haha, we would be a good team. I am not very elegant either.

his little lady said...

oh gosh, the gymnastics are always my favorite part of the olympics! seriously, how do they land those tricks and fly like that!? so jealous!
and you are too funny, girl! i'm sure if you had nailed that tryout you would be at the olympics as we speak ;)
xo TJ

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

you should have documented it with embarassing sports bra/underware photos like everyone else.

you know, the ones you'll burn one day.

Kelly said...

Hahaha - love the story! Yeah, graceful... that's not a word in my life either. I'm very spastic and I probably would have also sprained an ankle.

Brianna said...

The butt crack of danw is probably my favorite thing you said in this whoooole story. I'm gonna start using that phrase haha ! I wish you could have gotten to play volleyball though ! :( Have you ever thought of joining a recreational team ?!!? And I think all of our dreams in high school was to make it down the hallway without being a laughing stock. Great story ! Made my day ! :)

Unknown said...

6'1"?!?! No wayyy! I thought I was tall at 5'8" Work it girl!

Rachel @ lala Lists said...

Hahah I love hedgehogs!! New follower from the blog hop!


T&S said...

I totally want a hedgehog! They are sooo cute.

My dad's family is really tall and although i am not as tall as you are I am "tall for a girl"<--- people always tell me that. I used to be self conscious about it but now... I love it.

XO Lourdes

Anonymous said...

I knew we were meant to be friends! I am 5'9 with absolutely no athletic ability except for running in a straight line. We got all the good genes but gypt in the other departments. Sometimes the world is so unbelievable cruel.

On another note, where do you find all your long dresses! I never noticed you were so tall because you always look cute in those maxis.

Hook a sista up!

Anonymous said...

How in the world are hedgehogs clumsy?!? They're so close to the ground, can they even trip? Anyhoot, clumsy or not, I adore you! Just think of yourself as bambi, long legged but you stumble gracefully occasionally. Or not so gracefully. Haha and oh em gee, Olympics! I don't get any sleep anymore...


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