Sunday Confessions

Heyyyy friends! 

Once again, the end of the weekend is upon us. I'm not really sure how I feel about that (except for the fact that I don't like it).

Anyway. Grab a button and link up! 
Warning: These confessions are not really "Happy Alyx," so... you may want to skip them. :)

1. I've read three books since Thursday. "Maisie Dobbs," "At First Sight," and "The Help." All awesome books - I'd recommend each of them. I have three more to read, then I'll start on the looonnnnggg list of recommendations from you guys.
2. I've been really lacking in inspiration lately. Like, I'm afraid I'm getting burned out. I love blogging, but I've started to feel like my life isn't exciting enough, that I'm not crafty enough, etc. etc.

3. My one year blogiversary is this coming week. And... I sorta feel like crap because I just don't have the money to do some extravagant giveaway. Sometimes this whole blogging thing makes me a little peeved - like I'm expected to spend $50 or $100 on a gift card or a really cool package to give away just because I've been blogging for a year.
I love you guys, and I think you know that... I know that I don't have to give you anything to thank you, but it really bothers me that I can't.

4. I think I'm having a "glass half-empty" week. If you couldn't tell from my previous confessions... ha! My emotions have been going crazy, I'm tired all the time, and even though I've been having good workouts, they haven't relieved stress or made me feel any better.
5. I'm pretty sure this "glass half-empty" thing is because I have nooo social life whatsoever. It's kind of discouraging. All of my friends from Lincoln have moved to different places, and we just haven't been able to make many friends. I know it takes time, but I am not a patient person.

But.... in an effort to lift my spirits (and maybe yours), I have something special for you all today! 
Amanda is giving away this super adorable elephant print to one lucky US reader.

Rosie is giving away four custom blog buttons to another lucky reader!

Both of these ladies are so wonderful, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know them through emails, their blogs, and comments, and I highly suggest that you do the same.

Please note that each of them has a mandatory entry for their giveaway, so please complete it if you're interested in winning - I will be checking!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sara Louise said...

I cannot believe you have only been blogging for a year! You're so freaking good at it!
And hey, don't be beating yourself up for not wanting to dole out $$$ on some giveaway. You don't need to host a giveaway just because it's your one year. But if you wanted to giveaway something, you could always give away a design or ad space. I'm sure anyone of your readers would be happy to win either :)
Chin up darling girl, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Samara said...

When I get to the one year mark, I have no intention of doing a give away at all. WE should be giving you something for entertaining us ;-)

As for making friends- I know what you mean re cliques etc. And I'm sure everyone is saying this but I will reinforce it- be patient. Be friendly. Be you. and for now enjoy the quieter moments in life for soon they will be filled up.

I am super impressed that you read three books so quickly- I recently read the help but it took 2 months or something ridiculous. I loved it so much :)

jessica said...

girrrl, I feel ya. I have not had any bloggy mo-jo since I got back from Germany, and even when I was there I was slacking. it will come back to us :) and, giveaway?!? I mean really, that's not the point of blogging. you shouldn't have to pay to have readers- at least, that's my opinion. I like the suggestion above- blog design or ad space! I would LOVE either :)

Hope this week will be a little fuller. we all have down weeks. thankfully, they usually don't last forever :)

Unknown said...

Definitely don't spend that much! And I will continue to follow you regardless of giveaway or not ;) You do giveaways all the time, I think you're off the hook for your year ;) Also, CONGRATS ON ONE YEAR!! ;) Yay!

I hear ya on the whole clique thing....I'm working up the courage to talk to random strangers in RS...

Laura said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I know if you had asked I would have sent something for you to do a give away. I am sure plenty of other people would have too. I enjoy your blog Alyx! I am sure it seems like starting over for you, maybe that is why you are out of sorts? I am sure its not easy. I hope you have a better week this week!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

You'll get adjusted soon - it all takes time. And on making friends, it's like holy crap I get my I've stuck with some of my friends since elementary school, it's hard to find a mutual we like to be around eachother for no reason type. You'll find them though :)

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

You'll get adjusted soon - it all takes time. And on making friends, it's like holy crap I get my I've stuck with some of my friends since elementary school, it's hard to find a mutual we like to be around eachother for no reason type. You'll find them though :)

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Aww Alyx! Big hug! You know I'd plonk myself on your doorstep and be your friend if I lived there... as for the blog giveaways, we should be giving you something for your blogiversary ;);) seriously though, what you blog, when you blog, it's up to you, you keep us entertained and I know that's enough for me, theres no pressure. In fact you know what, send me your address and I'll send you some English chocolate to cheer you up, or whatever else if you don't like chocolate, how about that? :)

Alana Christine said...

You better pour some more water in that cup and make it full, girl! lol. Things will look up, it just takes time!

No(dot dot)el said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bummer week. You made my week with my happy new place and I can't thank you enough for that. Also I would be happy to contribute to a party celebrating YOU and your 1 year in the blog world. Just sayin!

kim @ a positive peace said...

well i just need to echo what everyone else has been saying! you definitely do not need to do a giveaway! you dont give away presents on your birthday do yah? no! we're supposed to be celebrating you!!

secondly, we have this convo all the time - how hard it is to make friends as an adult. its like once your out of college all your friends are either from work or ppl youve been friends with since you were four. i wish they had like friend mixers. lol! i joined team in training a few years ago specifically to make friends who weren't teachers (hey, i love my teacher friends but i need a break sometimes!) but that was a mega-fail, including when they abandoned me when i was in the bathroom at a bar. FAIL! hahaha

also, think of all the friends you've made because of blogging!! just start setting skype dates to go out to dinner/lunch/dance parties/etc. hahaha. jk, but how creepy would that be. go to chilis with someone on your phone on like facetime and put them in the other seat! hahaha. i just cracked myself up!

oh and i found you on goodreads! i have an idea! bloggy book club?? ive always really wanted to join a book club but i never know when they're happening? where they're happening? how to join? ive gotta lot of problems.

that reminds me: have you heard of the website : my friends bro did it but ive always been too afraid ... but you search your area and what you're interested in (like, i want to speak german) and then it will show you 'meetups' of groups that get together and do that (he did it for spanish).

well, now that i've exceeded my space allowed for a comment! hope your sunday is awesome!!

Erinn said...

I feel like your confessions match to what I've been feeling this week. Glass half-empty, not crafty enough, don't want to spend money on giveaways...I totally feel ya there. Hopefully, we both have less shitty weeks this week! Sending good vibes your way

Whitney said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling down because you don't have tons of money to spend on a giveaway. I've only had 4 in my little over a year of blogging and I haven't paid for any of them. They've all been donations! I certainly don't have extra money to spend on things like that and it's silly for anyone to expect them. Hell, I don't even had that kind of money to spend on myself, let's be honest... I love your blog without some stinkin' one year blogiversary giveaway!

Unknown said...

A year?! Seriously only a year?!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Chin up! This week shall pass and you'll be smiling again soon. I LOVE THAT ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!

Breenah said...

It may just take you guys some time to settle in. It's not the end of the world to take a break from blogging. If you ever want to chat or complain I'm here :)

Katrin said...

I have so many books I want to read but not enough time, it drives me crazy.
And Alyx, I am sure that everybody would understand it if you would not blog every day. It is hard sometimes but I know that you don't have to worry about disappointing people when you don't blog every day. We love every post of you, even when you only blog once a week. You rock!

RadiantKristen said...

I feel like I should send you one of those Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" pictures to make you feel better! I definitely feel like it's easy to fall into that "I have nothing to blog about" mode. It's a hard place to be, but I know how interesting and fun you are, you could probably cut and paste email conversations that we have, and have an amazing blog post.

I'm sorry that your church is kind of clique-ish. That's frustrating to me, it seems to defeat the whole concept of church in the first place. Hopefully you'll find friends through work, the Y, and church soon.

I'll donate to your 1 year giveaway if you want to have one! I have a bunch of rosette rings, and an Apron you can give away =)

meet.make.laugh. said...

I have never seen good reads and I think I may join! Looks like a great way to organize a reading list.

And I have totally experienced moving to a new place and having no social life. When I first moved to Victoria (my husband got a job here) we didn't know ANYBODY, and he works 60+ hours a week so I was alone a lot. To top it off I couldn't find a job. Joining a dance studio really helped me meet some people who have similar interests to me, perhaps find a hobby that join to meet like minded people? I got lucky because some of our friends from home eventually moved out here too (and now we all co-host our blog) but I so easily remember how lost and lonely I was at the time.

Chin up! Keep on smiling and being you! ~Stephanie

M. said...

Yo Yo Ma. Listen up.


I was going to give you a pep talk. A sort of virtual butt kicking. Buuut... I wasn't feeling very inspirational. So instead, I'll say that (1) finding friends is totally the hardest part about being an adult, and (2) God's got something for you during this time. You're down and out, sure, but God's got something for you here. Dig in. Find it. Ha! Look at that! I did end up being slightly inspirational :) Praying for you this week!

(Oh, and I don't want a present).

Emily said...

I didn't do a giveaway on my blogaversary instead I gave my top ten emily tips on how to blog like a boss. I think knowledge and experience is a nice gift - don't you? I also did a guest post series with some bloggers that inspired me over the year. Just an idea - but you by no means need to pull money out. We like you because you're funny - not because you reward us. Your banter is reward enough.

Rima said...

hey, anybody has the right to have a bad day/week. vent it out gurl. haha... Rant rant rant.

Brianna said...

Wow!!! Already one year? I think I've been blogging for years.... possibly 6 or 7... I can't even remember. And have any kind of week you want!! Half empty, half full... your choice! Just make sure whatever is in that glass is alcoholic.

Postcards from Rachel said...

Cute blog! And you definitely shouldn't feel like you have to give something away for your 1 yr. blog anniversary! New follower :)


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Briana's comment above me! :o)

But really, no one expects you to be a peppy optimist every day! I mean, just moved to a new place (in a whole other country for christ's sake!), started a new job, bought a you need me to go on? Te fact that you are blogging at all is inspiring! You'll get your happy back soon! xoxoxo

Maša said...

I had no idea I was a communist! :D

Anonymous said...

Love how honest you are with your confessions :) I love getting to know you better and where do you live? Lincoln? Lincoln, Maine?

Unknown said...

I'm impressed with all the reading you've been doing. I've been slacking lately and I need to get back on track if I'm going to reach my goal of 25 books this year.

I hope you feel more positive about this week!

Kym said...

I'm sorry you're having such a blah week, Alyx. Trust me when I tell you that even without a social life, inspiration, or any gifts to give away to celebrate your blogiversary, I'd still come back to read what you have to say. Cos you're awesome and I love you!


p.s. - I friended you on goodreads because I'm a huge booknerd too!

Anna said...

Hang in there Alyx, we all have un-inspiring ruts now and then.
dude. you could giveaway one of Mikes smelly socks and we'd still enter! :) seriously though, don't worry your head, we're all here because we like you and your spunk, not because we like your giveaways (although, I will always be grateful to you for introducing rafflecopter to me) also, I WISH I could be your social outlet!
Happy soon-to-be-1-year!! I agree with the comments above, you're a natural at this, if you're THIS far along in 1 year!!

Ashley said...

Everyone falls into a "funk" sometimes. Don't feel bad about that.

And don't for a second think you're not crafty or creative enough. I was just thinking the other day about how you can do it all!!!

Unknown said...

Have you asked your sponsors/other friends to donate to a giveaway?? That's what a lot of people do... BUT you REALLY don't have to! :)

lori said...

oh boy, i am SO behind on your life... i understand feeling like you don't have a social life. it's tough when you first move and don't know anyone... and its hard to put yourself out there. after almost a year of living in athens, i am finally feeling like i have made some friendships. these things just take time, and putting yourself out there... hang in there!

and i feel ya on the pressure to host giveaways and exciting things on your blog. just try to remember that you do it for yourself, and we read because we love you... not all the things you do or don't giveaway :)

Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

happy blogiversary lady! so glad i found your blog :)

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

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