No Judging Allowed. AKA a Tour of My Already Lived-in Home.


Hope you all are having a great week. As for me - I'm ready for orientation to be over so that I can get to work. It's slightly ridiculous how stoked I am to be able to do my job.

Anyway. I promised it, so here it is. Any woman who works full time and keeps a spotless home without a maid is pretty much my hero.

So there you have it. We still have a lot that we want to do, but all of it requires money, and we have other priorities for a while, so we'll see what happens.


Unknown said...

Looks AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Such a cute place!

Sara Louise said...

It must feel great having all of that space after the tiny place in Germany. Plus it's YOURS!!! I can't wait to see you settle into it and how it changes as you make it your own :)
And as for your homemade curtains... you rock Alyx! xo

Keetha Broyles said...

Fun tour.

The best part about a house is making it home.

Laura said...

So Cute! Nothing like your own home! I still want to know what you use that clean/dirty magnet for. haha I can only imagine. Have a good day Alyx!

Brianna said...

Hahahaha!! That was FUN!!! It feels so intrusive looking into your house like that!! I feel like a peeping Tom!

Anonymous said...

No judging here! I think it looks fantastic! You've done a ton of work to make it pretty already! It actually has a similar layout to mine and Cory's first house and we LOVED that house! I hope you make many happy memories in there!!

Katrin said...

Oh, I loooove Charlie! :)) And your cat!!
I am so impressed that you made curtains and Mike built the shelves!

lori said...

i love that you didn't clean. seriously. and i agree, the stand mixer is my favorite part of my kitchen, too!!

his little lady said...

okay, seriously, could you be any cuter? i love when you say, "oh, and if you are from the government that sand is NOT from the dominican republic." silly girl!
great house, girl!!! congrats!
xo TJ

kim @ a positive peace said...

lol loooved it!! i cannot believe how much you guys already have done in such a short amount of time!! also, does mike want to come build me some shelves? kthanx. hahaha

& the curtains look awesome! and your bedroom definitely looks like mine so no judging here!!

Amanda G. said...

Woo more awesome points!!

Cute place :) I've been thinking I need to do one of these home tour things, too, but again it's the dreaded vlog format. I probably just need to get over my distaste for being captured on video.

Anna said...

1. I JUST made banana bread yesterday!
2. HAHAHAha "dirty." :)
3. Yay curtains! and shelves! and more curatins! and more corner shelves!
4. AMAZING shoe collection.
5.ha, I wish MY family modeled for those picture companies!
6. NOOOOOO the cycling shorts are still missing? :(
7. loved the tour!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

thanks for the tour. i secretly like that you didn't clean up for us.

you need to tell me the clean and dirty inside scoop. k? you do.

i love that your husband just sits quietly while you do your vlogs. haha.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I feel like good friends don't feel the need to clean up for each other. So that makes us all good friends!

Thanks for the tour Alyx!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

too fun - and so impressed with all your handy/craftyness!

RadiantKristen said...

Woo towels! My favorite line from this whole thing. And, unlike Twiggy, I'm not going to be secret about how glad I am that you didn't clean up. I love that little touch.

And I think it's funny how Zeus and Mike make cameos! Whole family in action.

Ashley said...

Girl! You are so good. Making the dress AND those curtains. I need to take some lessons.

Kym said...

That was such a fun tour!! I love that your bedroom has two entrances. And excuse me, missy, but you got a cat?! How did I miss that??? He's so cute! Definitely the highlight of the tour :) And seeing you & Mike was nice too.
I love all these awesome points just for watching your videos. It's like being rewarded for finishing dessert or something :)


Bri Buzali said...

love the tour, and I'm excited for yall in your new house and new job!

Dearest Lou said...

Great tour! Looks like a cozy little place and you've done such a great job fixing things up way to go (:

Luka said...

i just find it SO amazing that you show things the way they are. it really frustrates me that so many bloggers constantly show people their so very perfect life. why cant we all just show what is there instead of all that make-believe? your home is beautiful and it looks like people live in it and in my very personal opinion, that is what makes a home cosy.
thank you so much for this video!

rooth said...

This was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your home with us. My bed is currently unmade, there are clothes strewn on the floor and I have bananas rotting on my kitchen counter so I completely relate. Congrats again on the new home!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! So excited to follow you on the journey of new house creation! And I love the mickey and minnie ears on the shelf :) cute!


Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Yay, I was waiting for this!!! Love the fabric for the curtains, the other day I actually thrifted (accidental couldn't not buy haha) some gorgeous curtains that I'm planning to use to make cushion covers with. LOVE the tour, Looks great, perfect first house, I love it!! YAY! :)

Unknown said...

Woohooo! I love the idea of a home tour on video. I really love the round table in your kitchen!

RadiantKristen said...

I like you almost as much as I like broccoli.

Unknown said...

Love the authenticity haha - it looks great Alyx! :)

T&S said...

I don't think it is too bad. I mean you just moved. I think your house is cute :)

Oh and I loved watching the video. I usually tune out on vlogs.

Xo Lourdes

T&S said...

I don't think it is too bad. I mean you just moved. I think your house is cute :)

Oh and I loved watching the video. I usually tune out on vlogs.

Xo Lourdes

Tif said...

OH MY GOSH...I am SO DOING THIS! And I have got to find a way to link up with you for that! I AM EXACTLY the same way! When you are will...WILL be a mess...announced...I will clean for a week! Right now it's clean...somewhat! HA! I LOVE this!!


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