That Vlog from That One Time. Be Happy, Be Healthy. I Think I Just Stole that from some Commercial.

Hey guys!!! 

Do you all remember this post? Well, you asked, so I obliged. Here is the vlog about the asian dude/wrong apartment experience. There may or may not be an opportunity for awesome points. Yes, I just bribed you with fictional points to watch my video. 
So... Hope you all got a laugh out of that.

Anyway. You all know how much I hate that our society pressures women to be these stick thin people with no figure, especially when that's not realistic for all of us. You may also know that I'm sort of on a journey trying to get back into shape - not to lose weight or get thinner, but to be healthier. So far I've been pretty okay about working out.

If you're trying to lose weight or get in shape, I urge you to do it as healthily as you possibly can - don't hurt your body. If you're looking for inspiration, I've got some for you, and her name is Tif. Not only does she look about 15 years younger than she is, but she is one freakin' hot mama. She's lost weight the healthy way, and kept it off. Whenever I need some inspiration or positivity, I can turn to her, because let me tell you - she is strong. 
Hey Y'all! I'm Tif from Ramblings of a Southern Belle I'm so excited to be guest posting here! (insert girly screech!)
I've been on a weight loss roller coaster ever since I quit smoking 3 years ago, and believe me...there were times when I wanted to start up again to lose this weight! Seriously crazy right!? That is called DESPERATION at it's finest! For about 2 of those years I could barely look in the mirror...I hated what I saw! Ugh...droopy hiney, thunder thighs, muffin top, back fat...I have it all...and I hate it all! But something happened last year! I went shopping for clothes to wear to my annual trip to Louisiana to go to a Christian Conference with my Momma. When I walked into the store I was to say the least...the very least...OVERWHELMED! I tried on clothes that I thought were cute...too tight, too loose, to "tent like" AHHHH! I ended up in tears in the dressing room! I was 167 pounds, the highest I'd been since I had my son 20+ years ago and looking at myself in that darn TRI MIRROR just made me cry harder!Then I heard a knock at the dressing room door.  "You okay in there?"'s not my door...shhh...pretend you're not in here!  "I'm sure it's not as bad as you think...can you come out so I can have a look?"  A LAUGH...did she just say laugh?  Wait..."Um...well...I'd prefer not to"  "Come on...really it can't be that bad!"  I slowly opened the door to see a smiling face staring back at me.  I was MORTIFIED that I was in this situation...but I was so I walked out.  I was waiting for laughter..

Instead she said " are not dressing to your figure." "um...dressing to my figure?" "Exactly!" she said. "Come with me." I desperately wanted to run into the dressing room and slam the door, but I really wanted to look nice for the convention. So I went with her...she was an older lady...but man did she know her stuff! "You need to wear long jeans with a slight flare and high make yourself look longer. Then you need to wear a shirt that has some kind of cinching around your waist...not too tight...but just enough to give you the appearance of having a slender waist." Then I heard the words I'd been dreading...."Oh you also need some slim wear to go under your clothes" UGH..LYCRA? SERIOUSLY? We chose about 10 outfits in colors, and patterns I liked...then she picked out these SLENDERIZING tanks for under my clothes and I headed for the dressing room. I remember her hanging the stuff up in the dressing room and me thinking "RUN!" But alas, I didn't...what did I have to lose? My mascara was smeared already!

I shut the door and pulled on the jeans first...hmmm...nice fit, then the's tight but I can breathe. Lastly the first shirt. I WAS AMAZED...and again...crying! She said "Oh honey...did they not fit?" I opened the door and said "No, they fit like a glove and I don't look huge in them!" I walked over to the mirror and slipped into the heels I loved. I was taller and looked skinnier! I turned around an hugged this total stranger and just laughed and said "You made me skinny!" "How'd you do that?" with a laugh..."Years of experience my dear...years of experience!" I was so truly grateful for her that day! And YEP...I bought EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT! And let me tell you...I ROCKED those outfits that week at the conference!

Over the last year I've lost 17 pounds...but I still have 20 to go. But I've learned something and it's stuck with me...Love who you you are, dress for your body type and if you want to lose it! But do it healthy! To celebrate my weight loss, a friend of mine gave me a little photo shoot...those are the photos you see on my blog! I could not believe how good I look at 150 pounds! For the first time, looking at those photos...I was happy to see me again!
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Make sure you stop by and say hello, trade workout/weight loss stories, or just find some inspiration from a great woman!


Sara Louise said...

And you're story of wanting to be the first, and running into the wrong apartment just so you could 'win' and be the first one there made me laugh, because it reminded me of the time when I ran ahead of a group, so I could be first... as I approached this pretty green road (ahead of the group), I said to myself, "wow, I love England, there are all of these pretty green roads here dotting the countryside". Except it wasn't a green road, it was a stream/ brook/small river, perfectly still and covered in layer of green algae. I only discovered that fact when I walked across of it, sinking to the bottom, and emerging covered in green slime like some sort of monster which is not a good look, and a tad embarrassing.
So, how many awesome points did that get me?!

Nikki said...

LOL omg! That sounds like something I would do! I always seem to have that speed thing going on when I partake in activities of the 21 and older nature. I either can't walk at all, can't move or I can run at a sprinter's speed. What are you doing in Steve's apartment?!! hahah so funny :)

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Alyx, I love it when you vlog! You know what's better than laughing though, it's watching and then having the CRAZIEST De ja vu, like I am not even kidding, I am sat there, mid video, giggling some and then *stop* hey wait! I think I dreamed about you doing this, or Did I already see this? De ja vuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu like there is no way I could have already seen this video, but yeah! woooooah... haha.

Adriana Morales said...

I love this vlog it was hilarious!!! Lmao

Adriana Morales said...

I love this vlog it was hilarious!!! Lmao

Adriana Morales said...

I love this vlog it was hilarious!!! Lmao

Anonymous said...

I laughed!!! Like way more than once!!! :o) This story was even better than I thought it would be!! I would FREAK out if a barefoot person burst into my house at 2am! Unless it was you, of course. :o) So did Steve have to move after that?! I bet those downstairs neighbors never talked to Steve again.

Tif said...

Thank you Alyx for the sweet words! I am never at a lack of amazement for what people see in me. Just love you to pieces gal! XOXO


Unknown said...

Here is the link to the form :) Spread the word! I'm going to be closing the form on Friday.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I actually woke Izzy up from my giggling lol.

RadiantKristen said...

Oh Alyx... you should know I laughed. I laughed a lot. This is priceless. Someday on my blog, I'll tell the story of my 21st birthday. That's guaranteed to make you happy.

PS -- I still find it hard to believe that you "liked to party". Even though you told me this story, and it's undoubtedly true. Obviously I just imagine you to be a far better person than I was at that age.

Ashley said...

And this is why I always keep my doors locked :-) !!!!!

Unknown said...

I wish I could watch this ahhh (darn work restrictions!)

Tif seems like a really cool lady, I will definitely be taking a look at her blog :)

Anna said...

oh my gosh. :) it's even better than I imagined it would be!! lol i'm so glad it was a vlog.

Unknown said...

HILARIOUS!!!! Oh gosh... cracking up right now.

Amanda G. said...

Ha! Too funny. (and yes, I laughed out loud watching that - points me!).

I once had a hotel mistakenly give me a room key for a room that was already occupied... by a rather large man who had apparently just gotten out of the shower. Awkward...

rooth said...

Thank you for including this spot on Tif - her story is really inspiring and definitely a bright spot in this gigantic mess of eating disorders and crazy diet fads

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

i actually feel like i really know you now after watching 8+ min of you. weird?

i would ahve loved to witness this

Kym said...

Bahahahaha! That's awesome. I think I laughed hardest when you mentioned that the little man only came up to your shoulders. Oh, yeah, and when you tried to kick him out of his own apartment :)
Funny story - I was on the other end of that situation once, because I too lived in an apartment complex and left my door unlocked (and completely open, but to be fair it was in the afternoon and I was in the living room). Anyway, my downstairs neighbor who must have been ingested some sort of drug cocktail opened my screen door and FELL into my apartment. And then proceeded to be so incoherent that we had to call the landlord to come take him off our hands. Seriously, the guy couldn't even stand up on his own. Good times....
Anyway, 10,000 awesome points is mighty generous! You're so giving, Alyx :)


p.s. - this is not to say that I haven't done ridiculously idiotic things while under the influence, too but most of those stories are so cringe-worthy that you'll just have to pull them out of me sometime (in an email. They are way too scandalous for the comment section).

Emily said...

Because you named your friend Steve - I couldn't help but picture my husband. And umm... yes I totally laughed. Twice actually. One when you got up to show us how your were running. And the again when you realized you weren't at Steve's house.


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