The Newest, Most Amazing, Best Game Ever. And a Perfect(ish) Morning.


I think I'm back, whether you want me here or not. I gave my computer a stern talking-to, and it decided to put off its imminent death for a few more minutes hours days weeks months hopefully years.

Anyway, I think you all should know something. I slept through church on Sunday. I have an excuse, but I'm not going to bother you all with it. Anyway, I'm a sinner, because it was the most wonderful Sunday this week. Wanna know why? I will freaking show you.
Yeah, food. Delicious food. That's the way to my heart. Right now, anyway.

Now that we're all drooling, I thought it would be really fun to play a game. Now, I can't take all the credit for this here game, because this amazing, ingenious, awesome person thought of it.  So here's the deal. You are playing for 1,000 awesome points. If you don't know what awesome points are, just email me - but know that they are not imaginary or dumb - they are awesome, and they will make you win stuff.

Anyway. I have two people and four quotes below. Try to match each blogger to the two things that she said. If you feel so inclined, you can visit their blogs to try and find the answers (I promise they are freaking right there and will be easy to find). If you get some right, but not all, you can get partial awesome points. In case you didn't know, I'm a math whiz and can totally divide 1,000 by four.

So... are you ready? GO!!!! 

Blogger one: Emily from Hope Squared. [She's the one rockin' the awesome tooth fairy costume]
Blogger two: Maria from Peppermints and Pixie Dust. 
Now get to guessing!! 

Quote one:  "I haven't ever worn heels with shorts, partly because I don't have any cute heels I love, but I've always wanted to."

Quote two: "Music is the best medicine for any mood.  Bad mood.  Sad mood."

Quote three: "All men looked like Don Draper in the 50's/60's right?"

Quote four: "So for now, I'm just trying to discover who I really am and what I love."

ALSO: I'm reading Game of Thrones, and that queen is a friggin witch. And disgusting. I mean, really? Her twin brother? And cruel. Like, what crawled up her butt and died? Poor Bran. 


Durante said...

I'm guessing Quote 4 is Maria, and I'll give Quote one to Emily.

I listened to Game of Thrones before it was going to be a book. As an audiobook I was very critical of it, but it did surprise me with how "real" it was... that's probably why HBO took it on. I guess that you can hate the characters so much shows he's a decent writer. ;)

Melissa Boo said...

Mmmm...cinnamon rolls AND breakfast burritos. It's 2AM and hungry.

And the Queen. *smh* Gross. Who does that?

Jess said...

those scrolls look amazing! I seriously need to try come up with some gluten free cinnamon scrolls.

Mimi said...

ohmygosh, i'm so hungry! i want to eat all that yummy food!!! ;)

<3, Mimi
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Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

FedEx me that breakfast burrito bitte!

Alana Christine said...

An occasional church skip never hurt anyone. Those cinnamon rolls look delish!

Unknown said...

Please quit posting food porn for me to wake up to, gahhh drooling!

EMily said...

I want awesome points Emily said Quotes two and three, and Maria said quotes one and four. I also want some of those cinnamon rolls.

Breenah said...

That food looks so yummy!

Three and two are Emily. The other two are Maria.

riana. said...

That food looks soo amazing...and I haven't eaten yet so it got my stocmach grumbling too.
yummm is right.

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Two and three are definitely Emily! (One and Four - Maria). I love both of their blogs!

Your cinnamon rolls looked mightly delicious!

Yours posts seriously crack me up.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Must you make me drool all over my keyboard??

Brianna said...

Holy Jesus. For the love of all that's good and SKINNY in this world -- your blog is making me fat!!! LOL

Simply Evani said...

Happy your laptop is back to life! And that breakfast looks bombbbbbbb

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's a little unfair for you to post the yummy pictures and not leave us with the recipe, or at the very least, a link to the pinterest pin!! Sheesh!! ;o)

P.S. We are making cinnamon rolls on Saturday. I've been looking forward to it all week!!!

kim @ a positive peace said...


also, omg if u ever want to talk game of thrones, im your girl. I HATE CERSEI. i hate a lot of people in those books though!!!

rooth said...

Man that food looks GOOD. And I am crossing my fingers for you and GoT. George RR Martin has to finish the series sometime during his lifetime right?

Rosie said...

I am craving those buns like you wouldn't believe. Did you make them? I would love the recipe!

Going to check out the blogs. I'm slightly late for work so I don't think i'll have time to guess who said what. Love the game though. Genius. Xo

Kym said...

I skipped church on Sunday, too! Actually I skip church every Sunday. Also, I don't go to church :) But it's not because I'm bad; I just grew up w/out religion (freaky, right?) That's what you get with a Jewish mom & a Christian dad who were both hippies in the 60s I guess.

Now, off to check out those cute blogs to earn me some awesome points:
quote 1: peppermints & pixie dust
quote 2: hope squared
quote 3: hope squared
quote 4: peppermint & pixies

p.s. - your food looks delicious. please send some to NJ. thanks.