What's in my Bag. The Vote. Mike ate all the Pizza. Awesome Points Scoreboard.

Happy Hump Day!!! 

As of noon, I will officially be halfway done with my work week, and you guys have no clue how stoked I am about that. Maybe you do - I don't know.

Anyway, Emily and some other awesome people are hosting a What's in Your Bag? link up, and I'm gettin' my vlog on to join.
Hope Squared
In other news, we narrowed your suggestions for October's book down to three, and we want YOU to vote and pick the one we read!
And finally, I think you all should know that I'm human. I got mad at Mike last night. I yelled at him for like, three minutes and called him a poopy-butt-meanie-face-fish-head while he was on the phone talking to our insurance agent. Want to know why? He ate all the pizza, cheese sticks, and cinnamon pie. Yeah, I know - I'm mature. But that's what happens when my husband eats all the food.

Okay, I lied... now it's finally. Here's an Awesome point score update:


RadiantKristen said...

I never carry lady products, unless it's that time of the month. And even then, I'm rarely any place where they aren't readily available, so I don't even normally carry them during that time either. Working with women has advantages.

In other news, my cousin got food poisoning from broccoli cheese soup on Saturday. She did not get it from Panera.

You make Nebraska sweatshirts look cute.

When I saw your spreadsheet, I was excited to see that my name was second. Then, I realized that had nothing to do with the number of awesome points I had in relation to other people. I then felt some awesome points envy.

This comment is heinously long.

English Anderson said...

Ugh, I'm so behind. You should have another competition to allow catch-up points. Or maybe this story will help: Remember the last one when the four dogs tripped me while running through the woods? Okay. Same four dogs were over here one weekend [mine and the two I often pet-sit] so I decided to take them on a walk. Been there, done that, no big deal, right? We came up on this German lady with her large dog, so I pulled all four of mine in the woods so she could pass. Now, I knew I would need to put some weight behind making sure my two visitors didn't get loose, but my own dogs rarely ever pay attention to other ones on our walks, but for some reason they all wanted to meet this one dog. Simultaneous pull; simultaneous feet get knocked out from underneath me since they're somehow wrapped around my legs. Simultaneous all drag me screaming and hollering down the path with this crazy German lady running in front of us trying to keep away and swearing at the top of her lungs. Simultaneous I'm filthy covered in mud hate my life at that particular moment. I manage to get my feet underneath me and gain control of the dogs, but we immediately turned around and went home; plus I had to strip right in the entryway since I was DISGUSTINGLY covered in everything you can possibly find in the woods. I think life is trying to tell me not to walk all of those dogs anymore.

Sorry so long. Do I get points?!?! I NEED TO WIN!!! :)

Katrin said...

A German bumper sticker. Awesome! :)
I love your vlogs! It is so much fun to watch you talking!

Durante said...

lol, I love what you can learn about someone by their bag... you win for having the Kindle in there!

I have no bag; and my pockets are way more boring than they used to be... in High School I even had a pocket dictionary with me... now all I need is the iPhone of destiny.

You look awesome after the gym; love the vlog!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

SO glad Divergent made the final 3!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

I Love it when you vlog so much haah! and I fail at awesome points let me know how I can get some more!! haha

Unknown said...

Oooooooooo, I hope the book for October is Divergent! I have that one on my laptop and would maybe actually have time to finish it!

Kym said...

Oh my god, I always knew I was the most awesome, but now there's a chart to prove it.

Anyway, I totally lol'ed when you said you obviously have the purse of a sophisticated woman. Every sophisticated woman I know carries a little mermaid pencil in her bag, too.

As for the books - I totally would have voted for Divergent if I hadn't already just read it! Dang! It is a great book, though, so if it wins the vote, I'll still join in on the discussions. The only downside? It's a series and I believe only the first 2 books have been published so far...unless my library's just really lame and is withholding access to the rest of them from me...

Happy Hump Day! haha


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I've read all three of those book so I voted for my favorite, yay!

Anonymous said...

I have awesome points and I didn't even know it!!!! :o) AWESOME!!! Unless there's another Sarah Kate out there which seems highly unlikely...

Hey...don't feel bad about getting angry over missing food. I am never in a worse mood than when I'm hungry! :o) I get it!

Amanda G. said...

I have that exact same lip gloss in my purse! Crazy. I also never have any cash on me.

And I voted for book club.

And yay awesome points!

M. said...

YES! I made the list! WOOT! Also, Cinnamon Pie?? Please explain. Also: Who doesn't carry expired coupons?

Unknown said...

ACK! I have NO awesome points... :( How do I get awesome points? And don't feel bad, I get mad if my hubs eats all the food too... which tends to happen a lot.

Unknown said...

Totally awesome because you had a little mermaid mechanical pencil! I didn't show my purse because the only thing in it WAS tampons! Lol thanks so much for linking up with us! It's nice to meet you!!


Rosie said...

I can't believe i have no points....more competitions please! I've read 2/3 books and will read Perks as that's bypassed me a bit.

R Xx

Whitney Cypert said...

Totally just got mad at my husband today for taking all of the leftovers from last nights dinner to work with him so that I had nothing to eat for lunch! Ok, I had something...but I wanted that! Food is a powerful motivator when one is hungry!

Kelly said...

HAHA "I would be the worst mom ever because I don't have any treats in here" <-- best quote. I don't have treats in my bag either, but I think that would solve a lot of my hunger problems.

Kell said...

I have a total of about 5 things in my purse.. I totally beat you in the boring purse competition! But it's mostly because I hardly take it anywhere. I usually just grab my wallet, keys, phone.. and leave.
Anyway, that's a legitimate reason to be angry. Food is serious business.

Mimi said...

i've been planning to read the perks of being a wallflower ever since i was a senior in high school! i seriously gotta get to it before the movie comes out. ;)

<3, Mimi
Too Much Soul Giveaway

Unknown said...

I would have yelled for at least 6. I mean damn, can't a girl get a bite!?

I definitely want to do the book club but feel like I may have missed the sign up..?

Have a great rest of your week Alyx xo

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

I just ate at Panera yesterday too - almond chicken salad sandwich and broccoli cheese soup (aka heart healthy soup), haha.
Super excited about book club!

Unknown said...

yayyyy book club! i voted, cant wait!

i've been on book crack basically and read a bunch recently and since then i've been looking for the next can't-put-it-down page turner :)

Emily said...

YES! I always love see you on video! Vlog on the weekly ok? Haha - I am so bad at carrying around lady products. I should remember to keep some in there. But dude you ARE sophisticated. The most sophisticated.

so....what's in a few weeks? I feel like there is something. Is there? Like an awesome points cash in? Because ummmm...I am in second place. I need to beat that Kym blogger because I need to be queen awesome points. I just need to be.

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

Alyx. You are totally my favorite. I always love watching your vlogs. you crack me up mermaid mechanical pencil... ha ha ha! Who uses those anymore?

Maša said...

is Kym some crazy stalker? :D I'm glad that my suggestion is on the first place for now, it would fit nicely in another October reading event. however, I've read Divergent so I can join the conversation if it's chosen. Delirium sounds... similar. :)

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