Happy Sunday. 

Look, I realize that I'm super late posting a blog post, but... I don't care. I just decided that I wanted to write a post, and just because it's not 8:00 in the morning doesn't mean I'm not going to hit the "publish" button. Who cares if less people see this?

1. After this fitness challenge is over, I'm going to eat an entire gallon of ice cream. BY MYSELF. So part of this challenge is that you can't have "treats." I really like ice cream, so to me, that's considered a treat. It also means that I haven't had ice cream in about two weeks. I think I'm going insane.

2. My poor Girl Scout Cookies. Also treats. Sure, I could eat them, but then I wouldn't be as close to winning $200. This means those poor things will be neglected till June 1st. And then? I'm going to dip my Girl Scout Cookies in ice cream for hours on end.

3. I've lost 2 cup sizes since Elsie weaned herself and I've been working out 5+ days/week. I guess my boobs just happen to be where all my fat stores itself? Still waiting on my love handles to disappear, but now that my boobs have made their exit, those pesky things are the last to go. And... I have to admit -  I won't be sad to see them leave.

4. I am mad that Avicii doesn't credit the people who sing on his tracks. Like the song "Hey Brother?" Yeah, I love that song. And when I discovered that Avicii is also the artist behind "Wake Me Up," I realized that it's not him who's doing the singing, and the people who actually DO sing? Well, they're not given any credit. All that being said, the dude puts together some songs with fabulous beats that are great for accompanying workouts.

5. I think yoga is hard. Yep, call me a wuss or whatever you want - that crap is not easy!!

Any confessions on your end? 


RadiantKristen said...

I confess that I'm going to be eating ALL of the treats with you... because I'm not even trying to lose weight right now, so it sucks having to limit treats.

I also confess that yoga, while something that I love, is ALWAYS hard for me. I'm bringing a couple of great practices with us in May for before and after the half. And we can laugh hysterically as we fall over mid-pose.

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...
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Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

I have also currently put myself on a No Treats until Easter Sunday binge and have been on it for a while. The past week has been super hard!

Thanks for pointing out that Avicii thing I never really thought about it before!


Susanne said...

Ice-cream and chocolate only comes in massive amount when it comes to them and I can never stop. I don't understand your will power, no ice-cream for 2 weeks, honestly? Hat off.

Sarah Shumate said...

I admire your restraint! How do you have GS cookies in the house and NOT eat them?! That takes a lot of willpower! When is the competition over?

A Brew of Blessings said...

Love this new look lovely!!! And yay for getting back in shape!!!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That's so awesome that you've been working out so much! Keep it up!!!

Jennie said...

I WANT TO EAT ALL OF THE TREATS WITH YOU. I have to wait until September, though.

Also, my boobs are deflating too. I was a solid D and now I'm a decent C. I STILL HAVE 50 MORE POUNDS TO LOSE. Those suckers are going to be inverted by the end of this process, I know it.

rooth said...

So the most important question - what flavour ice cream??

Sara McCarty said...

Mmmm...cookies dipped in ice cream. You lost me there. Now I'm just drooling all over my keyboard. :)

Dearest Lou said...

Wow Elsie weaned herself? Some mamas have it so easy ;P I've been working on slowly weaning Zaden but he is still nursing right before bed and throughout the night. I'm sure my boobs will go back to being A cups once we are completely done and hopefully I can lose some of this stubborn fat I've been working on for months. AH! You have to go until June 1st without sweets? THAT. SUCKS! You have so much self control I know I couldn't do it! Well I wish you luck and I hope you win that $200 you deserve it girl friend (;

Dearest Lou

Gentri said...

hahaha I love you, so funny! :) I totally understand that "eat an entire gallon of ice cream" feeling! And I didn't see one girl scout this season, which is both a blessing and a major disappointment. haha

Susie said...

Hey! I used to follow you as "The Park Ave. Pub," but I've started a new blog: You helped me through my first "Sunday Confessions," which was awesome. In my blog transition, though, I've kept up with your new little gal, and I love your stories. Looks like we're both going through some changes. :)

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