Pinned it. Tried it. Totally didn't fail at life with it.

Happy Monday!!! 

So... last week I may have promised you a post that never came. Oops. Well, it's coming now, anyway, so you aren't allowed to complain. Here are five things that I have pinned, tried, and totally didn't fail at life with.

1. Headboard for less than $40. I am so glad  that I pinned this eons and eons ago. I wasn't sure if I'd ever actually get around to doing it, but I did. and I did it all by myself. Note: I did a King size headboard, so that's why mine cost more than the OP's.
2. Crockpot chicken pot pie. Maybe not the most healthy thing ever, but who cares?! It's easy and it's delicious. Win/win. NOTE: You DO need your oven for this, so I guess it's not a completely crockpot meal, but it's easy enough that it doesn't really matter.

3. DIY baby leggings. Guys, I am no seamstress. These took me about a half hour per pair. BONUS: they did not fall apart once they were on Elsie's cute little tushy.

4. Using dry shampoo correctly. Okay, so this isn't really something that can really be messed up, but if you ever use dry shampoo, you should read up on this. It's great advice.

5. DIY baby tutus. Or adult tutus... you know, whatever you want. These are super easy and super cheap. I made Elsie's last summer. And please don't laugh at this horrible photo - let's just say that my photography has definitely improved over the last 6 months.
What are some things that you have pinned and had success with? 


Unknown said...

I love this post! GREAT idea! Also...I'm psyched to take a look at some of the pins you've rocked. Because obviously. (Especially that headboard. I NEED to figure something out for my bedroom. That would be a good start.) My successes are almost exclusively recipecentric. I have found so many awesome, tasty things on Pinterest! (And now I am going to stalk you. I'm pretty sure I'm not following you...I should do that!)

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

I definitely have way more fails under my belt than successes. I normally try hairstyles and they are always epic fails. Usually like no heat curls, those never work. I do like pinning outfits though, because it's easy to use as a guide with clothes that I already have. Also, I just read that dry shampoo link... who knew I was doing it wrong this whole time. Interesting!

Deena Imamura said...

The Chicken Pot Pie looks amazing! Can't wait to try that. I love when people can confirm that Pinterest experiments actually work :) Thanks for sharing! xo

Whitney Leigh said...

I am SO impressed with that headboard. I'm gonna need to try that one day.

and I still think that photo is to die for. also- I want a tutu.

RadiantKristen said...

I totally love Elsie's little tutu. Every girl needs a dozen or so.

Also, is it June yet so that I can eat that Chicken pot pie???

T&S said...

That headboard is freaking awesome! I am impressed with your skills.

Also, I need to make the tutus and leggings.

Xo Lourdes

rooth said...

I think you need to make yourself an adult tutu to match the baby one. Perfect mother/daughter photo op, that one

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That baby tutu is WAY too cute!!!!!

Dearest Lou said...

I've found myself pinning more recipes and trying them and not totally failing at them (; You should do a post about things you tried that didn't turn out, that would be pretty funny and I think I remember you mentioning that you wanted to write more humorous posts? Maybe? Maybe not? ;P

Dearest Lou

Sarah Shumate said...

When I first started using dry shampoo, that's the tutorial I used!

I love your headboard! Looks great! But I'm so jealous you've got a king-size bed...

Sara Louise said...

Check out that headboard! Go you!!! Pinning it :)

Unknown said...

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cynthia said...

Pretty much anything I have posted about making on my food blog is from Pinterest! haha

Our favorite is probably the albondigas soup! (My post: and (Original post the Pin was from:

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