Are YOU One of the Crazy Ones?

Happy Wednesday! 

I hope you guys are all having a fabulous week. I know that I'm really looking forward to eating for two tomorrow.... double the turkey and mashed taters (yes, I know you're not actually supposed to eat double when you're pregnant)!!

Anyway. I'm thinking of doing some Black Friday shopping this year. The thing is, though, that when I think of Black Friday shoppers, this vision comes to mind:
And I want to know... is it worth it? Is it worth pushing past crazed, zombie-fied customers who will stop at nothing to get that last DVD on the shelf? Is it worth becoming one of those crazed people? I have never really been into the whole, "Let's get zero sleep and camp out in front of Wal-Mart like a hobo just to save a few bucks" thing, so tell me - are YOU one of the crazies?

In other news... I've been slacking with the awesome points lately, so here's a nice little score update, and a way to win a few more points. :)
First of all, let me give you three facts about this girl: 
1. She is awesome. No, really - it's a fact.

2. She is a total animal lover. And I love it - she's really good about picking products that don't test on animals, stuff like that. She's also really good at recommending products if you are a fellow animal lover!

3. She is part of the "dirty hair, don't care" club. And she pretty much single-handedly convinced me to join (all while giving great dry shampoo recommendations). Obviously this is a made-up club, but it's a cool one to be a part of. HA!

Now it's your turn. For 1,000 awesome points, tell me two things about Kym. It can be where she most recently traveled, one of her hobbies, anything. You can find everything you need here, on the home page of her blog


Nikkiana said...

I'm one of those buy handmade / no gifts sort of people, so Black Friday shopping has generally not been my scene. Though, I really need to go bra shopping when I'm at my parents... and I was sorta hoping I could go to the mall... so it might actually end up happening, much to my chagrin.

Awesome points? What are awesome points? How have I not noticed this before.

Two things about Kym:
1. Kym lost power during Hurricane Sandy.
2. Kym is a knitter.

Chelsea Oliver said...

As a former Victoria's Secret associate, for all that is humane, please skip Black Friday unless there is seriously something you CANNOT go without buying for about $10 cheaper than it normally is.

Oh, and Kym has recently gone to Vegas, and I'm guessing is pretty pumped about Thursday because mashed potatoes will be on the table.


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Stay at home, sleep in, and do your black friday shopping online. That's where all the real good deals are, let's get real.

And Kym just got back from 'Vegas, Baby!' and was 10 days without power after Sandy, yikes!

Laura said...

Someone always gets trampled on Black Friday. Stay home and shop online! Hope you are feeling well! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

My hubby is doing Black Friday shopping -- I wish him and you luck!!! I got my MacBook Air last year, so I'm all set this year. ;-)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I absolutely do not deal with Black Friday. Totally stresses me out. I much prefer Cyber Monday (which sounds kind of dirty...)

Things about Kym:
1. She went to Vegas (I'm mad jealous)
2. She loves mashed potatoes (me too, so much so I'm making a whole crock pot of them tomorrow, mmmm)

Anonymous said...

I looooveee black friday! It is kind of like that! But it's so fun! The best part is that this year you don't even have to get there before the sun rises b/c the stores open at 8pm/9pm/12am in most places! Cha-ching!

Breenah said...

At least here, it's never rude and scary crazy. We're going out, but earlier than usual because of the stupid stores changing their hours.

Kym Fun Facts:
1. Just got back from Vegas
2. She lives in an area affected by Sandy

Madeline Grace said...

I feel like you should get to eat double (even if you're not suppose to)!

I'm not doing Black Friday this year! I'm trying to do all local shopping and buying from small business's for Christmas. Good luck if you do end up going out!

Katrin said...

David took my Black Friday shopping last year for the first time in my life and it was crazy! We escaped after 45 minutes. I am sure you can find some good deals online too. :)

EMily said...

She loves mashed potatoes and recently went to Vegas baby!

rooth said...

I'm never one who thinks it's worth it to fight the crowds BUT I do love myself some cyber Monday deals!

Unknown said...

So last year was my first Black Friday experience... It was nuts. I had fun with my sisters in law, but didn't buy a single thing and mostly just held things that they bought for their kids... so... Guess it's not really my thing. haha.
OH! And Kym...
1) She just went to Vegas and is posting about it a lot! ;)
2) She likes skirts with pockets.

Lissa @ Pass Go and Be Below said...

after working in retail through college and in grad school - i can't do the black friday shopping thing. i was a slave to my paycheck then, but not now. also i'm a little bias of not going and though this was my excuse for a long time - i have major anxiety and those crowds just kill me - no really i would not be fun with them at all. so here i am admitting that part of me would love to, but i'm not going to - and you can get all of those deals online now! hello cyber monday

RadiantKristen said...

I am anti black Friday. in my experience, unless you're doing a door buster, they hold over all of the sales for several days anyway, so it's just better to get in and out once the madness is done.

However, if you pad your belly a little bit, you could probably get a bunch of sympathy from the crazy shoppers, so maybe go for it???

2 facts for the awesome points win: she loves yoga, and reluctantly runs... just like you and me!

Alicia said...

I've done black Friday before but I'm not sure about this year. Three years ago when we, my husband and I, went out with my SIL she bought herself a laptop. The next day it was cheaper than it was on black Friday. Uh, seriously? I might go out to get some yarn because it's what I'm lusting after right now but I'm off track.

Simply Evani said...

Kym went to Vegas and does Yoga! :) I am totally one of those crazies, I don't know what I love about standing in line, sleep deprived and hungry but it's an adrenaline rush for a shopper like me! Plus I do HONESTLY get most of my Christmas shopping done on that day.

Jessica said...

I have a tradition where I never ever shop on Black Friday. I'm pretty good at saving money anyway and a big fan of not being trampled too.

Kim is a bookworm and she loves skirts with pockets. I wish I owned more skirts/dresses with pockets.

Sara Louise said...

'm part of the dirty hair don't care club too! I just sprayed my roots with dry shampoo this morning.
And Kym was just in Vegas (totally jealous) and she does yoga ( need to start that especially since I feel like I'm made out of mashed potatoes at the moment!)

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

The holiday weekend has got me so behind (and there was no way I was going anywhere on Black Friday)! Your bump is so darn cute! Can I still win some points? Kym recently went to Vegas where she kissed a man with a blue face and took silly pictures while her man drank a Blue Moon!