We are Family!

Happy Thursday!! 

Get through today and there's one more day in the work week - you can do it! I'm so sick of being in school; my heart just isn't in it. I honestly don't know how I'm going to finish this semester out when all I want to do is focus on Elsie and photography. But I digress.

Really the point of this post is to show off our family pictures, because I am so happy with the way they turned out! Stephanie did a fabulous job!
All photos are copyright Cleo Creative Photography and Design. 


Susanne said...

Lovely photos! You guy are such a cute family!!:)

..and you go ,girl, you can do it, weekend is right behind a corner

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

These are SO gorgeous!! Seriously. Love the lighting, and you are so photogenic.

rooth said...

I love them and I particularly love how Elsie's all like - Sigh, just another day in front of the camera lens. I guess I'll just pose and act cute AGAIN

Unknown said...

Very very beautiful! I love them! Wish Stephanie could do mine... :(

Katrin said...

You are such a fantastic family! Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures!

Whitney Leigh said...

You guys win most attractive family. I'm in love with all of you.

And Stephanie? If you're reading this, will you come take pictures of me and make me look pretty?

Seriously, she did amazing.

Unknown said...

Seriously you guys are the cutest! I can't stnad it!

Genna said...

So freaking adorable!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

Keep trucking through, Alyx! I love your photos, she did do a great job! Little Elsie, she's adorable and I love that color on you. So vibrant!

Kari said...

These pictures turned out fantastic! I love them all! You guys look so happy Hang in there with school. All I want to do is not go to work and sit and home and craft all day, so I know how you feel:) Almost the weekend!

RadiantKristen said...

She looks so much like Mike in these pictures! They turned out great, and you made some great wardrobe choices! Love them =)

T&S said...

OMG such a beautiful family. I love how happy you all look!

XO Lourdes

jessica said...

omg. such I good job! LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Dearest Lou said...

Oh my goodness these turned out AWESOME! You guys are seriously the sweetest family <3

Dearest Lou

Sarah Shumate said...

They're so good! All three of you look fantastic! My favorite is the second to last!

Unknown said...

Good grief, you! Your family is just so wonderful and beautiful. These pictures make me so smiley! That little girl is getting so big and she's just so gorgeous!

Great post. Great pictures. Great way to start my Friday!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Sweetest family!

Anonymous said...

I hardly recognized you without your signature messy bun. ;) gorgeous photos!

Brittany said...

Such a photogenic family :)

Sara Louise said...

You all look so wonderfully happy and beautiful!

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