Whatever whatever... I do what I want.

Happy Thursday!!! 

I'm going to be honest, guys. This is probably the 20th time in the past two days that I've opened this blogger window and had a stare-down. Like, I've been having some serious writer's block! I want to write - I just have no. idea. what to write about. I've started (and deleted) about ten different posts.

I want to write something funny, but nothing funny happens to me. Seriously. I haven't fallen on the ice in front of some super suave fancy person, I haven't dropped my underwear on a crowded bus, and I haven't made a fool out of myself lately. So there's that.

I also have no desire to write out a super serious post because, well, I just don't feel like being deep right now.
That all being said, I feel like it's been a looongggg time since I've done one of those coffee date or Q&A posts. So... here's the dealio - I want you guys to come up with a question to ask me, and I'll answer all the questions I get. It can be about ANYTHING!

Babies, being a Mormon, what I believe, what my favorite food is, where I'd like to travel, how to get your body back post-baby, my favorite place out of all the places I have been, travel tips, how to be the most awkward person ever, how I manage to take such amazing selfies (see example below), etc. etc.
AND THEN... In a few days, I'll take some of my favorite questions that could apply to any and all of you and ask them right back so that you can blog about them. And then next week, we'll have a link up where we can all share our answers and get to know other bloggers and make new friends.


Brittany said...

Good idea!

If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? (cost and language not a problem)

Unknown said...

Where do you like to shop? How do you know you're nailing the motherhood thing? Who do you ask for advice about queen E? What is your plan for advancing your photography business once you quit school? What are you taking away from the school experience that you value most? How do you plan your meals? Have you ever had a garden? Do you love getting the mail?

Kaity B. said...

I feel like this is super cliche, but I'm going to ask it anyway- Marriage post-Elsie?

Any fitness app recommendations?

Katrin said...

Great idea, Alyx!
Here are some:
What is the worst book you ever read? What do you like most about living in America? Any European things you miss? What food would you never ever eat?

Becky said...

I have no questions, but good post still.

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

How was the transition from being a couple to being parents for you AND Mike?

his little lady said...

You definitely do take the best selfies. Questions, lets see... How many children do you want? :)
xo TJ


A Brew of Blessings said...

We all have those moments! I can't tell you how many drafts I still have sitting in my blogger box untouched! Some are just titles ha!

Name one item on your 'bucket list' or 'life to-do list' that you are eager to accomplish!?

Deidre said...

I know you're super into (and great) at photography. And me not so much. I have a point and shoot but one that allows you to play with the settings and change the shutter speed and aperture...blah blah but I never know what I'm doing! What are two simple things that I can do to make my photos better?

T&S said...

How many languages do you speak? I know you speak German. How did you learn German? Was it at home or did you learn in school?

XO Lourdes

I am looking forward to reading the answers!

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