What's WRONG with Me?!?!


So I think I have this condition... and I think it's called getting soft. Or growing up. Or something. Whatever it is, I'm torn between a love for it and a hatred of it.

Here's the dealio. So the other day, I was sitting on the bus and people watching (and, yeah, okay... I was people listening, too). This thought popped into my head:

"OOOH!!! I could do a blog post called, 'The Five Types of People You Meet on the Bus!!' That would be an awesome post!" 

I started thinking of all these different categories into which I could lump these perfect strangers. Then... I realized something - these people were perfect strangers. How in the world could I categorize people I had made no effort to know? I would be basing those categories on judgments and assumptions. Those judgments and assumptions could be spot on, but they would more than likely be totally and completely wrong. You see, lately I've been thinking (which usually leads to nothing but trouble), and I've realized something that may not come as a shock to you, but it certainly did to me:

Every single person we see or meet has a story. Has a life. Has problems. Has struggles. 

Is it really fair of me, then, to lump these people into categories for the sake of a funny blog post? No. It's not. 

So maybe I've gone soft. Maybe I'm growing up. I love it because I think I'm a much nicer person than I was five years ago. I hate it because it means no funny bus blog posts. ;)


The Lady Okie said...

Sometimes when I drive into work, I look around me at all the cars and think about how these people are all going somewhere, they're all different, yet here we are in the SAME place, at least for a minute. It's crazy to think about it.

AEG said...

this! (if the link works?)

T&S said...

I read the post title and thought, "Nothing".

I think everybody has a tendency to immediately judge and put people into categories. It's not right, but I know I am guilty of it. It helps to step back and actually realize what you are doing. It's the first step!

Loved this post!

Xo Lourdes

Sarah Shumate said...

Can I just say, I'm LOVING that you're back in the blogging game! Welcome back! :o)

Second, I had this same thought - not about the blog post, but about the people I see on the bus and the train every day. Occasionally I'm quick to make judgments and then I'm like, 'Hold up. You don't know that person.' It's really a bad habit to get into, making assumptions about people before you know them.

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

I don't think you've gone soft! This was a big shock to me too. I didn't realize this until about a year ago. My sister in law was being so rude. Not really just to me, it was all around. She was shut off and wasn't friendly. We didn't talk for almost a full year. When we finally reconnected I found out she was struggling with not being able conceive. It broke my heart that I had chose not to be around her instead of make an effort. We've repaired out sistership now. It just testifies to how correct you are!

Dearest Lou said...

Good for you Alyx! I too notice myself being a lot less judgmental. Maybe it has something to do with becoming a mom? Who knows (;

Nikkiana said...

It's true... There's all sorts of assumptions and judgements that you can make about who people are based on what you see on the surface, but it's when you dig a little deeper below the surface is when you find the true beauty.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I always try to tell myself that when I have a rude customer or get stiffed. It's hard sometimes because I try to consider THEM but they don't really consider ME, ya know?

A Brew of Blessings said...

Wow. So true! Thanks for that perspective lovely :)

RadiantKristen said...

I find myself thinking this more and more as well. Trying to be more understanding of the battles people fight everyday. It's not as often as it should be, but I find myself reaching for that conclusion more and more. And I'm pretty proud of you and I for getting to that point!

Anonymous said...

You are super deep in this post, and my apologies beforehand, but all I could think of was the classic 40 yr old creeper who will not stop hitting on you :) He was my "favorite" person to always meet on public transportation;)

Sara Louise said...

You're not growing soft, you're growing up! Your experiences are maturing you and making you wiser. Soon you'll be like Yoda :)

Laynah said...

Aw dang it, no funny post?! Haha I kid, totally understandable. I LOVE people watching and wondering about other peoples stories

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