Sunday Confessions Link Up

Happy Sunday!!! 

As usual, grab a button, write some confessions, and link on up! Don't forget to stop by some other blogs while you're at it!
1. I eat ice cream out of the container. I know, I know - I'm a sinner. If it helps, I always get new ice cream if we're going to have someone over for dinner/dessert.

2. I have become a phone person. You know, one of those people who always has their phone with them? Yeah, I've become one, and I'm not happy about it. I guess that's what happens when you have a phone with cool apps that actually function.

3. I walked around the office with my pants unzipped on Friday and totally didn't realize it. Oops. I suppose it is time to invest in a couple of pairs of maternity pants? Unless I want to keep prancing around with my underwear hanging out - also a very viable option (it's what the cool kids do).
4. I am itching to paint the rest of our house. After painting the nursery and seeing what a difference it can make, I want to finish every room. We will eventually, but I'm ready to get it all done now. 

5. I am hooked on this month's book for book club! Seriously - it's so good. Have you read it? I'm about halfway done.

Link up your confessions below!! 


Anonymous said...

I have read that book. Its amazingly written. Loved every minute of it

Rosie said...

I couldn't get on with the Phillipa Gregory books, but lots of people I know adore them. On point 1.... If people eat icecream at mine they are given access to the tub and spoon. A fresh tub obviously....but why increase washing up unnecessarily?!?

Karla ♥ said...

I eat ice cream out of the tub as well. It's just better that way. Haha :)

Unknown said...

Love the new look of your site!...Making the move to maternity pants is a big one! Has to be done, though.

Kelly said...

I became a phone person without realizing it. It's literally EVERYWHERE with me. Now that you make me think about it, it's probably very unhealthy.......

Unknown said...

About the icecream... at first I was like, "Who doesn't eat icecream out of the container?" and then I realized that if you share it with people, it might be an inappropriate thing to do. I'm glad you'd give me clean icecream. I'm also glad that if I brought over 2 pints, one for each of us, we could just grab spoons and go at it :)

p.s. - TRY ON YOUR MATERNITY PANTS FIRST! (i.e.- don't buy online sight unseen)

Melissa Boo said...

I eat the ice cream out of the tub too. Even the big gallon buckets. I figure I live alone so it's totally okay. This means I drink out of the OJ container as well. Ha!

kim @ a positive peace said...

lol @ M's comment -- who DOESNT eat ice cream out of the tub? EXACTLY! Lol... but seriously, one of the greatest moments of life was moving out my parent's house and realizing that noone was going to yell at me for eating it out the tub!!

in other ice cream news - i have been eating low cal/yogurt for the past, probably 3 years. skinny cow ice cream or frozen yogurt..i like it, it's good. but the other day felipe went out and bought some ben and jerry's that was chocolate AND vanilla with BROWNIE AND COOKIE DOUGH in it. i tried it and i was like, omg, this is what i've been missing out on?? this is INCREDIBLEEEE.

now, that was the longest comment ever about ice cream.

my biggest fear as a teacher is that i will walk around with my pants unzipped!! lol

Katrin said...

Haha, I always eat ice cream out of the container. It tastes so much better, I don't know why. But yeah, I don't offer that to guests either.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Ashley said...

I eat ice cream out of the container as well. No shame in that my friend!

Liz Brown said...

I confess that I feel like I'm the kid in the picture. Unless they're obviously intended to be high waisted, my pants are always riding pretty low. Don't know why ... its just more comfy!

Meg said...

That book is near the top of my "to read" list. I've had so many friends rave about it, I may need to read it next.

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Philippa Gregory books are awesome! :) I eat ice cream out of the tub, too. I think it's just easier. Plus, I'm lazy, who the heck wants to go back to the freezer to get another serving, when you can have the whole tub at your disposal? ;)

Happy Sunday!

Laura Darling said...

I always eat ice cream out of the container. Never, ever use a bowl. It tastes better that way! Plus, fewer dishes to wash! :)

Anonymous said...

I eat ice cream out of tub. No shame in my game. :)

Nikkiana said...

Eating ice cream out of the container saves on doing dishes. I consider this a practical behavior. ;-)

Lynn said...

totally can relate on #3. I stood in a meeting for 20 minutes one morning at work, got back to my office and realized my pants were unjipped....LOL

Lissa @ Pass Go and Be Below said...

love that you are being true to you and the new design. hugs!

Unknown said...

That book will get you hooked!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Ice cream out of the tub is the best - can you say no portion control and shameless. I personally adore it and look forward to getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday solely for this purpose. I'm stockin' up on the Joghurt Eis youbetcha.

Altax said...

That is a great book.

Kids Games

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Lol. I am currently eating ice cream out of the carton as I type this.

Vapid Vixen said...

They actually did a scientific study that the neurons in your brain that produce the happy serum serotonin, releases more of this happy juice when ice cream is eating straight out of the container vs. the socially proper option of dishing it out into a bowl.

Fine. I made all of that up. If just tastes better straight out of the container.

Mikelle Jade said...

haha walking around with your zipper down, i think you can get away with it! and eating ice cream out of the container, thats the best way! dirtying less dishes, using less energy, right?

Unknown said...

A good coat of paint fixes so many evils... haha! :)

Sara Louise said...

Phillipa Gregory is one of my favorite authors, you'll love all of her books! The perfect amount of history + a little bodice ripping :)
And yeah, I eat out of the ice cream container too, it's my way of marking my territory.

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