Oh, I'm Just Having a "Whale" of a Time

Howdy hey hi ho! 

Can somebody please tell me where that phrase came from? A "whale" of a time? Right now I feel a lot like a whale - moving slowly, blowing a lot of water out of my... eye sockets (that's crying for all you non-metaphorical folk out there), and finding it hard to fit into small places.
It's weird being a whale (aka a woman who is nine months pregnant). I mean, wasn't I just getting toilet hugs a couple weeks ago? How has time gone by so quickly? This baby could arrive any day. Part of me is freaking out, like, Holy balls, I am going to have to take care of another human being. Another part of me still looks at my tummy on a regular basis and thinks, Holy balls, there is a baby in my belly. And still, another small part of me thinks, Holy balls, I need to buy a car seat. 

I'm not nervous about labor - I know that my body was made for this. I know that it's completely natural and that millions of women have given birth before me. People always ask me if I'm nervous, and I think they're shocked when I tell them that I'm not nervous about the act of having a baby... I'm nervous about bringing the thing home and actually having the baby!

I realize this post is just a lot of disjointed thoughts, but that's what happens when you're a whale with a parasite - your brain turns to mush. Smelly, icky mush that looks something like this:
Hey - just be glad I didn't post a picture of baby poop. You're welcome.


Genna said...

I am so so excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hah! That is EXACTLY how I feel. I'm great with carrying the little peanut and I'm not terribly concerned about delivery - it'll hurt, but that ends eventually. But the idea of bringing a new, tiny person home? Wow. Okay THAT is terrifying!

Best wishes, Sugar. :) I hope Baby comes in good time. Everything will fall into place. And you NEED to post about it not-too-long after, because I NEED reassurance. ;)

Unknown said...

I fully expect baby poop posts when Elsie arrives ;) Hahaha

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I could have written this entire post word for word. I'm nervous for the next few years to be honest. I can't believe we're going to be moms any.day.now.

T&S said...

Extremely excited for mini Alyx to come! :)

I LOVE your ramblings!

Xo Lourdes

Greta said...

I wasn't nervous to give birth to my first either...are you going naturally? Very excited for you! I am at 35 weeks and feel like I could go any day now. Feeling like a whale right there with you. :)

Julann said...

You will be a great mom, don't be nervous. It is amazing how quickly mom instincts kick in.

Katrin said...

Eww, is that kiwi? :)
I know that you will be a wonderful mom! But yeah, I completely understand your feelings. I would feel the same!

Kassi said...

I feel your pain!!! Well... Almost. I'm only a couple months behind you! Excited to meet sweet baby E though!!!

Unknown said...

Looking at your last post, you certainly don't look huge! But I get it, I'm at 32 weeks and am starting to feel whale-ish too! I'm sure it will all go great, but good luck anyway!

Kym said...

That better be a picture of food. That's all I'm saying...
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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eep I cannot believe the baby could be here any time. I am so excited for you Alyx!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

9 months!?! How is that possible??????? Eeeeeek you're SO close!

Deidre said...

I'm with Andi! How has it been nine months!? I can't believe it!

RadiantKristen said...

Does that mush taste reasonable? It looks like it could go either way. Also, you are going to do great with this mothering thing... you are so going to surprise yourself!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...


Sara Louise said...

Mushy brain is no good at all! Hang in there :)

Constantine said...

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