Why You Shouldn't be Scared of Pregnancy (What to Expect Part 4)

Happy Monday!!! 

As I've been going through my "What to Expect..." series on this here blog, I find that these ... umm... beautiful... parts of pregnancy have made quite a few of you turn your heads in disgust and say things like, "I AM NEVER HAVING CHILDREN!!" While I understand that most of you are probably exaggerating and telling bold-faced lies, I thought I'd dedicate a post to all of the cool things about growing a little human inside your belly (because, yes... there are some things better than hemorrhoids and constant bloating).

So here we go... This is Part 4 of "What to Expect When You're Expecting (an extremely condensed and not at all accurate Representation of Pregnancy)," also known as: The totally awesome Things about Growing Aliens."

This post is not intended to make you all go grab your man friends and get busy, but by all means, if my little baby has some cute little bloggy buddies, I wouldn't be opposed. Heh.

5 Reasons Pregnancy is Pretty Cool

1. Watching your belly get bigger. Some women are not okay with this - some are even disgusted by it. I, for one, love it. If you follow me on instagram, you probably think I'm a little too into watching my belly grow (I have like, 4 belly photos a week... I can't help it). I just think it's so amazing to watch my body change into a baby house. Do I love the fact that I feel like a chunk some days? No, but I'm turning into a chunk so that my baby can be a chunk, and that's pretty freakin' sweet.
2. Hearing your baby's heartbeat. This is, by far, the most amazing thing about pregnancy. I still remember the first time I heard our little girl's heartbeat - I burst into tears. That thing inside of you? Yeah, it's got a heart, and the heart is thumping away, keeping your little one alive. I love hearing her heart at every doctor's appointment - it makes the whole growing a human thing seem a little more "real."

3. Getting kicked, punched, and jabbed. Again, some people probably think I'm crazy, but I love being ninja-jumped by my little girl. It shows me that she's in there preparing to kick some butt in this crazy world that she's about to enter.

4. Learning your baby's personality. Even in the womb, babies can be stubborn little things with their very own distinct personalities. My baby is a daddy's girl through and through - the second she hears her daddy's voice after I get home from work, she goes crazy. She loves music, but only certain kinds. If I do something she doesn't like, she gives me a swift kick to the uterus to let me know. It's crazy how you can have such a strong connection with a little thing you've never even met.

5. Creating a mini-me. You're spending nine months forming a perfect little human being. No one can tell me that this process is not a miracle. It's so amazing that this little baby is growing eyelashes, fingernails, and toenails... all while inside of you. Our bodies are made for this, and it's a perfect process - one that is worth every negative side effect of pregnancy. And I've heard that once you've got that little baby in your arms, you forget all of the pain. I, for one, cannot wait for that - not only now, but again in a few years... and a couple years after that.
Look at those long legs... she's obviously a mini-me. :)

It's your turn. If you're a mom/mom-to be, what was/is your favorite part of pregnancy? If not, is there any part of pregnancy that you are looking forward to? 


Nikkiana said...

There's only one thing I can think to say... Awwwwwww....

Sara Louise said...

I'm just looking forward to being pregnant. Full stop.

Breenah said...

I loved knowing she was as safe as she'd ever be, because once they're out there's no telling what sorts of crazy things they'll do.
I thought of this the other day, while Quinn was trying to pull EVERYTHING off the counter. Start keeping your stuff back off the edges of counters and tables now because your kiddo is gonna be TALL and it's a hard habit to break.

Genna said...

You are gonna be such a good mom, Alyx! Someday your little one is gonna stumble upon your blog page and read all the sweet things you're writing about her and love you even more.
I'm not sure I want to have kids at all, but if I do I will be just like you when I hear the heartbeat. There's something about being able to hear/feel a child that develops that connection. Indescribable.

Deidre said...

IC and I don't want to have kids, but I love watching people's belly's grow! It's very amazing.

I also love when a baby falls asleep in my arms, so I think pregnancy would be all worth while just for that.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm excited to be pregnant one day, even if it still scares me too!

Sue said...

I love to meditate and connect with my daughter inside of me. I feel like I already know her!

Bethany G said...

Mmmm I love feeling them move! I also love how you get them all to yourself when they're in there :)

Kelly said...

AWWEEEE!!! love this :) Makes me want a baby!!!

Kassi Mortensen said...

So far my most favorite moment has been our ultrasound. The hubs was able to go with me and the sono machine was pointed away from me for the first little bit, but she let him watch over her shoulder... All I could see was his face. Completely priceless to see your husband's face when he sees baby for the first time. Shock and aw, but so sweet. :)

Ashley said...

Feeling the baby move is the absolute best.

Another great part? People are so much nicer. They hold your door for you, smile at you...all the good stuff :-)

chestnutmocha said...

That's so cool that she loves hearing her daddy!

Whitney said...

Aw I loved this post! Your belly looks cute and your little girls legs are definitely gotten from you! She is going to be so precious!

Whitney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShelbyandBrandon Osmond said...

You know I love this, why? Because SO many people focus on the negative of pregnancy and its so sad. I am so glad you focused on the good Because it is a miracle and a beautiful thing. So thank you!


RadiantKristen said...

Your baby and my future baby are going to be best cute little bloggy friends. For sure.

Evani Gatsby said...

No stretch marks?!? You are one lucky preggo. Such a sweet post.

rooth said...

Okay - but I'm still freaked out. :) I really like she's getting her own personality and you can already tell - it's verrrrry endearing

Siri Natalia said...

This is gorgeous! Love it!

Emily said...

Even though I grown about pregnancy I do agree the positives outweigh the negative. I like the sense on family it brings to our marriage. I feel more connected to my husband and am excited to start a new journey with him. I love the kicks in response to your voice. I like the reminders to calm down when I stress out - cause B-Ho isn't afraid to tell me to simmer down. I love how grounded it makes me feel and how sure I'm ready to do this. Even if I'm scared as heck. Great post alyx!

ifs ands Butts said...

OMG those are some long legs - what a lucky girl :)

Whitney said...

Honestly, the thing that scares me most is morning sickness. I just don't want to get sick! Isn't that stupid? I haven't thrown up since like 2004 and I'm really not wanting to experience that again.

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