Books Turned Movies

Hey party people!!! 

Hope all is well with all of you. I'm doing all right, just a horrible procrastinator (what's new?), so I totally forgot to write my review, and now I have to go to work. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be back this afternoon with some words.

Let me just start off by saying that the book I chose this month was awesome, and I'd recommend it to anyone. You know what?! I'd even recommend the movie.

Water for Elephants
by Sara Gruen
Where should I even start with this book? First of all, I love the way it is written. The main character is looking back on his life, sharing his memories of his days in the circus. Occasionally, the reader is exposed to the narrator's life as it is now - he is all alone in a nursing home, where his family has all but forgotten him. Sara Gruen did a wonderful job with tone, language, and word choice - I really felt as if I was sitting next to this man, listening to him ramble about the "good old days." 

The story itself is a good one - it's got parts that make you laugh out loud, parts that tug at your heartstrings, and parts that bring a tear to your eye. Once again, Sara Gruen does a great job of capturing real human emotion. Nothing was over the top, and the story and characters were 100% believable. I don't want to spoil anything, so all I will say about the story is this - it is a must-read. 

My Grade for the Book: A

Now for the movie. I actually saw the movie before I read the book - I watched it on our way to Germany a year and a half ago, and I loved it. I'm not a fan of stupid Robert Pattinson, so I was a little hesitant to even watch it, but nothing else really looked good, so I settled. I'm so glad I did, because it is a fabulous movie. Every emotion that the book captures is also caught on the big screen - the director did a wonderful job of choosing the perfect people for each part, and the movie followed the story line quite well. There wasn't a moment during the movie where I was not completely wrapped up in it. 

I think this evolution from book to movie is one of the very few good ones. 

My Grade for the Movie: A- (because movies are never quite as good as books)

Now it's time for you to link up a review of yours from any book turned movie - even if it's a review of The Hunger Games that you wrote months ago - we wanna know what you thought!! 


Alana Christine said...

I've heard mixed reviews, so I've been hesitant to check this book/movie out. I suppose I should look into it now...

Breenah said...

I didn't think I was gonna like the movie, so I read the book first. Then I really wanted to see the movie. I loved both of them!

jessica said...

Sorry I liked the book so much better than the movie in this case. But I'm usually biased like that :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

The movie was good. The book was AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Great review! I very much enjoyed the book and agree that the movie wasn't as good because...well..books are always better!

I found your blog via a comment on Authentic Experience's post. Glad to stop by!

Project Lovegood

Amanda G. said...

This book is one of those that is on my shelf and I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Nor have I seen the movie, since I like to read the book first. Now I'm going to have to do both. :)

Also, I dropped the ball on book club this month. I couldn't think of any book/movie combo that I wanted to write about. If it was next month I would've been all over it, because by then the new Les Mis would've been out. Ah well. I'm linking up an older post that fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the book so I still haven't watched the movie in case it ruins it. Someday I'll get to it.

Jamie said...

I havent seen the movie yet. Maybe this weekend.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Never read the book, but loved the movie!

Sara Louise said...

I watched the movie minutes after I finished the book and thought they did ok with it! I'll go with your A/ A- rating :)

Azia said...

This is what I'm reading now! I also watched the movie first-- loved it. I'm adoring the book-- it's beautifully written!

Kym said...

Well, I'm really bad. I began reading On the Road and it just so happens that it's in the works to become a movie, but...I was so bored by it. I don't think I made it past page 20 before giving up :) I figured I'd take the lazy way out and see the movie...except that annoying chick from Twilight will be in it, so now I'm torn. Suck it up and read another 460 pages of boring or sit through 2 hours of waiting for! :)


Katrin said...

I haven't read the book or watched the movie yet! It's a shame!

Unknown said...

Love the book and the movie. The book is of course better, but both made me cry. Great selection! Can't wait to see what we get next month!

RadiantKristen said...

I have never seen the movie, or read the book, and it sounds like that is a mistake on my part. I will have to put them on the list.

Madeline Grace said...

I keep meaning to read and watch Water for Elephants. You're reviews have never steered me wrong so I'll be adding this to my list.

jennie p. said...

what is january's book?

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