Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sometimes I Wish I was a Polar Bear

Happy Tuesday! Long time, no see. Sorry I've been completely absent from everything. I haven't read blogs in who knows how long, and I really miss you guys! Maybe I'll get the chance to do some catching up over Thanksgiving break - we'll see!

I will have a 6 month update on little Elsie-bear, but her well child check-up isn't until this afternoon, so I don't have her stats yet. I also don't have her pictures done because, well.... I've been lazy pants.

Anyway.... back to the title of this post. My office mates were sitting here watching a polar bear video a few minutes ago, and I thought to myself, "How flipping awesome would it be to be a freakin' polar bear?!" 

Answer: really flipping awesome. 

1. I could drink all the coke I wanted, and I'd get it for free in exchange for the occasional commercial appearance. 
2. I would not be freezing my butt off when it's 0 degrees out. In fact, I might even like the cold weather.

3. I could have a pet penguin. Sure, the penguin would be terrified of me and try to run away every chance he got, but that's not important.

4. I would be cute and cuddly, but absolutely terrifying at the same time. Not even Bigfoot can accomplish this, you guys.
5. I could stay underwater for up to 9 minutes at a time. Think of how awesome that would be!! I mean, really.  

And.... that's all I've got for you on this chilly Tuesday morning. Drink some hot cocoa for me!


Karrine Beasley said...

Hahahaha random much??
But youve convinced me, the polar beer life is the one for me!

Frances said...

Yes. Especially on the pet penguin.

Andrea @ Love is... said...

Haha, love this! And I want a pet penguin too!!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

ha ha ha. We just got a polar bear at our zoo and he is the coolest thing ever. He is such a show off, he jumps and dives and swirls in front of the glass. So cute!!

Lourdes said...

I was thinking the same thing but replace "Polar bear" with "turtle"


Xo Lourdes

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