I support YOU.


I've totally sucked at blogging this week, but I'm just stopping in to say one thing - I know a lot of you aren't mommies, but a lot of you are (and a lot of you will be one day). For some reason (one that I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around), people like to judge each other. I've noticed a lot of judging going on in the mommy crowd. In fact, I saw a facebook status the other day that said something along the lines of, "I have no respect for women who choose not to breastfeed their children." 

This seriously pissed me off. I'm sorry, but who are WE to judge other mommies? Why does it matter how a woman chooses to feed her kid? Answer: It doesn't. 

So today, I just wanted to tell you all that I support you. Whether you breastfeed, formula feed, or do a little of both, I support you. 

No judgment here, yo.


RadiantKristen said...

GO YOU. Motherhood isn't the same experience for everyone, so why should everyone follow the same rules?

Love that you are against the judging!

T&S said...

This is why I heart you!

NO judgement!

XO Lourdes

Emmett Katherine said...

that's a pretty harsh statement!

kim @ a positive peace said...

Did you see the huffpost article about this movement? I shared it on fb bc even though I've never experienced it first hand I have seen a lot of friends struggle with breast feeding and feeling like failures (I know you had a tough time at first too!) and on top of that to have to feel like other moms are judging you? Not cool! Always happy to see unity being spread instead of divisiveness !

Archie's Sunflower State said...

Alyx, thank you so much for this! I had so many problems trying to feed Caitlin that I switched to formula and she thrived! I will be formula feeding the rest of my children just because it will save me stress and make everyone happier. No one ever said anything to me but if they had they probably would have gotten formula right in the face. I'm glad to see that some people like you have common sense. Thanks for the support! :)

Unknown said...

Dude! I have been working on a post about this EXACT thing for the majority of this week (it's been a busy week and the post is not coming out the way I want it. At all). Love. Agree.

This "Mommy War" crap has to stop. Nursing v. formula feeding, working moms v stay-at-home moms, cloth v. disposable diapers. Seriously. The judgement. It's incredible. And ridiculous. And REALLY frustrating.

I'm in camp "I support you," too. I HOPE to be able to breastfeed when The Little Man arrives, but if I can't I will do everything in my power to make certain he's healthy. That's the important part.

Also. Have you seen this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/01/i-support-you-breastfeeding-_n_3685881.html The Fearless Formula Feeder (http://www.fearlessformulafeeder.com/) has been working on this bad boy. It's pretty awesome. :)

Crochet Addict UK said...

Thanks for that. I think people need to also understand that sometimes it isn't a choice. My son had real problems latching. By the end of the first day he was dehydrated so they had to give him a bottle. The problems increased from there and in the end I didn't have a choice. I pumped for 6wks until my milk ran out. When my son woke up for a feed I gave him a bottle then went downstairs to pump. I would of loved to breast feed but it wasn't an option for me.

Sara Louise said...

Bottom line, people need to learn how to respect other's beliefs, choices, and lives. Period.
(as long as nobody is doing anything crazy of course)

Niken said...

i'm not a mother yet, but i believe that mothers only want the best for their kids!

Greta said...

You gotta do what works for you -- and what will make you the happiest as a mama. Believe me, the baby will appreciate a happy mama much more than whether or not he/she was breastfed. They don't care. They just want food - and love!

Sarah Shumate said...

Just wait til the comparison crap starts. The backhanded comments..."Oh, Elsie isn't walking yet? My daughter was running marathons at 8 months!" It's hilarious! You just have to take it all in stride! :o)

Breenah said...

That's RIDICULOUS. There are plenty of things to judge people about (just ask me about Jarrod's coworker), but how you feed your kid is not one of them. Ugh.

Unknown said...

People are seriously so dumb. I would have wanted to comment and be like.. "uh why don't you mind your own business?" haha buuuuttt.. that's probably not the nice thing to do. So I would just think it instead. You go girl.

I'm now following you on insta too! YAY!


Jane said...

i have yet to be a mother but i totally agree with you. one shouldn't be so judgmental. it's one thing to converse on a certain topic or issue but downright judging and being critical isn't good for anyone all around.

smug princess said...

Or disposable diaper or cloth diaper.
Or co sleep or not co sleep.
etc etc etc

It's really a sad situation that people are so judgmental!

Nikki Mitchell said...

I know I wasnt breastfed as a baby and I came out okay...that is so crazy for people to make statements like that!

Kassi said...

Amen sister!!! When I started BF Klara we had trouble the first week or so too. She was having trouble latching and because of it, she lost a ton of weight. The dr had me supplement with formula to help get her weight back up and it seriously stressed me out. A huge reason for that is the judgement from society... I'm a perfectionist and wanted to do things my way, but sometimes that's not the way it works out. Luckily since then she's been able to latch and we stopped supplementing, but take that as just another reason why you shouldn't judge. Not all mamas choose not to BF. Some do it because they just can't, or because it's not enough for baby... Other mom's especially should be the LAST to judge!!!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

If becoming a mother has taught me ANYTHING, it is DO NOT JUDGE. Every parent (at least the good ones) are just trying to keep their babies/children happy and healthy.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Wow, that's awful! I would have defriended that person. :(

Vapid Vixen said...

How odd. You would think, with mothers going through the same experiences of sleeplessness, raging hormones, exhaustion and everything else that goes with it, they would be doing what they could to band together and help each other out rather than useless judging that does nothing but hurt.
Way to set the example!

Brittany SSP said...

Love this. I'm not a mom yet (hope to be one day), but I've already noticed that the "mommy war" mentality that so many women seem to have. It's like if you aren't all doing it the exact same way, then obviously someone must be purposefully screwing up! It's sad that more women can't respect each other's choices.

Courtney B said...

But seriously. Isn't it the most ridiculous thing ever? People need to get over themselves.

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