Bomb Threat on the UBahn

So yesterday around 1:00, Mike and I decided to leave the apartment to get some lunch and do some shopping. As we were walking out the door, we noticed that the UBahn was on the tracks, and thought that we were going to miss it. After about 30 seconds of walking toward the stop, however, we noticed that the train wasn't moving. We kept walking toward the stop in the hopes that we would be able to catch the train before it left. It soon became apparent that this train wasn't leaving anytime soon. As we rounded the corner and got to the other side of the train, we saw a man in handcuffs surrounded by four police officers. We hopped onto the train and watched through the window to see what was going on. Mike informed me that it appeared that this man had a "bomb" around his waist (it ended up just being an empty threat - I think they were just a bunch of wires). The police got onto the train in the car behind us, asked where the man had been sitting, talked to a few people, then got off again. After a few minutes, we were on our way  again, leaving the man and now six policemen behind. It was pretty crazy, and two extremely drunk men in leather in the seat next to us wouldn't shut up about it.
A couple hours later, while Mike and I were in Sachsenhausen eating delicious pizza, Pam called saying that the police and fire trucks had blocked off her street and that she wasn't allowed to go home. I guess things were a little more serious than they let on? Who knows.
Anyway, we all got home safely and were able to accomplish everything we needed to during the day.  Some pictures from the day (unfortunately none of the "bomber" - we didn't think the Polizei would look too kindly on that):

That's about it.