General Conference.


For those of you that don't already know this - I'm LDS (or Mormon, for those of you who may not know what LDS is). I tend not to talk about it on this here blog too much, because I don't like to preach, but it is a part of who I am, so occasionally, yes - I will talk about it. 
That being said, this weekend is our church's general conference. It's a time where we get to listen to modern-day prophets and apostles. It's such a wonderful blessing to be able to listen, and I'm so thankful that modern technology allows me to do so. 

I just wanted to document some of my thoughts about today's sessions of General Conference so that I can look back on them, so this entry is more for me personally, but if you guys benefit from it - that's great. All images are from
I love Jeffrey R. Holland. He's such a good speaker, and his talks always hit me. They're always kind of in your face, but that's what I like about them. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quotes from his talk in the P.M. session of conference today. 

"Be kind, and be grateful God is kind. It is a happy way to live."
"His concern is that you have arrived, not the hour that you got there."
"It is not possible for you to sink lower that the infinite reach of the atonement."
"Even if a grievance did not begin with you, it can still end with you."
"The race we are really in is the race against sin, and surely envy is one of the most universal of those."
Elder Hales talked a little bit about The Prodigal Son. That's one of my favorite bible stories, it gets me every time. He also talked about being worthy and self-reliant - both of those things are so important. 
David S. Baxter directed his talk to single mothers, but he had some great quotes. 

"In the Kingdom of God, there are no second class citizens."
"Even though you may feel alone, in truth, you are never totally on your own."
Another talk that really stood out to me was from Elder Soares. Seriously. So. Good.

"Our daily question: Do my actions place me in the Lord's or the enemy's territory?"
"To enhance our spirit we must put away anger, bitterness, uncleanliness, etc. We must sow in the spirit, not in flesh."
"If you are doing good, you will continue to do good. Your actions will CONTINUALLY reflect that you are following Christ."
"Traversing 1 inch into Satan's territory will cause the Spirit to withdraw and confusion to prevail."
"You can't be right by doing wrong. You can't be wrong by doing right." <-- actually President Monson, but I love that quote. 
Quentin L. Cook spoke about a lot of things, but what I took from it was how we need to set an example for our children, and how we need to refrain from judging others. 

"Have the courage to refrain from harsh judgment of others."
"The Savior's Atonement is a gift for everyone."
"The family is ordained of is the most important unit in time and in eternity."
"Awaken fully to faith."
"Don't be overly judgmental about decisions that are foolish, but not necessarily sinful."
"What we are speaks so loudly that our children may not hear what we say."
"It is not up to us to judge - judgment is the Lord's."
"Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence."
"Regardless of the challenges you face, please do not become discouraged."
"When one is tone deaf to the music of faith, he or she is out of tune with the spirit."
Richard G. Scott's talk was amazing. Revelation is an amazing thing - without it, I wouldn't be who I am today. Also - if you've lost someone you care about, this is a great one to read.

"It is important that our daily activities don't distract us from listening to the spirit."
"Be cautious with humorAppropriate humor can aid inspirationLoudinappropriate laughter offends the Spirit."
"Exercisesleepand eating habits influence spirituality."
"When it is for the Lord's purposes, he can bring anything to remembrance." 
"When we are obedientthe Lord will always lead and empower us to do what He needs us to do."
"Our Heavenly Father did not put us on earth to failbut to succeed gloriously."
"The disposition to right brings happiness."
"When you live righteously you will always know what to dothough effort and trust may be called for."
"Communication with our Father in Heaven is not trivial matterit's a sacred privilege."

Such a good session. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I honestly love getting the chance to listen to these men of God. 

PS: David Archuleta was singing in the choir! Cool, eh?


Ashley Eliza said...

conference was SO wonderful! It was just what i needed! All the talks i feel like were so great and so many that i really needed to hear!

ps cute skirt!!


Amy Lynn said...

I loved the Saturday sessions. It's crazy how much words spoken by these great men and women can impact our lives for the better. I truly believe if any person regardless of religion, beliefs, faith etc. etc. were to listen to a session of conference, would walk away feeling uplifted and better about life. Thanks for sharing Alyx :)